Turbowheel Lightning Review: Everything You Could Want

Turbowheel Lightning

E-scooters have seen a surge in demand that only a few other personal transportation devices have managed to replicate.

But with so many options in the market, it’s easier to get lost.

If you’re looking for a powerful E-scooter then check out our complete Turbowheel Lightning review below to know more about this popular option.

What to Expect from Turbo Lightning?

If you’re expecting TurboWheel to be like an average E-scooter you’ll see on campus, then you’ll be absolutely wrong.

This Electric Scooter is a beast. You’ll certainly feel a childish sort of glee every time you look at or take it up on a ride.

The power and speed that Turbowheel does justice to its name “Lightning”. If your average commute has hills, mud, or lots of quick turns, Turbowheel Lightning can handle it all.

Its incredible off-the-road capabilities are also supported by its incredibly long battery life.

Turbowheel Lightning isn’t the kind of E-Scooter you can give to a non-serious rider for the safety of both the rider and other bystanders.

Safety gear is an absolute must and while the idea of jumping on the scooter and blasting off at the highest speed possible seems fun, you must always make sure that you’re going at a speed that you can handle.

Turbowheel Lightning Overview

Now that you know what to expect from TurboWheel, let’s take a closer look at its specs and how well they work to deliver you a thrilling performance.


Turbowheel Lightning is one of the most powerful Electric scooters you’ll find. It is integrated with a duel 1000W motor giving it quick acceleration, torque, and speed. Dual motor allows Turbowheel to reach a max cruising speed of more than 40 mph! You’ll be a blur as you ride through the roads.

With this amount of speed and power backing you up, Turbowheel Lightning also gives you the ability to quickly maneuver your way out of any worrisome situation if you’re riding it in traffic. You don’t have to worry about bumping into a distracted bystander on the road.

Turbowheel Lightning can also handle a maximum weight of 330 Ib. Making it an ideal choice for any heavy rider. It’s also the best choice if you live in hilly areas. Climbing up several inclines takes serious power.

Power is something Turbowheel Lightning has plenty to spare.

Safe Modes

Driving at 40 mph can be a bit concerning. Turbowheel Lightning understands this hesitance and offers multiple restricted modes that can make getting around a bit more comfortable.

These modes include engaging only a single motor as well as an Eco Mode that can significantly reduce the power output. For speed, two modes put a limit on acceleration and maintain the speed after reaching a certain point. The 3rd option is for unlimited speed.


The Electric Scooter has a maximum range somewhere between 30 to 40 miles.

Turbowheel Lightning can give you a fast and long exhilarating cruise down the road without worrying about the E-scooter running out of battery along the way. 


The kind of range that Turbowheel has is only possible due to its excellent battery pack. The device comes with 957Wh Li-ion Battery. It can last for a long time on the road as you drive. One of Turbowheel’s best features include dual charge ports. This makes recharging the device twice as fast as some of its competitors.


When you’re riding an Electric Scooter this powerful, it needs to be highly stable to keep you safe as you drive. It’s why Turbowheel Lightning’s tires are one of its most highlighted features.

The 10” x 2.5” pneumatic tires can easily ride over bumps, pebbles, and other road imperfections. The suspension is excellent, letting it absorb most of the impact so that you hardly feel a thing

Turbowheel’s braking system is highly sophisticated and precise. Moreover, the tires are fitted with front and rear disc brakes. Having a good braking system fitted to an E-Scooter is imperative for safety and quick stops. That’s exactly what Turbowheel can accomplish.

How does it feel?

Riding Turbowheel Lightning feels incredible. It’s very comfortable to ride at an appropriate speed of 20 mph. The scooter goes over crakes so smoothly that you wouldn’t even feel a thing.

Even at a high speed, the Electric Unicycle does a good job of being stable. There’s no awkward wobble or vibrations as you ride it on a road.

Overall, the experience of riding it is – for the lack of a better word – fun. It’s a way to spice up your routine and make your average commute so much more engaging.

Going at the top speed of 40 mph might put a strain on your body and you’ll have to hold on tight as you can. Turbowheel’s handlebars are very comfortable to hold on it. They have a strong grip, letting you be at ease as you ride.

Coming to the looks, Turbowheel Lighting looks sleek and incredibly stylish. It’s an impressive piece of machinery with an impressive and attractive design. The black and red contrast of its finishing is incredibly cool to look at.

Who is the Turbowheel Lightning for?

Turbowheel Lightning is truly a multipurpose Electric Scooter. Considering its top speed and power, adrenaline junkies will love to get their hands on this beast. But, don’t underestimate Turbowheel’s ability to be used as an on-road commuter.

Having extra torque and power can be useful on the road and especially for getting out of tight spots.

Key Takeaways

Turbowheel Lightning is an extremely powerful and unique Electric Scooter. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar kind of scooter out there at this price. It’s a brilliant, fun, and fast way to move around. It’s also very safe.

If you’re uncomfortable with the speed, just remember that you don’t have to travel at the top speed of 40 mph just because you can.

If you want to know more about Turbowheel Lightning then click here.

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