Why Are Electric Unicycles So Expensive? – Answer May Surprise You

Why Are Electric Unicycles So Expensive? - Answer May Surprise You 1

Electric unicycles are all the craze these days. As a somewhat recent product, unicycles have enjoyed a warm welcome. Its small, unique design and fast riding speeds have made it a staple to have among enthusiasts.

However, many believe that despite its various benefits, the hefty price tag that electric unicycles come with is not justified. So, why are unicycles so expensive?

In this article, we’ll go over all the reasons that make an electric unicycle so expensive.

What Makes an Electric Unicycle Unique?

Electric Unicycles are a new type of personal electric vehicle that has been steadily gaining popularity. Considered as the most unique mode of personal transport, electric unicycles offer a new, fun, and rare experience.

Usually, a unicycle is a one-wheel portable device that comes with an electric motor, battery, and two pedals attached to the side where the rider stands.

Depending on what you want, you can get an electric unicycle that comes with more wheels or an attachable saddle for longer rides.

Unlike other personal transport, a unicycle isn’t exactly easy to drive from the get-go for a beginner.

Riders must rely on utilizing their body weight to steer and guide it to their desired direction at their desired speed.  

There’s no remote control or a handlebar to make it easier. It’s a difficult task to manage and it’s why most electric unicycles come with a steep learning curve that can be exhilarating to overcome.

Electric unicycles enthusiasts find no other personal vehicle suitable for high-speed cruising.

The vehicle also offers a decent range and once you get used to how the mechanics of an electric unicycle work, you’ll fall in love with it without a doubt.

There are also several types of unicycles available which you get as per your preference.

Electric Unicycles: The New Entry in The World of Personal Electric Vehicles

Before getting started, you should know that electric unicycles are a relatively new product in the market. Generally speaking, the cost of new technologies has always been relatively high at the start of their life.

The market for electric unicycles is no different.

With new research and features being worked on and released, a year-old unicycle model of a company may very well become obsolete after the release of the newest model.

Manufacturers have to scramble to reclaim their research expenditure before the next best thing reduces their chances of revenue recovery.

The Benefits of Getting an Electric Unicycle

If you want to stand out in the crowd, getting an electric unicycle is the way to go. The unique design that most EUCs have let it instantly stand out from the crowd.

With electric unicycles, you get the perfect partner to take on campus.

Most EUCs have an incredibly compact design that you can simply throw in your backpack as you leave. They also come with a decent range and can be taken for long rides across the road.

It’s an ideal choice for students or anyone who has to go travel around their community for chores and more.

If your office is nearby, you’ll love to get your hand on an electric unicycle. Getting a EUC can even make your mundane routine walk to your office something thrilling and fun.

You can even get an attachable saddle for more ease and comfort. 

The best part about an electric unicycle is that after paying its hefty price tag, you don’t have to spend a lot.

Most electric unicycles are expensive because they’re built to last. You can significantly reduce your gas expenditure and are an eco-friendly alternative to travel short distances.

Is An Electric Unicycle Worth the Money?

The simplest answer to this is that it depends on you. In certain cases, you’ll be doing yourself a massive favor by getting an electric unicycle, while in orders, you might not like what you get.

Electric unicycles are expensive and require a significant commitment for riders to learn how to drive them for their safety.

Most importantly, the unicycle might seem like a gimmick to some and not worth the money and time it requires.

Try to consider the following factors before you decide whether an electric unicycle is worth your money or not.

What’s the price?

A good electric unicycle that has fancy features, good construction, and focuses on safety is going to be expensive.

While you might find cheap knockoffs, the ideal place for you to start looking for an electric unicycle is after hitting the $1000 mark.

How much are you saving?

Electric unicycles might be expensive but they can save a lot when it comes to your travel expenditure in the long run.

You can cover short distances without worrying about gas as the vehicle works entirely on electricity.

Moreover, you can save yourself a lot of time by skipping the morning traffic and taking your electric unicycle out on the road to go to your office if you live nearby.

For students living on campus, electric unicycles are a must-have.

Are you a thrill-seeker?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then electric unicycles are, without a doubt, worth their price.

Riding an electric unicycle is an experience unlike any other. It’s an ideal choice for riders going on long cruises as several unicycles offer a wide range.

When it comes to speed, some brands of electric unicycles offer a top speed of 30 mph even! As a beginner, traveling at a high speed is not recommended.

But once you master how to ride an electric unicycle, you can go as fast as you can manage.

How easily can you learn?

Electric unicycles are not like E-scooters that riders can hop on to and start riding. Any unicycle has a steep learning curve and requires a lot of practice to master.

The first hurdle you’ll likely face is learning how to stand on the pedals themselves.

You’ll also struggle to find the right balance to not fall off.

After that, you’ll have to learn how to guide the electric unicycle with your body weight.

Some people have no difficulty in picking up these skills while others have to struggle quite a bit before getting it right. It depends on you but you’ll never know unless you try, right?

Are electric unicycles safe?

Recklessly driving any kind of vehicle has the potential for disaster.

Be it a car, a bike, or an electric unicycle. For electric unicycle owners, it’s recommended to avoid driving in dangerous road conditions or in heavy traffic to avoid any accident or crash.

You must take your own safety in high regard and drive an electric unicycle responsibly.

That being said, you can expect to fall off a few times while you learn how to ride the unicycle.

Most EUCs, especially those which offer high speed, do come equipped with several safety features.

This could include limiting the reachable top speed, automatically lowering it as the battery dies, and finally, a kill switch to immediately stop the unicycle from working. 

Electric Unicycles Vs Electric Scooters  

Which PEV is better? The answer to this question is that it depends on your choice entirely.

Electric Scooters are popular for a good reason. There’s hardly any learning curve, and you can get several models by various manufacturers available in the market compared to EUCs.

They offer decent speed and come included with a handlebar for better control and stability. Compared to unicycles, most e-scooters offer more miles to the rider.

A EUC, on the other hand, is far more convenient. A unicycle comes with a lightweight and can easily be stored or carried. The same can’t be said for an electric scooter.

Overall, both vehicles have their pros and cons. They also have a similar price. The choice depends on your personal preference and several other factors.


Buying an electric unicycle is not a cheap endeavor to undertake, but the unicycle is well worth every dollar you spend on it.

It’s a practical, eco-friendly, and useful vehicle to have at hand to cut your costs in the long run and add more thrill to your everyday commute around your neighborhood or campus.

It’s a perfect investment for an everyday adventurer and those looking to stand out. Electric unicycles might be new, but these EVs are here to stay.

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