Segway Ninebot F40 vs Segway Ninebot Max: Who will win?

Segway Ninebot F40 vs Segway Ninebot Max

Electric scooters have been all the craze these days. A staple within the PEV industry, having an electric kick scooter at hand is worth all the trouble of getting it.

However, navigating in this highly competitive market can become difficult. The increasing roster of products by a single brand further complicates things. 

One of the most prominent brands for electric kick scooters has been Segway. We’ll be taking a detailed look at the brand’s two most popular products. 

Is Segway Any Good? 

Even if you’re stepping into the world of personal electric vehicles, you must have undoubtedly heard the name Segway. 

Famous for their premium and popular self-balancing vehicles, Segway also provides an incredible list of electric kick scooters to choose from.

Their products are frequently listed in top favorites of most tech blogs and there’s well-established goodwill associated with the Segway name. 

Segway is a premium brand that also offers a variety of decent and affordable products at a lower price range.

With impressive and innovative products, Segway consistently pushes the envelope of what can be accomplished in the world of personal transportation. 

Everything You Need to Know About Segway Ninebot

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Ninebot F40 is an affordable electric kick scooter from Segway. 

It comes with everything that you can ask for, packed in a brilliant and sleek design that is bound to make you stand out wherever you go.

It’s fast, fashionable, functional, and best of all, fun. It’s exactly the sort of mid-tier, low-cost, e-scooter that was missing in the market. What more could you ask? 


  • Top speed: 18.6 mph 
  • Range: 24.9 miles
  • Battery: 367 Wh
  • Charge time: 6.5 hours
  • Slope: 20%

The Design

The Segway Ninebot is incredible to look at. The sleek steel frame includes strategic metal parts that upgrade its look to something special.

The bright orange accents provide an aesthetic contrast from the matte gray finish on the frame. The included footboard isn’t just an aesthetic choice but rather, the thick padding improves riding comfort and reduces the vibrations you feel. 

The strategically placed digital display also lets you quickly assess important information at a glance. 

Top Speed 

F40 is fast. You’ll be whizzing through the town on the electric scooter with it. The mobility the device offers is exceptional within its price range.

Equipped with a 350W powerful motor, Ninebot F40 can reach an incredible speed of 18 mph on a single charge.

Moreover, the brushless direct current motor manages to provide an exceptionally smooth ride. 


An electric scooter such as a Segway Ninebot can easily be enjoyed for recreational activities and a fun cruise down the suburbs.

But with a range of almost 24.9 miles on a single charge, you can easily use it for daily commutes to your office, college, or schools to reach there and back if you live within 25 mins. 

Riding experience

Ninebot F40 is a beast when it comes to performance. The ride is smooth and fast, with minimum vibrations, courtesy of its incredible 10” large wheels.

It provides you with a rock-solid grip and the confidence to travel at a high speed, with quick or sharp turns without worry. Moreover, you can easily use the Segway Ninebot even if it rains.

You don’t have to worry about skids or sideslips. Best of all, even if you live in a hilly area, Ninebot F40 comes with the ability to climb a 20% incline for an easier commute. 

Segway Ninebot electric scooter also comes with 3 riding modes. 

  • Eco Mode: To squeeze more miles out of the electric scooter with a max speed of 9.3 mph.
  • Standard Mode: An excellent overall performance mode with appropriate speed and range 
  • Sport mode: More focus on power with faster climbing ability

Segway Ninebot Max: The best of what Segway offers

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Seeing Ninebot max on a list of the best electric scooters is a common sight. It might even be fair to say that any list which doesn’t mention or recommend Segway Ninebot Max is incomplete.

Unmatched top speed, powerful battery, regenerative braking system, and an excellent design. The Ninbot Max has it all. 

Segway Ninebot max is the ideal choice for anyone who’s looking for a reliable, and powerful daily commuter to use. The best part about this incredible scooter is its impressive range and top speed. 


  • Top speed: 18.6 mph 
  • Range: 40.4 miles
  • Battery: 551 Wh
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Slope: 20%

Build Quality and Design 

Ninebot Max supports a sleek, black finish that gives it an extremely modern and smart look. Not only is the electric scooter incredible to look at, but it also provides a smooth riding experience thanks to its 10” inch self-healing tires. 

The self-healing wheels are an ideal feature to have as you’ll most likely be taking the scooter for long commutes and inevitably exposing it to various elements. 

This electric scooter is built to last. Ninebot Max frame is sturdy and durable, designed to give you full control of the vehicle at a high speed. 

Best of all, Ninebot Max comes equipped with a spacious deck. You can comfortably stand in any riding position throughout the ride. For more comfort, it even comes equipped with an anti-slip design for extra grip.

Speed and range 

Ninebot Max has a top speed of 18.6 mph. It may not seem like much, but for an electric scooter designed to work as a daily commuter, it is fast.

Unless you’re a thrill-seeker, the top speed of Ninebot is enough to satisfy most commuters. Moreover, with the capability to climb an incline of 20%, Ninebot offers exceptional mobility. 

This mobility is paired with an exceptional mileage of 40 miles on a single charge.

Its massive 551W battery allows you to seamlessly use the Segway Ninebot Max on long cruises and depending on how close you live to your office or school, you can easily ride there and back without facing any problems.


Ninebot Max provides an all-encompassing package. With several additional features such as multiple riding modes, an intuitive LED dashboard, and an IPX5 water resistance, the electric kick scooter manages to deliver a fun, engaging, and functional riding experience. 

Max even features a regenerative braking system to give you a much-appreciated boost when needed. 

The electric scooter is engineered to ensure a smooth ride which gives you full control even on wet or slippery roads.

It can even be used for some light riding on uneven surfaces, as it’s designed to ensure maximum control and stability despite not having suspension. 

Its robust, protected, and responsive braking also ensures that you stop exactly when you want or need to. 

Ninebot F40 vs Ninebot Max: Who Wins? 

It would be easy to declare Ninebot Max as the clear winner when it comes to features and performance. But that would be discounting the fact that F40 is far more affordable than the former. 

At the lower price, F40 comprises many similar features from the Ninebot Max which isn’t surprising as both products fall under the umbrella of Segway.

These features include Bluetooth and app compatibility, similar speed and motor, a smart battery management system, and more. 

Similarly, both of the products deliver far more than what their alternatives promise to at a similar price range and are well worth every dollar spent. 

The Final Verdict 

It all comes down to your budget and needs. If you’re operating with a limited budget, then the Ninebot F40 is a better choice.

But if you can spare some more cash, then the Ninebot Max is the way to go.

Not only does Max come with almost all the features that F40 offers but it also has several new ones including regenerative braking to compensate for its higher price.

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