Intro to Drift Trikes – What They Are & How They Work?

Intro to Drift Trikes - What They Are & How They Work? 1

Technology has made people realize that they can get creative in different ways. You can create something out of a pre-existing idea or, better still, build something new.

With the likes of cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and other high-performance vehicles, movement is made easy. However, a drift trike also makes it to the list of the incredible wheelers for the road.

In this article, you will find out what drift trikes are, how to build a DIY trike, and the various popular types available on the market.

What are Drift Trikes?

A Drift Trike is a distinct type of tricycle with low traction rear wheels. The wheel is often covered with plastic (PVC) and is designed to cause drifts.

It used to be called Big Wheels or Green Machines because of its unique structural design.

Drift Trikes didn’t just come into existence in the 21st century; its origin can be traced back to the 70s. Unfortunately, the introduction of folding Razor scooters led to the disuse of this tricycle by many.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to redesign these trikes, so that it can be in fair competition with other two- and three-wheels.

What are the Parts of a Drift Trike?

A drift trike has many different parts. All these parts work hand-in-hand to ensure the smooth running of the three-wheel.

However, you might want to look at the major parts and see what makes the trike different from other options.

Front and Rear Wheels

The wheels are distinctive features. A drift trike has a front wheel and two rear ones.

The front wheel is always large in size, while the twin go-kart wheels at the rear end are smaller.

Together, they enhance easy movement and drift across different road surfaces.


Like many two- and three-wheelers, drift trikes have brakes to control or stop drifting.

The brakes are located at the handlebars just like motorcycles.

The Seat

Like tricycles and motorcycles, a drift trike also has a seat. It comes in different sizes depending on who is riding it – adults or kids.


A drift trike also has an engine, which is responsible for its active operation. Even though the engine is small and covered by an engine plate, it is fully functioning to ride the trike downhill or anywhere else.

Other parts include the hub and its steel frame, the throttle, the tires, the axle, etc.

Can You Build a Drift Trike?

With the right tools, riders can build their own motorized drift trike.

You can get some of these tools or accessories at trike factories.

How to Build a Motorized DIY Trike?

Before you proceed with building a motorized DIY trike, you might need to take some time to watch YouTube videos on how to.

The video is likely to show riders what they need to use, and how to assemble various parts. You can decide to go for a welded or non-welded option, depending on the equipment you get.

See the video below.

Popular Drift Trikes

While you have the option to make a DIY drift trike, you can also buy one on the market.

The popular drift trikes on the market are:

Triad Counter Measure 3 Drift Trike

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01/30/2022 03:40 am GMT

The Triad Drift Trikes is a brand widely known for building top-notch quality machines for road use. One of this brand’s best products yet is the Triad Counter Measure 3 Drift Trike.

This trike is designed as high-performance and it is suitable for kids between the ages of 7 to 12.

It has some really incredible features such as a twin-tube frame for strength, an adjustable seat, and a fantastic body design.

Triad Counter Measure 3 also has a unique set of wheels that are durable and rigid.


  • Has an electroplated chrome painting
  • 20x better 49er drift slick wheels
  • Seat has a quick-release mechanism
  • Durable and kid-friendly


  • Only suitable for kids
  • Razor DXT Drift Trike

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    01/30/2022 04:01 am GMT

    One of the best drift trikes for kids and adults is the Razor DXT.

    It is a BMX-styled bike made suitable for instances where downhill meets drift.

    Razor DXT Drift Trike has a free front wheel and super slider POM rear wheels injected into a steel trike style frame for good mobility.

    This trike comes with other sets of features such as moto-style handlebars, triple crown fork, and pro-style grips.


    • Packed with several features
    • Strong frame and good front and rear wheels
    • Suitable for riders above the age of 14


    • Only available in yellow

    Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike

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    01/30/2022 03:48 am GMT

    Another kid-friendly drift trike is the Razor RipRider 360 Caster.

    It is a trike that guarantees a 360 spinning action while maintaining resistance-free drifting with the help of its dual inclined casters.

    Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike is strong and durable due to the quality of its steel construction.

    It comes with additional features such as a double crown fork design, MX-style handlebars, and frame.


    • Guarantees smooth, fun ride with its casters
    • The front wheel uses a hi-impact and durable tire
    • Spins perfectly with easy drifting


    • Only ideal for kids

    Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

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    01/30/2022 02:56 am GMT

    Fully optimized for kids’ and adults’ use, the Razor Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is a great option to choose.

    This motorized drift trike is built with three different kinds of materials for durability and active performance – steel, plastic (pvc), and rubber.

    It is packed with numerous features for easy and convenient use. Some of them include a front hand-operated braking system, 12v rechargeable battery, push-button throttle, and a charger.


    • Can last up to 30 minutes moving at a speed of 9 mph.
    • Ideal for riders less than 120 pounds
    • Operational and easy to use


    • The design could use a little more work

    Huffy Green Machine

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    01/30/2022 03:20 am GMT

    The Huffy Green Machine is one highly recommended choice for riders above the age of 8.

    This drift trike is exceptional because of its strategic wheel placements and ease of use.

    It has its wheels positioned perfectly to ensure a fun ride and balanced spins and turns.

    Huffy Green Machine also has a unique Vortex feature that makes tilting and turning possible.


    • Moves at a max speed of 8 mph for 30 minutes
    • Has a sport car design
    • Comfortable bucket seat


    • It doesn’t come with handlebars

    What Do You Need to Know Before Using a Drift Trike?

    Before using a drift trike at all, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. These factors are responsible for the ultimate usability of the trike.

    Material Quality

    First, the quality of the material used to build the drift trike is important because it determines the durability, and ease of use.

    Mostly, drift trikes have steel frames and bars, while the rubber tires are infused with plastic for active operation.


    Drift trikes also have the motor speed that determines how fast it moves per minute. Most fantastic trikes have speeds above 8 mph.


    Drift trikes are for fun but it is also important to maintain safety when drifting around corners or riding downhill. One way to ensure that is to be in control of the features provided.

    It is often advised that you go for trikes with good brakes, go-kart wheels, and other features like the hub, frame, and axle.

    Weight Capacity

    This is another factor that determines whether the tricycle is rightfully suitable for adults or children.

    Although there are tricycles that are designed for all age categories; it is still important to check before using one.

    Riding Surface

    One more thing to consider is the surface on which you are riding the tricycle.

    You need a smooth ground surface or road to ensure the easy movement of the tires.


    What is the Ideal Gear Ratio for Drift Trikes?

    Drift Trikes have varying gear ration but the ideal one is the #35 Gearing. It is the most convenient and suitable choice because it enhances easy sliding, forward spinning, and more importantly, ground drifting.

    This gear ratio almost gives the tricycle a taste of sports car performance.

    Are Drift Trikes Considered Legal for the Street?

    Street-legal motorized drift trikes are only expected to have an engine capacity of 50cc. They should also move at nothing more than 3.5 mph. However, this criteria may vary across different states in the United States.


    In summary, what really makes drift trikes different from other three-wheelers is the large front wheel and the go-kart rear wheels that work hand-in-hand with the engine to ensure easy movement, turn, or ride across different surfaces.

    While you may want to design your own DIY drift trike by watching videos, you can also check through the reviews of some of the best choices available on the market.

    In the end, you will be having a lot of fun.

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