Teamgee H5 Review – Pros, Cons, & Performance

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Skateboarding has never been as popular as it is now. However, these accessories are not entirely exclusive to the young and professionals per se.

You can join the fun too, even at an amateur level. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will appreciate the privilege of owning the Teamgee H5 37” electric skateboard.

Pre-purchase Considerations

Within the skateboarding world, as in many outdoor sports, your equipment’s quality is critical to success.

As a result, you need to be wary of shoddy board wheeled vehicles peddled by some unscrupulous dealers out to make a quick buck at your expense. 

You must do your homework and get well informed as soon as possible before committing to any board purchase.

Therefore, before spending your valuable money on this particular skateboard, you must evaluate whether your product meets the essential, necessary targets using the following checklist:

  • Sturdy craft ensures your board can withstand repetitive blows, bangs, and shocks of outdoor skating.
  • A streamlined design helps you achieve the most optimum skating speed and stability when rolling against wind resistance.
  • Durability is a principal concern if you are to enjoy a long-standing period with your board. You do not want equipment that quickly breaks down after the first few knocks.
  • Outstanding performance is a surety upon which you must insist.
  • Accompanying accessories, such as remote control, are exceedingly practical during your hands-free operations and maneuvers.
  • Buying price and potential maintenance expense are factors that confer value for your money. You should always compare costs between various sports stores and, if possible, obtain a warranty with your purchase.

Teamgee H5 Tech Specs

Board Size: 37 inch longboard, 7 inches wide, weighs 14. 5 pounds

Motor: 760W Dual Motor

Wheels: 90mm Replacable Wheels

Range: 11 Miles Range

Charge Speed: 2 Hours Fully Charger

Top Speed: 22MPH Upon The Fastest Mode

Teamgee H5 Pros & Cons


  1. At only 13.7 lbs, the Teamgee H5 electric skateboard is relatively lightweight.
  2. The skateboard’s maximum speed is 20 mph, with an overall range of 11 miles.
  3. With a 20% uphill gradient, this board can conquer steeper inclinations compared to other brands.
  4. This H5 board design is powered by a dual hub motor for efficient performance on most skating surfaces.


  1. Wet conditions such as water puddles and rainfall are contraindicated since the design is not entirely watertight.
  2. Occasional hitches with the remote’s charge indicator may affect your input commands.
  3. Given its premium design, the H5 is more expensive than other brands.

Key Features

Teamgee H5 Review - Pros, Cons, & Performance 1

As you deliberate on whether to purchase and become a proud owner of a Teamgee H5 electric skateboard, here are some essential features that contribute to its top billing:

Quality materials

You must be aware that only the highest quality of Canadian maple timber suffices when sourcing for wood during the manufacturing process.

Due to its ambition to meet premium design standards, the Teamgee production process targets a high-grade wood finish for each of its products.

Consequently, upon inspection of your new skateboard, you will notice the quality application of eight wooden layers alongside a single ply of fiberglass for a sleek but sturdy outcome.

Power source

As an electric appliance, a dependable power source must be of utmost importance to your H5 board.

For this reason, the product boasts of an incredible yet lightweight lithium-ion battery affixed within its structure during the production process.

You might mistakenly take it for just another longboard on the first encounter, but you will quickly realize that the extra feel is courtesy of the battery.

Dual motors

Alongside a reliable power source, an equally robust set of motors is key to achieving your desired mileage, velocity, braking power, and overall performance.

As for your Teamgee H5 electric skateboard, this product comes fully equipped with two replaceable high-speed motors that power your back wheels.

Moreover, this dual set is entirely brushless for that extra kick in horsepower that makes the H5 superior to most equipment of its kind.

With these motors, your energy consumption comes up to 760W, while their 90% power efficiency setting delivers around 8N-M of torque.

Note that on deploying your brakes, its regenerative braking feature allows you to cover extra ground by transforming these dual motors into dynamos.

Uniform speed

Given the motor attributes outlined above, you are guaranteed a standard cruising speed of 18 km/h with your Teamgee H5 electric skateboard.

Ideally, this swift gear’s maximum speed is rated at around 32 km/h (20 mph). However, this maximum velocity is dependent on the supported weight.

Hence, the higher the load you are carrying, the lower the top speed attainable. Also, beware of a quicker rate of battery depletion due to heavy loads as well.

UI Certification

The Teamgee H5 electric skateboard is certified highly, thereby legitimizing its claim to superiority among premium skateboards.

Based on its adherence to exceptionally high standards in both production and performance, as well as its trusted reliability and ultra-thin sleek design, this wheeled e-board carries the highly-rated E503354 UI certification.

Therefore, when you buy this specific hardware, you can rest assured of owning a gadget of the highest quality.

Remote Control

Accompanying your newly purchased electric skateboard is a brand new rechargeable Teamgee H5 Seahorse remote controller. Of all the remotes around, you will never get better value for your money than the H5 Seahorse.

Unlike most other similar gadgets that come with a joystick controller, your H5 version possesses an ergonomic structure with a roller control design.

The rechargeable port is located at the bottom edge of the appliance for a quick connection to a power adapter whenever you need it.

Besides, the remote control panel features an LED indicator that alerts you on the charge status too.

Other indicators that you may find useful on the seahorse panel include an LCD for speed, battery status, and direction, as well as a flashlight for your use in the dark or low visibility.

Stable Wheels

The H5 electric skateboard is equipped for your stability courtesy of a firm set of polyurethane wheels that offer a firm friction grip on the gravel, tarmac, or asphalt track.

This proper stability is especially crucial for your maneuverability during stunt performances or when you are cruising at high speed down an uneven surface.


Teamgee H5 Review - Pros, Cons, & Performance 2


The Teamgee H5 electric skateboard usually leaves the production plant with a factory setting of 20 miles per hour for maximum speed, provided you do not subject it to any undue extra weight.

By maintaining a maximum load-carrying capacity of 220 lbs, you can still readily attain the top speed.


It would help if you kept in mind that although its set speed limit is 20 mph, this electric skateboard can cover a remarkable range of 18 km (11 miles).

This incredible scope equates to an average of just under 30 minutes of non-stop riding at the speed limit.


As elucidated earlier, this Teamgee H5 board draws its power from an inbuilt lightweight lithium-ion battery. This battery is very reliable as long as you avoid any undue exposure to overweight operations.

This power source should serve you for as much mileage at optimum usage as it takes to cover the set range.


Teamgee H5 Review - Pros, Cons, & Performance 3

Finally, you must have realized that the H5 model is undoubtedly more than an entry-level scooter from the preceding review. As pledged in the introductory phase:

  • This gear is not limited to professional skateboarders only. Whether you are a beginner or a mere enthusiast, the H5 is a great stepping stone on which you could learn the sport.
  • By opting for the H5 model, you are assured of a premium and reliable product. Its UI certification further lends a boost of confidence in the brand.

After considering all the features, pros, and cons satisfactorily, you can click here for a chance to own your Teamgee H5 electric skateboard.

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