Simple Easy To Follow DIY Surfboard Bike Rack Guide!

Surfboard Bike Rack

Bicycles have been around for a long time and they are not going anywhere.

Even with all the technology, bicycles enjoy a lot of popularity because of their health benefits and convenience. Bikes, however, don’t allow you to travel with a lot of baggage.

Especially with large items like a surfboard. A good bike rack can help you with that and we’ll see how you can make one in your home.

Why Do I Need a Surfboard Bike Rack?

The answer is simple. It’s because bikes are inherently compact and don’t have as much carrying capacity.

Many people prefer using their bikes for shorter distances because of various reasons.

It can be anything from the desire for a healthier lifestyle to playing a part in saving the environment. Whatever your reasons are, the limited carrying capacity on bikes may force you to take the car out.

A surfboard bike rack helps you circumvent that issue by increasing the carrying capacity of your bike.

Surfboards are not that heavy so you won’t have an issue with balancing the bike as well. Many experienced riders even manage to handle heavier items on their bikes as well.

The challenge is to manage unusual or bulky shapes, which a bike rack can easily do.  

The Process: Making a Surfboard Bike Rack at Home

If you look in the market, you’ll find several pre-made bike racks you can use for your surfboards. However, we always recommend that you make your own.

It’ll be at a fraction of a cost and you can design it according to your preference.

Universal parts often cause trouble for some people because they restrict your movement and negatively affect the riding experience.

Moreover, the process of making a DIY skateboard bike rack is pretty straightforward. So, making one yourself is the smarter choice.

The first thing you need to do is to choose the material. We recommend using PVC because it’s lightweight and doesn’t need any specialized equipment.

All you need are simple tools that you probably have in your garage. Another thing that makes PVC a great choice is its availability and price.

PVC pipes are quite affordable, so you can easily buy new ones even if you mess up on the first go.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the things you’ll need:

Measure Pipes

Once you’ve collected all the materials, start with cutting the PVC T-joints vertically so that pipe gets attached to the bike frame.

If available, use sandpaper to improve the finishing and ensure if the T-Joint is securely attached to the frame.

The next step is to extend the distance of your rack from the frame. The process is simple! The PVC T-Joint you use will allow you to extend the pipe as much as you want.

Cut Pipes

Simple Easy To Follow DIY Surfboard Bike Rack Guide! 1

Once you’ve decided the length, cut the pipes and attach everything to check if it disrupts your ride or not. Once you are sure that the ride remains unaffected, proceed to the next step of permanently joining the pipes together.

Joining Piping Together

As far as the design is concerned, the surfboard bike rack is supposed to be a u-shaped stand that can hold your surfboard securely to the side of the bike.

You’ll have to use a combination of 900 L-Joints and straight pipes to create the shape. Once you are done, simply secure everything with glue and wait for it to set.

You are done with almost all the work now. That’s awesome!

Drill In The Holes

Now you’ll have to use your drill to make a few holes for your bungee cords. The surfboard bike rack might not secure the board snugly, so you’ll need the bungee cords to ensure that it doesn’t fall off during the trip.

Cover Piping with Insulation

Simple Easy To Follow DIY Surfboard Bike Rack Guide! 2

Finally, the last step is to cover everything with the pipe insulation material.

This will serve two purposes. Firstly, the insulation foam will give your surfboard bike rack a premium look and hide all the joints and PVCs. Aesthetics is an essential element and you can’t deny this appeal.

The other reason behind recommending pipe insulation is more functional in nature. The foam will act as excellent padding and will minimize the chances of other minor paint damages if you hit a car.

Riding around with a rack sticking to the side of your bike would need some time to get used to.

This means that you might hit people or cars and additional padding can help you avoid the liability by minimizing damage.

Is PVC the only material I can use for my bike rack?

PVC is the most recommended material because it’s easier to handle and doesn’t weigh much.

However, it’s not the only choice. There are multiple racks in the market made from different materials like Aluminum, Alloys, or any other form of plastic.

You can make an effective rack with all of these items, but the difference in weights would obviously make it harder for you to control the bike properly.

Can I carry anything other than a surfboard on a bike rack?

Definitely. What you can carry on the rack depends on the shape of the object, its weight, and your rack’s material type.

Surfboard bike racks, for instance, are designed for long and bulky objects. However, some people have reported using them for other items like stairs.

Since this is a DIY bike rack, you can also modify the design to better suit your needs and the item you want to carry.

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