Segway Ninebot Max Review – 18.6 MPH Of Pure Fun

Segway Ninebot Max

In this Segway Ninebot Max Review, we are going to talk about this popular and powerful scooter that has got tongues wagging in the automobile World.

For some people who have not ridden the scooter before or read about it, this scooter might be average!!

Hence, the review will shed a lot of light on if the Segway Ninebot Max electric scooter is worth the hype or not!!!

So, let’s unravel the amazing scooter!!!

Overview of key Ninebot Max Features

It is unarguably true that the Segway Ninebot Max is one amazing electric scooter that you would be proud to own. And the Segway Ninebot Max scooter didn’t bag that hype simply because it is an electric scooter, but because it has some features that make riding it so much fun!!

Featuring powerful, expandable, self-healing, 10-inch pneumatic air-filled tires and 350W motor power, this scooter offers its rider a sweet and thrilling riding experience with a top speed rate of 31kmh.

Although the Segway Ninebot Max is not your ideal electric scooter when it comes to style and appearance, but who cares for style and looks when its performance is topnotch with a top range of 65 km.

There is also the unique bell feature that makes the Segway Ninebot max noticeable with its loud bringing even on the busiest of roads!!!

Segway Ninebot Max Review on the following categories

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When it comes to performance, we’d like to say that the performance level of this scooter is above average!!  Not only is riding on this scooter a smooth one, but this electric scooter also boasts of covering long distances!

Not to forget the Kick-to-start feature that helps to mitigate instant acceleration when the scooter is set in motion, and for this, we would say that this electric scooter brand ticks our box for safety!!

Another feature that helped to add a feather to the performance of the Segway Ninebot Max product is its braking feature. The braking feature is excellent, and this is all thanks to the dual brakes (rear regenerative brake and front mechanical drum brake) that it possesses.

This electric scooter has been tested and confirmed to have a strong braking system that gets activated at a short distance of about 3.4 meters.

Hill Climbing capability

The Segway Ninebot Max scooter has an amazing hill-climbing ability!! This is something that has been tested and tested over and over to confirm that this scooter can go as high as 20 degrees on hills at a speed of about 13 kmh in 16 seconds!!

Top Speed

Well!! The Segway Ninebot Max is not a scooter that is known to give super-fast speed.

Although this might sound like a disappointment to fans of Superfast scooters, we don’t think that those Ninebot Max is doing bad at a Max speed of 55 mph for riders who are not auditioning for the next Fast and Furious Movie.


At 65 km on a Max battery charge, the Segway Ninebot max has a pretty amazing range!! Contrary to other electric scooters, you can go on long rides with this product without having to worry about charging your 551W battery at all times!!


Weighing 41. 2 lbs in size, this Segway Ninebot kickscooter max is a bit on the big side, and it’s not something that you can carry around conveniently except you fold it from a 116.5x47cmx120cm dimension into a 116.5x47x53 cm dimension using its impressive folding stem feature that works in just 3 seconds!!

And the best part is that with such a weight, a 7 by 12-inch deck, and rider weight of 220 lbs, this scooter is very comfortable and spacious!!

Did we forget to mention that the deck features an anti-slip system that gives riders control and balances while riding on bumpy terrains?


We have to give the Segway Ninebot max a thumbs up for its tires. Featuring unique, self-healing,  pneumatic 10-inch tires, these tires can survive against bumps, punctures, and nicks without getting destroyed.

Charging time/Battery

Featuring an inbuilt charger, the Segway Ninebot kickscooter max charges to a full in about 6 hours. But this is not the best part, the best part is that this charger features a standard IEC 320 C5 power connector that can work with any cable!!

And when fully charged, the 551W lithium battery in this product can last for 5 days if your commute is short rides! So it has a pretty good battery management system.

Build Quality

When we talk about the build quality of the Segway Ninebot kickscooter max, we can boast that the build quality is beyond outstanding not with its overall sturdy construction.

Hence, don’t be surprised if you have your Segway Ninebot Max around in good shape for a very long time!!

Besides, the Ninebot MAX electric scooter features an IPX-5 rating for being a water-resisting electric scooter. No matter the heaviness of the rain or the amount of moisture that the scooter rides through, you can rest assured that your scooter will come out perfectly okay!

How’s the ride?

Although the Segway Ninebot kickscooter Max doesn’t feature a suspension, this doesn’t stop the thick handlebars and thumb throttle from giving you a smooth and comfortable ride than other scooters.

Asides from this, this Ninebot MAX scooter is durable and strong, and as such, you can enjoy a quality and leisurely ride while you go at a decent speed.

Not to forget to mention that the product features a cockpit with a LED display where you can see different information like battery power, speed, range, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can the Ninebot kickscooter Max go?

If you are not a rider that loves to leave huge clouds of dust and gasps in your wake when you ride by, then the Segway Ninebot kickscooter Max is suitable for you and your riding needs.

This is because the Ninebot max scooter cannot go as fast as the sound of light as its top speed is just 31 kmh, and which is a decent degree of swiftness if you ask.

In all, this scooter can’t go faster than its top speed of 31 kmh.

Is Segway Ninebot Max waterproof?

Featuring an IPX5 water resistance rating, it is safe to say that the Segway Ninebot Max scooter can stand its own against a decent amount of rain/moisture.

The Ninebot kickscooter max can survive through a fair amount of rainstorm/moderate shallow water puddles with both the outer and core components intact (the core components of the scooter features an IPX7 water-resistant rating).

However, a total submerging of the Ninebot max scooter into a huge amount of water can affect the scooter,  both outwardly/inwardly, and cause you and your scooter to get to a repairer’s shed if care is not taken!!

Conclusion: Is the Ninebot max worth it?

This is one question that we get from a lot of people always, and the answer that we always give is that the Segway Ninebot Max electric scooter is worth it!

How can it not be worth the hype when this scooter is water-resistant, is durable and sturdy, and it features an amazing range, decent top speed, impressive 10-inch pneumatic tires, cool LED display/led light, and excellent battery/motor power?

And to crown it all, this Ninebot max scooter has some unique features such as the Segway Ninebot app that you can’t find in other scooters!

What more can a rider possibly ask for?

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