Super 73 Electric Bike Review! The Number One E-Bike Of Vloggers

super 73 electric bike review

If nothing else in the traditional e-bike market appeals to you then perhaps the SUPER 73 will. The super 73 looks nothing like a traditional electric bike.

Sporting a minimalist design yet at the same time it fills a bit eccentric.

From afar the SUPER 73 has a style of an old school motorcycle whose insides have been gutted out.

Leaving behind a bare-bone frame. This electric bike will be turning heads left and right as you zoom down the road.

A little history about the SUPER 73; the SUPER 73 is made by a company called Lithium Cycles. Lithium Cycles launched the SUPER 73 on kick starter in 2016.

Gaining traction among entry-level electric bike enthusiasts soon after. You may have spotted the SUPER 73 in a YouTube video.

Often Lithium Cycles partners up with YouTube vloggers. Providing giveaways or reviews of SUPER 73.

There are few different models of the SUPER 73, for this review will be focusing on SUPER 73-Z1. The SUPER 73-Z1 is the newest entry to the Lithium Cycles line of electric bikes. Z1 is the predecessor to S1 model.

SUPER 73-Z1 Specs, Pros, & Cons

Super 73-Z1
  • Powerful 500-watt rear hub motor in a smaller package.
  • Speeds of up to 20mph and slick fat tires 20" x 4.25"
  • Battery range between 15-25 miles, depending on the riders weight, terrain, incline, and etc.
  • Throttle drive or Pedal Only
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes that any bike shop can easily service.
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Electric bikes are more than just their looks. You’ll find the features to be the most important factor when deciding on an electric bike. Besides the coolness, you’ll feel when showing it off to your friends, it also has some really nice specs.

The raw power emitted from the flick of the throttle will have you flying. The SUPER 73-Z1 sports 500W rear hub motor riding in at a top speed of 20mph.

It also includes a 36v non-removable battery. It can drive over most terrains but performs best on the street.

Equipped with large versatile sleek tires, and a sturdy frame. The new handlebar and fork design allow riders to turn sharp corners smoothly.

SUPER73 Z1 has a compact frame, perfect for smaller riders. It’s minimalistic look also translates to its weight.

When compared to the S1 the Z1 is lighter. The bike also has a maximum rider weight of 200lbs.

So, it isn’t meant for riders who are more on the heavier side. Featuring a battery line indicator.

The battery line indicator is a color light signal that indicates your battery level.

  • Speed: 20mph
  • Motor: 500-watt nominal, 1000-watt peak motor
  • Range: 15-25 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, etc.
  • Tires: 20″ x 4.25″ Slick
  • Max Rider Weight: 275lbs
  • Drive System: Throttle only (no pedal assist)

Pros To Consider

Pros To Consider

One of the biggest pros about the SUPER Z1 is it comes pre-assembled. The handlebar and pedals need to be installed.

Also, the breaks may need to be adjusted but that’s it. We love the design as it doesn’t look like your traditional electric bike.

The team at Lithium Cycles has done a great job integrated major parts of the bike.

The battery, for example, is hidden under the seat and no motors or cords are overtly protruding out.

Making for a sleek and minimalistic look. Many riders were impressed by the build and quality. You can tell the designers had taken inspiration from older style Harley Davidson’s.

Also, Super 73-Z1 is a low rider, so your seat position is lower to the ground. This compact build means it fits well with smaller riders. Also, SUPER 73 seat offers lots of options for positioning.

You can alter your position based on the riding style. For example, your seating position will change when your pedaling versus cruising.

The SUPER 73-Z1 will perform well for entry-level riders as it has simplistic controls.

There is one riding mode, the mode is activated from the flick of the throttle. The throttle will activate the motor and the electric will propel forward.

The fat tire is another pro as riders can easily handle all street terrain. Jumping off curbs or going down a flight of stairs should be no problem. The fat tires do an awesome job of absorbing the shock. You’ll enjoy the range and the top speed.

Cons To Consider

As with any electric bike you’ll see us review there always cons to consider. The first con is the non-removable battery.

After a long day, it would be nice to remove the battery and charge it inside your home. Instead, the entire electric bike will need to be brought to the nearest outlet for charging.

The lack of pedal-assist may be a con for some. From a stopped position the SUPER 73-Z1 can be hard to pedal. While your weight will impact your cycling effort.

The added weight from the battery and motor doesn’t help. Another con is the seat position. We mentioned in the pro section, SUPER 73-Z1 is a low rider.

Tall cyclists may feel uncomfortable. As their knees will be hiked up beyond the handlebars.

Although the SUPER 73 has fat tires and absorbs shock well. The fat tires can handle most types of street terrain but lack true suspension.

Riders will feel all the bumps and dents on the road during a long ride.

Also, the range isn’t fantastic but it’s good enough for you through shorter commutes. The manufacture range is 15-25 miles. But depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, incline, and etc this can vary.

SUPER 73-Z1 has a minimalist design and looks a bit eccentric. That is huge pro for those that want an e-bike that is different.

This eccentric look can also put your bike at a higher risk for theft. Electric bike theft is on the rise in major cities. The SUPER 73 value is put on display everywhere you go.

Is The Super 73 Worth It?

We think the SUPER 73 is worth it, but it’s not for everyone. Overall, the decision you make should be dependent on your riding style and budget.

This model is less expensive when compared to its predecessor the SUPER 73-S1. Yet, the current listing price isn’t cheap and can be quite an investment for cost conscientious riders.

The Powerful 500-watt rear hub motor is an upgrade. This allows you to maintain top speeds up to 20mph, but over time the battery isn’t a consistent performer.

This is common amongst many electric bikes as they age.

For those that are looking for a dedicated commuter, that will take you to work and back the super 73-Z1 is suitable.

The Super 73-Z1 is an entry-level minimalistic bike. It’s a great e-bike but this is more of a casual cruiser than a distance commuter.

How Is The SUPER 73-Z1 Going Uphill Or Downhill

Super 73 Electric Bike Review! The Number One E-Bike Of Vloggers 1

First off, anything going downhill has enough potential energy to propel the rider forward without pedaling.

This no different for SUPER 73-Z1, it will easily go downhill due to the sheer force of gravity. So, we know the SUPER 73-Z1 performs well going downhill, but what about uphill?

On a full charge, it does perform well. A simple flick of the throttle will have you crushing most hills.

The performance can vary for steeper hills. In some cases, requiring riders to pedal to keep the motor at speed.

So, riding up hills will be a lot slower. Approaching more hills in abundance will result in an increase of strenuous pedaling.

Overall, the SUPER 73-Z1 is fantastic going up medium and higher-grade hills.

Concerned About Compliance

In most Major cities electric bikes with a throttle are allowed. These laws do vary. For example, currently, NYC does not allow e-bikes with throttle only pedal assist.

So, the SUPER 73-Z1 would not be allowed in a city like New York. However, laws are changing every day. The black and white lines are now becoming grayer.

Always make sure that you are following the laws to the best of your ability.

You can’t really go wrong with riding your e-bike on the road. As long as you follow all the necessary road rules.

Also, there isn’t a requirement to have a license, but the rider does have to be over the age of 16.

Warning: The information presented in this section is subject to change.

SUPER 73-Z1 Versus S1

Super 73 Z1 Versus S1

The most glaring difference between the Z1 and S1 Models deals with the design. The Z1 has a more simplistic design. For example, the non-removable 36v battery on the Z1 is mounted below the seat.

As opposed to the S1 which has a removable 48v battery mounted on top of the seat. The battery power on the Z1 is less powerful.

Which is important as this will affect its overall range when compared to the S1. There are a few more spots where the Z1 falls short. In other areas like top speed or portability.

The shortcomings in key areas are the sacrifice Lithium Cycles had to make in order to compete. In comparison to other budget-friendly e-bikes out on the market, it performs better.

Super 73 Z1 Astro Orange
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The SUPER 73-Z1 is a great electric bike to ride. You’ll be grinning from cheek to cheek as you zoom through the roads.

The relaxed seating position and lower overall stance of the Super73 are perfect for an enjoyable stroll.

It’s great for commuting but its practicality leaves some concerns for dedicated transport to and from work.

If you need to run to Costco or hit a quick errand then this electric bike is a win-win. It’s the coolest, most fun way to get around town. Use it on weekends afternoon and just go!

Can electric bikes go up hills? This is a question many e-bike users or those who want to own e-bikes in the future keep asking. The answer is yes! Electric bikes can climb up hills just like traditional bikes.

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