WowGo 3 vs Meepo V3: Best Budget Electric Board

Meepo V3 vs Wowgo 3

Are you looking for a high-quality budget board? Then you must have come across the two most popular options!

The WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 Electric Skateboards are both excellent choices because they come with numerous advanced features that are hard to find in other electric skateboards in the same price category.

But which e-board among the two is the better alternative? Read on to find more about the qualities of the WowGo and Meepo electric skateboards.  

Why are budget electric skateboards getting so popular in the market?

Electric skateboards have always been popular in the market. However, recent trends show that more people are seriously considering budget options. There are 2 simple reasons behind this trend.

There is tough competition in the market, and the technology is getting cheaper.

When electric skateboards were introduced, there were only a few players in the market and they could dictate the price. Natural laws of supply and demand dictate that prices will increase in the case of increased demand.

However, seeing the popularity of electric skateboards, a lot of new manufacturers entered the market and it naturally gave users the option to go for a cheaper alternative.

For the longest time, opting out for a cheaper e-board meant that you’ll be dealing with sub-par components and have to face terrible customer services.

Most cheap options did not have the backing of any known brand, so people generally preferred to spend more money or use DIY electric skateboard kits.

Things have significantly changed with time as the technology behind electric skateboards became more accessible. Brands also started to come up with budget options that have improved the market.

Today there are numerous other brands like WowGo and Meepo that deliver excellent budget electric skateboards while ensuring the same level of customer service as any top-tier model.

Common Qualities of WowGo3 and Meepo V3

Before we start the comparison, let’s take a look at the common qualities of the WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 e-boards. Since both options have the same target market, they’ll obviously have some common qualities that are essential for their market segment.

1. Low Price

The first consideration for any budget buyer would be the price of the electric skateboard. The prices of both WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 are quite similar. You can find both of these electric skateboards near the $500 mark, which is impressive given their qualities and other features.

2. Sturdy Design

Both WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 use different materials on their decks. However, they are both sturdy and able to sustain excessive loads. The WowGo 3 electric skateboard uses a bamboo-fiberglass combination, which gives it the required durability and ensures that the rider experiences minimum vibrations.

On the other hand, the Meepo V3 has a Canadian Maple deck, which is equally durable. This combination will not help with absorbing vibrations, but all the other characteristics are similar to the WowGo 3 electric skateboard.

3. Lightweight and maneuverable

Another excellent feature that’s common in both electric skateboards is their maneuverability. Both WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 are lightweight and simple to control. Even beginners who have never used an electric skateboard before can ride them comfortably and accurately.

Portability is another common feature of both options. The WowGo 3 weighs only 17 lbs, and the Meepo V3 weighs 16 lbs. You can easily carry both electric skateboards with you and they can even be used with a large bag.

4. Decent Range

Expecting budget options like the WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 to break speed or range records is unrealistic. However, you must ensure that the battery and the motors of your choice are enough to cover your intended use.

Both electric skateboards have similar ranges, which are enough for a short trip to your work or the park. The WowGo 3 gives you the option of upgrading to a more powerful battery at the time of purchase. So, you’ll find it has a relatively better overall range.

5. Water resistance

Both electric skateboards come with functional protective features that ensure reliable and long-lasting performance under different conditions. The WowGo 33 and Meepo V3 have adequate waterproofing, which allows you to go through a puddle or use the electric skateboard on a rainy day.

MeepoV3 vs WowGo 3: Which one wins?

Now that we have discussed the common qualities of the WowGo 3 and the Meepo board. Let’s take a look at their capabilities and see which one is the better alternative for you.

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Review

Wowgo 3 Electric Skateboard
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The WowGo electric skateboard is a popular budget choice in the market because of its powerful features and value for money. The manufacturers pay special attention to ensuring a smooth ride, which is often considered the primary reason behind its popularity.

Some key features of the WowGo 3 electric skateboard are as follows:  


As stated before, the deck of WowGo 3 electric skateboard features a reinforced Bamboo-Fiberglass mixture. The material combination gives unmatched flexibility to the skateboard and allows it to sustain excess weights without taking any damage.

The material combination WowGo uses also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means that the electric skateboard remains portable enough for the users. The material also contributes towards ensuring a smooth riding experience for the users by absorbing all the vibrations from bumps on the road.

Smooth Experience

Perhaps the biggest selling point of WowGo 3 electric skateboard is its smooth riding experience. The focus of this skateboard is to provide a comfortable experience by damping vibrations and by absorbing shocks from road imperfections.

WowGo 3’s deck and wheels are made with the ideal balance needed to give users maximum stability during the ride. Furthermore, the incorporated braking system is optimized for quick and safe stops to avoid any accidents, giving users an experience that’s on par with any expensive models available in the market today.

Excellent Top Speed

Considering the price range, WowGo 3 manages to provide a satisfactory top speed that is capable of delivering an exhilarating experience. Its powerful motor and ingenious design allow the longboard to achieve a top speed of 25 mph.

Battery and Range

The skateboard comes with two state-of-the-art Samsung battery options, 6Ah and 8Ah, that help it deliver a consistent performance throughout its use. With the 8Ah battery, users can reach an impressive range of 20 miles tops!

High-Quality Components

The excellent WowGo electric skateboards are known for their high-quality components. Coming integrated with a powerful motor and 90mm wheels with a 78A rating, the longboard lets users enjoy smooth acceleration and safe deceleration. Its braking systems are made much more effective with the firm grip provided by the wheels.

It even comes with diverse speed modes, including a turbo mood for a truly exhilarating ride, allowing users the freedom to choose the acceleration level they are most comfortable with.

Elegant Remote

To top it all off, WowGo 3 comes with a sophisticated remote to give users maximum control right in the palm of their hands. Its elegant and wireless design makes it comfortable and easy to hold. Most of all, the remote even has a small screen that can clearly show all essential information such as battery and distance in a glance.

Pros and Cons of the WowGo 3 electric skateboard


  • Powerful motor and other features
  • Most comfortable rides for the users
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent customer service
  • International 180-day warranty
  • Fast shipping


  • Max range is only 20 miles
  • Batteries take a lot of time to recharge

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard Review

The Meepo V3 electric skateboard, also known as the meepo board is an excellent alternative that comes with powerful capabilities. The electric skateboard gives excellent value for money and suits both beginners and experienced users.

Some of the excellent features of the meepo board are:

Powerful Motor

The Meepo V3 features 2 powerful 540 W motors that allow it to achieve excellent top speeds and easily navigate tricky areas. The electric skateboard has three regular modes along with a Pro mode which allows you to enjoy excellent acceleration and get the best overall performance from your electric skateboard.  

Low Charging Time

The Meepo V3 can charge its battery to 100% in 2 hours only. The low charging time gives this electric skateboard the versatility you need and makes it a suitable option for your regular commute.

300 lbs Weight Limit

Budget options seldom come with the capability to handle heavier users. The Meepo V3 is among the few budget option in the market that can handle excessive loads without compromising on the overall weight of the device.

Excellent Top Speed

Top speed is an important parameter for users who need an electric skateboard for leisure activities. The meepo board can easily reach the speed of 28 mph, which is higher than most alternatives in its price category.

Regenerative Braking

Another surprising feature of the meepo board is its regenerative braking. As the skateboard is from the budget category, it comes with a normal battery. Therefore, a regenerative braking feature, which allows the skateboard to charge its batteries while going downhill can have a significant impact on the overall range.

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Unmatched acceleration
  • Top speed above 25 mph
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Convenient operations
  • Ability to climb a 30% gradient
  • Excellent brakes
  • The battery tends to lose its effectiveness with time
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Pros and cons of the Meepo V3 electric skateboard


  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Top speed of 28 mph
  • Regenerative brakingInternational warranty and unmatched customer service
  • Can sustain excessive loads
  • Charging time of only 2 hours


  • Regular modes are severely underpowered
  • The battery could have been better
  • Low range

The Verdict

Both WowGo 3 and Meepo V3 are excellent additions to the budget market as they provide several features you won’t even find in top-tier models. If you want a durable and reliable electric skateboard that you can use for a long time, both alternatives can be a viable option.

However, we at SturdyWheel believe that the WowGo 3 is a better alternative when compared with the Meepo board. The main reason behind our preference is the overall comfortable riding experience that the WowGo delivers.

Budget skateboards are not supposed to break any speed records or feature the most powerful battery. Any user looking for a budget board will prefer something that delivers the best experience while ensuring reliability at all times.

The Meepo V3 does not shine in this regard. Rather, it focuses more on delivering speed and power at the expense of its range. You’ll also hear many people complaining about the regular speed modes of the Meepo feeling underpowered.

On the other hand, WowGo 3 electric skateboard shines in the comfort department. The ESC ensures a comfortable acceleration/deceleration in all modes and the board also has a decent overall range.

The top speed of WowGo is a little lower, but a regular user won’t mind that. Most people use an electric skateboard in an urban environment with a lot of stops and turns. This means that it’s harder to reach the top speed or maintain it for a very long time.

The manufacturers of WowGo 3 realized that and built the product accordingly. This electric skateboard has an average top speed. However, its riding experience is extremely comfortable and is even better than some top-tier models.

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