Waterproof Electric Bike? How To Keep Your E-Bike Dry


Are electric bikes waterproof? Well bikes aren’t like cats so they can handle water. But how much abuse an e-bike can take in the rain may vary.

It’s not smart to go head first into the ocean to test how well they a e-bike may fare. Electric bikes have come a long way so under normal conditions e-bikes perform well in the rain.

As electric bike owner there some common questions that may arise. It’s important to answer those question to keep your bike riding under optimal levels.

Do you know your bikes IP rating or can the battery get wet during a wash? In this post we provide some detail insights to help keep your electric bike running smooth.

Are Electric bikes waterproof? e bikes ok in the rain?

Waterproof Electric Bikes – Real or Not?

E-bikes go through rigorous water simulations. Companies want to ensure e-bikes and their motors are water resistant.

Everything gets tested from the motor to the controller situated on the motor.

The motor, controller, battery, and display are some of the intergyral parts of an e-Bike, receiving IP ratings to measure their performance under solid or wet conditions. (IP) stands for Ingress Protection. There are two numbers that make up the IP rating.

The highest level is 6 and indicates how well sealed an item is against foreign bodies like dirt or sand.

The second number represents the protection against liquids. The highest level is 9.

It’s important to have a high IP rating as it decreases the amount of penetration your e-bike can receive from solids or liquids.

You want to have the highest possible level for the second number. The highest level for the second number that we could find on an electric bike is 7.

At this level items have been tested and can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in water at depths between 15 cm and 1 meter.

Carefully read the details of any e-bike you’re going to buy. Most IP ratings might only be referencing the battery.

The rating isn’t specified for the rest of the bike. Therefore, it’s important to cover your screen display with plastic baggies.

Don’t forget the connections that goes from your screen, throttle and any of the weak points on the bike where moisture can collect.

For those who are installing aftermarket electric bikes kits with non-water-resistant connectors we recommend placing heat shrink tubing around the connectors.

If it isn’t done correctly and tubing is to large it can trap water inside the tubing encasing the connectors.

So, try finding tubing with a high shrinking ratio. To further increase a watertight seal if needed insert Goop to the ends of connecters.

Another alternative are Higo Connectors, there available in different pin configurations, colors and most importantly they are water tight.

e bikes ok in the rain?

Are e-Bikes Fine To Ride In The Rain?

Yes, e-Bikes are safe in the rain but not for prolong periods. Areas like the motor on an e-Bike may have an (IP) ingress protection rating of 65.

Which means it’s sealed against foreign bodies like dust or dirt, but it’s only protected against light jetting water.

So, e-Bikes left out in rain does have a potential of soaking up rainwater and that rainwater can find its way into the motor. The motor can seize up and get rusted on the inside.

Not to mention the LCD screen on the e-Bike could get damage. So, it’s important to take proper precaution as specified in the previous section.

Just like any other bike another susceptible part is the chain. Leaving an e-Bike chain in the rain for prolonged periods can cause rust to build up.

A potential danger that comes with this rust can be the chain snapping while you’re riding the bike.

It sounds like a plot for a final destination movie, but the bike could possible throw you off or worst catch you off guard and direct you into traffic.

The best thing you can do is keep the bike in doors. If you can’t keep it inside, buy an outdoor waterproof bike tarp.

When comes down to it an e-Bike can be a high-priced item, so you want to do everything in your power to protect your investment.

Can I clean my ebike with water?

Can I clean my e-Bike with water?

Yes, you can clean your electric bike with water. It’s very important to clean your electric bike but be careful.

If you start sprinkling water all over the important parts you could permanently damage, your electric bike.

Check the e-bikes user manual to determine it’s (IP) rating. It will provide some understanding of the water pressure your bike can resist.

A low (IP) rating, we recommend using a bucket full of water instead of a hose. Remove or cover any important displays.

Just to be on the safe side, we’d also remove the battery. It’s IP rated and covered well to endure weather conditions, but you don’t want to take any chances with water.

There is an awesome video by Rob Rides EMTB, Rob provides some tip on how wash your e-bike properly. Watch it here

Are e-Bike batteries waterproof?

Yes, the motor and battery are protected against water. The (IP) ingress protection rating signifies how sufficiently sealed the battery is.

When you’re looking through an e-bike product description or user manual the IP rating should be specified.

Riding in the rain for a short period of time will not harm the battery. But it’s always important to take some precaution.

If you have access to a weather forecast and there is chance for rain. Take the bike inside in dry area.

We understand that can be tough for some riders. E-bikes often weigh 150 IBS or more. You can also remove an e-bike battery and cover up the display.

ANCHEER Waterproof Foldable Electric Bike: Best Waterproof Electric Bike?

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter 350W Powerful Motor Waterproof Ebike with 15 Mile Range, Dual Disc Brakes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING FRAME: This e-bike is easy to fold and save more space for storage. It weighs a mere 26.5lbs, easy to carry with one hand. Provided with Both good anti-pressure ability and lightweight frame
  • 15 MPH & 15 MILE RANGE: This electric bike with 350-watt high speed motor can achieve top speed of 15 miles means your e-bike commute just easier
  • CRUISECONTROL (Green Button): ​Twist the throttle and press the button at the same time to get the certain speed, no need to twist the throttle all the time.
  • FASHION FASHION DESIGN& GOOD QUALITY: This ebike inspired by the shape of dolphins, has super cute and smart design. IPX5 Waterproof range protects your trip on rainy days. It also adopts inn& GOOD QUALITY: This ebike inspired by the shape of dolphins, has super cute and smart design. IPX5 Waterproof range protects your trip on rainy days. It also adopts innovative aluminum alloy frame, double layer aluminum alloy wheel. It has 350W powerful motor and the battery only needs to be charged 3 hours
  • SERVICE : With one-year service for the electric motor, battery and the charger, you've no worry using it. Our E-Bike suggest ride on relatively flat road.

If you’re looking for an electric bike that will be not give you an issues when it comes to getting wet and built for waterproofing. Look no further than the ANCHEER Waterproof Electric bike.

The ANCHEER Electric Bike is waterproof with its very careful IPX5 protection.

Also, anti-slip rubber wheels that built for shock absorption and better traction in very wet environment or roads.

This e-Bike is different than many of the ones in the market because it is extremely lightweight.

It has the ability to provide more portability due to its collapsible frame made for storage.

The ANCHEER makes a lot of sense for people who use Electric bikes for commuting on trains or cars.


When comes to rain its clear you should always keep an electric bike inside. The chain can get rusty or parts susceptible to water collection can get damaged.

Always dry your bike down and follow a proper maintenance. Besides putting your bike inside, cover it up with a tarp or buy bike finders.

Finders can be a great alternative way to protect the bottom bracket and headset areas.

Washing your e-bike with water is necessary part of upkeep. Read the user manual to see what the (IP) rating is for the battery, display, and other important areas.

Make sure that the display is covered or removed if you plan on washing your e-bike with water.

E-bikes are made to endure tough weather conditions but by providing proper support you can ensure its longevity for years.

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