Top 5 Ancheer Electric Bikes of 2021 – Reviews, Pros & Cons

Top 5 Ancheer Electric Bikes of 2021 - Reviews, Pros & Cons 1

E-bikes are hitting the streets everywhere as the solution to the sustainable commuter equation. The Ancheer Electric Bike range goes further for those wanting to cut back on their carbon emissions because they aren’t only electric, they’re affordable.

This guide will roll out the details for an electric bike shopper and our round-up of the top 5 Ancheer cycles. 

Things to consider before buying an Ancheer Electric Bike 

As people become more conscious of their impact on global pollution, they seek ways to lessen it.

Swapping out your car drive for a bike commute is a popular choice, but showing up to work like a high school football player drenched in sweat is not so popular. 

In comes the electric bike, to give you some mechanical aid on those gnarly hills and long stretches so you aren’t completely tanked after your commute.

Ancheer brings electric power to the consumer at an affordable cost. 

The ideal customer of an Ancheer bike is the rider looking for an entry-level electric bike for commutes or long rides. The pros, or those hard riders needing extra durability, will be happier looking at a higher-end company

When you start your search for an electric bike, consider the following:

  • How much pedal assistance do you need?
  • What kind of battery range is ideal?
  • What will you be using it for? 

What are the Advantages of Ancheer Electric Bikes? 

Ancheer Electric Bikes rings truest of one decree: affordability

These bikes are an excellent choice for the beginner e-bike user or someone on a budget. Compared to the remainder of the electric bike products on the market, it’s going to be hard to find another brand that can beat Ancheer’s price. 

Already 85% assembled right out of the box, the bike will be easy to put together and won’t require a trained mechanic.

Outfitted with Shimano gears and disc brakes, you’re already getting a notch above a standard bike. Now add a mechanical assist to give you a break getting up those hills and you’ve hit the bike jackpot. 

Ancheer hits the mark by building bikes with the following features:

  • Hefty frames fit for a lumberjack with the ability to accommodate users over 6 feet tall and 300lbs
  • Removable battery packs for easy charging and theft-protection
  • Multiple speed modes and included throttle power

Understanding Electric Bike Specs, What’s important? 

Electric bikes come in three classes, which refer to the amount of motor assistance they provide:

  • Class 1: Motor starts by pedaling. Top speed of 20mph.
  • Class 2: Motor starts by pedaling up to 20mph. Extra throttle-powered mode. 
  • Class 3: Motor starts by pedaling. Top speed of 28mph. 

When it comes to motors, there is usually a trade-off for power versus distance range and there is typically a large variance of ranges between bikes. All of the Ancheer bikes in this guide fall into Class 2. 

Class 2 bikes will have 3 rider modes: regular bike, pedal-assist, and throttle mode. So, if you end up running the throttle too much over some crazy hills and run out of battery, you’ll still be able to mash pedal back home. 

Top 5 Ancheer Electric Bike 

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Majorly affordable and touting some impressive components, the first Ancheer e-bike comes in strong.

It’s a sleek and classic look, paired with a durable frame that can handle a rider up to 6’1 and 330lbs, make this bike a great choice for a capable beginner commuter bike.

Speed: up to 15mph

Range: 15-30 miles

Battery: 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery

Hill Grade: able to handle slopes under 40degrees


  • Very affordable – You won’t find a full e-bike for a better price than this!
  • Users report that this bike can take a tumble (though hopefully, you won’t have to test this out yourself)
  • Easy to put together in a few hours
  • 7 speeds and the throttle adds a power kick


  • Upgrade the seat for a better perch
  • The plastic chain guard might feel like it gets in the way, but it’s easily removed
  • The included headlight isn’t bright enough for safe night time riding
  • The frame is pretty heavy at 53 lbs

ANCHEER SUNSHINE 26″ Electric Mountain Bike

This electric mountain bike has a frame crafted in aircraft level aluminum alloy and will fit riders up to 6’3 and weighing 300lbs.

It does carry a long charging time of 6-8 hours, so keep this in mind if you need to fit in a longer commute. Shimano 21-speed gears will amp up your hill climb. 

Speed: up to 20mph

Range: 22 miles throttle mode – 40 miles pedal assist mode

Battery: 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, external mounted

Hill Grade: able to handle slopes under 40degrees


  • Throttle mode offers a burst of power to help over hills and gaining speed
  • Great purchase for the price 
  • Removable battery for flexible charging
  • Front fork shock absorption for a comfy ride
  • Battery indicator keeps you informed


  • Long charging time could be inconvenient 
  • You might have to do some adjusting on the disc brake system
  • The kickstand placement might feel like it gets in the way for the Sasquatches 

ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Mountain Bike 

The Blue Spark blazes in with more power and ability than it’s sister models. With 27.5” wheels, it can take on rougher terrain and larger obstacles with ease.

The 24-speed gears offer a few more levels of variation to find the perfect work to speed combo. 

Speed: up to 20mph

Range: 25 miles throttle mode / 43 miles pedal assist mode

Battery: 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery

Hill Grade: able to handle slopes under 40degrees 


  • LCD information display for battery level, mileage, and more with light signals
  • 5-speed mode with pedal assist gives you more power to choose from
  • Lockable front absorption for smooth rides


  • The seat is a bit basic and you might want to upgrade to something more comfortable if you’re doing longer rides
  • Headlight durability wasn’t the best
  • Won’t handle incredibly hilly long rides

ANCHEER AN-EB002 Power Plus Folding Electric Bike 

Why would you want a foldable bike? Many people prefer them! Much easier to pack down and carry onto a train or bus or up a flight of stairs at your office.

You won’t need to worry about a bike rack to take this ride with you on a road trip either. Ancheer’s foldable e-bike comes with 7 speeds and three working modes.

Speed: up to 17mph

Range: 15 miles in throttle mode / 30 miles in pedal-assist mode

Battery: 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery with 4-6 hour charge

Hill Grade: able to handle slopes under 40degrees 


  • Comes with an LED headlamp and horn for improved safety 
  • Quicker charging time of 4-6 hours
  • Foldable and ready to travel
  • Fits a wide range of riders from 5’1 to 6’3
  • Quick change with the 3-speed smart meter button


  • This bike doesn’t have the best range or top speeds, but you sacrifice this power by having a more portable option 
  • Some users experienced a lag time between switching ride modes and using the throttle
  • Taller riders might want to replace the seat and handlebars for extra room

ANCHEER 27.5″ Hummer Electric Mountain Bike 

The hummer lives up to its tenacious name. The well-rounded features and adaptable abilities lend this bike to being a strong contender for the rider with variable needs. It can handle smooth roads and hills and off-roading bike paths alike.

Plenty of gears to choose from, disc brakes that can handle the rain, and a hefty capacity leave this bike being an impressive buy for the price. 

Speed: up to 22 mph 

Range: 22 miles in throttle mode / 38 miles in pedal-assist mode

Battery: 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery with 6 hour charging time

Hill Grade: grades under 40 degrees


  • Adaptable from commuter streets to mountain bike paths
  • 21-speed gears for lots of cadence room
  • Weight capacity up to 330lbs, so it will accommodate larger riders
  • Includes a softer seat for more comfort
  • A large 27.5” wheel gives you more traction


  • The bike clocks in around 53lbs, which is heavier than other models
  • Petit riders wouldn’t benefit from the bulk of this bike
  • Not the best choice for the sole city commuter
  • Some users recommended upgrading the brake pads on this bike

Conclusion – Which Ancheer Electric Bike is right for you?

Top 5 Ancheer Electric Bikes of 2021 - Reviews, Pros & Cons 2

Electric bikes can do a lot for you – speed up that commute time, build in a weekend hobby, and make exercising a heck of a lot more fun. All the e-bikes in the Ancheer line up have a lot to give for a great price. 

It comes down to the main utilization you need out of a bike and what you expect to do with it.

Consider the activities you do and love the most, be that a pure commute, trail sesh, hilly rides, or some sweet travel gear. 

Finding a bike to fit your needs will be the trickiest part, but cruising up those steep hills with your shiny new electric bike will certainly be the easiest! 

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