Weight Limit of Electric Skateboards, The Stress Test!

Weight Limit of Electric Skateboards, The Stress Test! 1

Skateboards, electric or regular, are tough to manage. You need skills, experience, and the correct physique to pull off those impressive feats on the internet.

The weight limit is an important consideration for ensuring an excellent experience. Most electric skateboards have an upper weight limit based on the power of their motor and build material. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the weight limits of electric skateboards and see why they are so important. 

Average Weight Capacity of Electric Skateboards

Most electric skateboards have a maximum weight limit of 220lbs. If you are a little above average or are a taller skateboarder. You can probably use any electric skateboard without worrying. 

Overweight people who are above 220lbs, however, have to be more careful while selecting an electric skateboard.

There are numerous options available in the market that cater to the heavier populace, but generally, you’ll find maximum supported weights between 200 – 300lbs. 

Is There A Weight Limit For Skateboards?

Officially, there is no current weight limit for skateboards but the makeup of the board can affect max load capacity. A deck can snap in half if the weight isn’t evenly distributed. The nose, tail, and middle are points that can be areas of concern that should be closely looked at by heavy riders.

While riding an electric skateboard keep your foot planted where the main bolts are fastened. Typically the frame of an electric skateboard has added support from the battery’s middle placement. This doesn’t mean heavy riders shouldn’t follow common precautions. For example, don’t stomp on the middle of the board as you land.

Land with your weight centered and feet over the bolts reduce your risk of snapping or breaking any electric skateboards.

Factors that Affect the Weight Limit of Electric Skateboards

The two major factors that determine the maximum weight capacity of any skateboard are the material properties and motor power. 

Skateboards are rather skinny, which means that their weight carrying capacity heavily relies on the strength of the build material. 

Skateboards require easier maneuvering to perform tricks. If made from heavier materials, they’ll become harder to handle and may cause injuries if you are not too careful.

For electric skateboards, the material is not the only factor that affects the weight limit. 

The power of your motor also decides how much weight is suitable for a particular skateboard. 

The electric skateboard won’t break right away if you exceed the weight capacity. However, you won’t be able to operate it properly as the motor will be unable to move you around. 

Is Skateboarding Impossible for Someone Heavy?

Weight Limit of Electric Skateboards, The Stress Test! 2

No, that’s not true. 

Many people have a misconception that overweight people can’t or should not use a skateboard. In reality, it is the best way for you to positively change your body.

There is no official weight limit on skateboarding. If your skateboard can sustain it, you are good to go.

However, you must always consider safety in mind. Snapping a skateboard is relatively common. Most professionals have done it, but the probability gets higher if you weigh more. 

Electric skateboards are quite expensive and are not as easily replicable as their regular counterparts. So, you have to be more careful. 

Another common problem that heavier skateboarders face more commonly is ankle sprains. 

Anyone can injure their feet if they mess up their landing. However, the injuries tend to be more serious for someone overweight. 

Overweight & Skateboarding Seems Dangerous! Should I Stop Thinking About It?

If you are interested in skateboarding, please don’t think about quitting. Skateboarding is an exciting activity. If you are afraid of taking risks, there are hardly a few activities you would be able to perform. 

We recommend staying careful and taking protective measures like using a helmet, knee pads, and other protective gear. 

Check out our article on the safety features of electric skateboards.

If you are still apprehensive about skateboarding because of being overweight, check out Big Ben Schroeder. A 230lbs professional skateboarder who had a long and successful career in the field. 

What Is The Weight Limit On A Boosted Board?

Their a lot of electric skateboards for heavy riders but one that stands out is the Boosted Board. Many touts Boosted as being the best electric skateboards to own. Not too many know its overall weight limit, on average weight limit/capacity is around 250 pounds or “more”.

To give you some perspective the famous Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has been spotted riding a Boosted Board and it held his weight just fine. Shaq is listed as 7 feet 1 and 360 pounds, so definitely shouldn’t be any worries in this area.

What makes the Boosted Board great for heavy riders is the deck. The deck is made from solid bamboo and shaped to provide a natural suspension. Snapping riders through turns and smoothing out bumpy terrain.

Can I Lose Weight by Skateboarding?

Yes, definitely! Haven’t you seen how most serious skateboarders are leaner than an average person? 

Skateboarding requires advanced maneuvering and balancing skills. It is a vigorous exercise and has a proven history of helping people with weight loss.

Michele Olson, a professor of exercise science at Auburn University, believes that skateboarding is as intensive as jumping rope or spinning.

Even light skateboarding can make a difference. The activity uses the entire body and can help your important muscles develop while you are having the time of your life.

The Importance of Weight on Skateboarding

Weight Limit of Electric Skateboards, The Stress Test! 3

The weight limit is an important consideration for electric skateboards as it has a direct impact on your overall experience. 

The following are the 4 most important reasons why you should be careful about the maximum weight allowed on the electric skateboard. 

1. Safety

We have briefly covered how overweight skaters are more prone to injury on a skateboard, but that is not the only risk. Your weight has a direct impact on the braking distance of an electric skateboard, especially when you are coming down an incline. 

Inertia, a scientific principle that resists the change in the state of motion, is directly related to weight.

It is common knowledge that heavy items take their time to start moving, but once they do, it’s equally harder to stop them.

When coming down an incline, inertia would make it harder for you to stop, and this may cause an accident or damage your skateboard over time. 

2. Performance

Skateboards have a minimalistic design and electric skateboards continue that tradition. The internal gears, brakes, and electronics can’t operate beyond the maximum weight. 

Moreover, climbing up an incline or a hill requires power. Since the motors are designed for a specific range and output, you won’t be able to use that feature on an unsuitable skateboard. 

3. Range

Greater loads equate to higher power requirements. If you add a lot of weight to your skateboard, your battery would naturally run out sooner. 

Even if you are within the maximum prescribed weight for a skateboard, you’ll notice that heavier users would relatively exhaust the battery sooner. 

4. Lifespan

Theoretically, your electric skateboard can last for many years, provided that you use it as intended.  If you continuously put a load on your electric skateboard beyond its capacity, it is bound to fail sooner.

Considerations for Overweight Skateboarders 

electric skateboard board makeup

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find quality electric skateboards for overweight users. However, it’s not impossible. 

You can ensure a positive experience by spending some time on research and making sure that you are checking the right specifications.

Some features that are necessary for heavy skateboarders are listed below. 

High-Strength Materials

This is perhaps the most important feature for overweight skateboarders. You don’t want your electric skateboard to snap in half during use. 

It’s both expensive and unsafe for you.

Materials that have a high strength-to-weight ratio can be a perfect answer. They don’t weigh much so you can perform whatever tricks you need without fear. 

Powerful Motor

As stated before, power output is a crucial factor in electric skateboards. Overweight users must make sure that the motor is capable of handling their weight. 

A powerful motor can help them use their skateboard to its fullest and smoothly navigate inclines and other tricky areas. 

Long-Lasting Battery

A powerful motor and a long-lasting battery can combine to give you greater acceleration and range on your electric skateboard.

Further Reading

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