VIRO Rides Vega Review – A 2-in-1 Kids Can Enjoy?

VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1

Is it a scooter? Is it a mini-bike? It can’t be both…can it?

With just a push of a button, the VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1 Electric Scooter goes from a sleek and fast motorized scooter to a minibike for kids to ride.

Whether you want to sit or stand, the Vega’s got you covered. Go ahead, and take a look at a VIRO Rides Vega review to see all that it offers.

Do you remember those hot summer days when you and your friends would race down the streets of your neighborhood on the back of your bikes?

That feeling of the wind rushing through and tousling your hair as you zoomed down a small hill back home, to where mom had a nice cold pitcher of lemonade and cookies waiting for you and your pals belong to a much simpler, happier time.

Tired of seeing your child curled up on the couch, a remote in one hand, and a gaming console in the other?

Want him or her to get off the couch, go outside into the sunshine, and play with other kids? Don’t know just how to go about doing that? Give your kid the best of both worlds, where technology meets good old-fashioned fun.

The VIRO Ride Vega is the perfect blend of the traditional mini-bike and a nifty electric scooter to give your kid the tech fix he’s looking for, at the affordable rate that you are looking for.

If you’re searching for a gift to brighten and jazz up your child’s birthday or  Christmas morning, or to reward him for those straight A’s he’s been getting in Math, the Vega is the gift you’re looking to buy.

Viro Ride Vega 2-in-1 What Does It Look Like & Come With?

The Vega comes in an easy-to-unpack and transportable box and requires an adult to assemble it. Also included are two rechargeable 12-O batteries and a charging cord.

The Vega utilizes a 100-watt DC Motor with a chain drive that speeds up to 10mph. It is a sleek new product that has a fully adjustable handlebar that boasts an easy-to-control thumb throttle.

It has lever-activated rear-disk brakes that provide optimum braking performance.

Additionally, the Vega features dual kickstands-one for each mode- to prop it up and a new rear footpeg for easier riding and control.

It also features LED running lights and is covered on the underside to prevent any potential damage while driving.

A list of pros and cons


  • Multiple colors
  • Adjustable height and handles
  • Variable speeds up to 10 mph
  • Lever activated rear safety breaks for precision braking


  • Require practice to shift between modes
  • Needs to be recharged over-night
  • Seats are not adjustable
  • No warranty offered

Vega weighs in around 22 kilos and while it is easy to navigate, it is, however, not recommended for children above the age of 12, or below the age of 8.

Tweens and teenagers would probably be better off riding a bigger bike that is built to fit their height and proportions.

VIRO Rides Vega Features:


The product is easy to unpack and requires an adult to initially assemble it. But once it’s up and charged, it’s ready to go and requires little else in the way of installation.

The VIRO Rides Vega is known for its versatility and can be folded for easy transport and storage.


The VIRO Rides Vega has complete lever-activated, rear safety brakes that give your child the best possible advantage in terms of precision and grip when it comes to braking.

LED lights that run along the sides of this bike ensure visibility in the dark, and provide the added advantage of looking absolutely lit!

The device has solid and sturdy tires that promise a smooth and fun ride. This will not be a bumpy ride, although helmets and protective gear are always encouraged. Watch out for that tree, kids.


The Vega runs on two rechargeable 12-O batteries and comes with the cable wire enclosed. All you have to do to get it up and running, is to plug in, charge the two batteries overnight for 10-12 hours, and your kid will be zooming outside to get some fun, catch some sun, and stock up on that Vitamin D.

A fully charged set of batteries give your child 40 minutes of uninterrupted playtime on the Vega.


With a 100watt DC Motor and a chain drive that provide varying speed settings up to 10mph, this bike has just enough oomph and horsepower to satiate your kid’s need for speed, without compromising on safety.

The bike, which promises a run time of six miles, is a great way for your child to ride across your neighborhood with his friends and explore a small corner of the world on the back of his new convertible – the kids’ edition.

Cost efficiency

Let’s talk about value for money. You’re probably looking for an amazing gift for your young one that will 1) earn you major brownie points, 2) get you that Best Mom/Dad mug on your special day, and 3) check all the boxes, without leaving you eating out of cereal boxes.

The Vega is reasonably priced and is a veritable steal for the quality, protection, and trendy new features and technology it promises and provides.

When it comes to your child’s safety, you definitely don’t want to make a compromise, and with the Vega, you won’t have to.

 Getting a grip

The handlebar on the VIRO Rides Vega allows for maximum-height adjustment in either mode. The thumb throttles provide maximum control to the rider.

The bike also features new rear foot-pegs that optimize for easier riding. The bike is designed for effective and efficient navigation and has all the features needed to deliver on that promise.

Maintenance and durability

Products made for children need to withstand a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot of wear and tear. I find that the VIRO Rides Vega is built with a mind to just how much use children get out of their bikes.

Made of steel, with an aluminum frame, it is durable, sustainable, and of good quality. If there is a puddle to be found, your child will probably, definitely, find it.

This bike is easy to wipe down after a particularly muddy ride through those puddles. The chain drive and motor are enclosed under the colorful exterior that eliminates any potential exposure to or damage from debris, dust, and dirt.

When the bike is ready to be put away for the day, the dual kickstands- one for each mode- ensures steady and balanced support.

The VIRO Rides Vega: More than an entry-level scooter

Kids riding  scooters through the woods

A bike, especially one that folds out into a motorized electric scooter, makes amazing and lasting memories. The adventure and mischief that a child can get into on the back of that bike and all the places it will take him or her.

The VIRO Rides Vega offers not just quality, and affordable prices, in one stylish and colorful package, it also makes for a great and thoughtful present for your young ones to go out and get started on making those memories.

So, go on and get your VIRO Rides Vega