Revel Kit Bolt-On Review – Detachable DIY SkateBoard

Revel Kit Bolt-On Review - Detachable DIY SkateBoard 1

DIY electric boards are now the order of the day because this mini electric skateboard helps humans commute from one place to another without having to worry about fuel or environmental combustion.

Moving it a step further, DIY electric board kits manufacturers now decide to bring on detachable electric skateboards on board.

The evolution from readymade electric skateboards to electric skateboard kits is more than a welcome development as it gives riders the liberty to personalize, customize, and interact with their electric skateboard seamlessly.

Hence, we understand that you want to drive E-boards, and you are here to read the review revel Kit Bolt-On electric skateboard before you buy it, and this is why we have put together a detailed review of this Bolt-On rideable for you below.

Why is this electric skateboard Kit different from others?

You might indeed have come across and seen different types of electric skateboard kits in your search for getting the best electric skateboard, and you might be wondering why you want to drive the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard when there are other brands to drive.

Unlike other kits, the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard is easy to put together in the twinkling of an eye without any mechanical knowledge or prowess.

This means that all the complicated and tedious works of coupling an electric skateboard have been sorted by the brand already. So, you don’t get to sweat anything!!!

Also, the DIY Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard comes with virtually every single thing that you want. This is what makes it suitable for anyone who likes to purchase an electric skateboard kit.

You can set it up immediately, and start riding without purchasing any additional kit item except a deck of course.

One more point is that you can reverse-skate on the Revel Board Kit, and this is not something you get with a lot of kits out there!!!

Asides from this, one other edge that this brand has over other kits is the fact that you can ride the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard at any time of the day, most especially at night.

This is a huge edge that the brand has over other e-board brands.

The battery feature of the Revel kit is another thing that the brand boasts about. This brand doesn’t just run with a single battery option, but 2 different battery options that help to make sure that you don’t run out of battery!!!

In the same vein, the brand boasts of a fast battery charge time, as you can get one full charge in just 2 hours!!!

There are various edges that this one brand has over other skateboard kits in the market right now.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, let’s get on the review so that you can read about other great privileges and benefits that Revel boards have over other kits.

What to expect from Revel Boards Kit

First off, you should expect to see a fully kitted skateboard that doesn’t get to run on anything except other than electricity, no fuel, no gas, just electricity!

Also, Revel Boards Kit promises to be that e-board that can navigate through any type of terrain; dusty or wet, without getting damaged or ruined. This means that you are looking at a waterproof cum dust-proof e-board that you can navigate anywhere.

Not to forget to mention that with the Revel Boards Kit, there is no limit to how far you can ride on the skateboard!! With the skateboard covering as much as 23km in range and 45kmh in top speed, you can drive a long-distance with this great skateboard!!

Another great thing that you should expect from the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard is its 4WD feature!! With this feature, you can attach two different Revel Kits on a single board!!!

Can you imagine that??!! We bet that you can’t imagine it because Revel Boards Kit is the only DIY electric board that can boast of this great feature presently!!!

Finally, another grand feature that you should expect from this product is that unlike other brands, the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard charges full in just 2 hours and comes with two types of batteries (the standard and extended range).

The standard range of the battery option runs at 144wh, while the extended range runs at 216wh. These ranges make it easy for you to never run out of power as you can easily swap the batteries anywhere and anytime!!!

Overview of Key Features Revel Skateboard kit

Now, coming to the real business of the day, let’s go into a detailed review or overview of the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard, shall we?

The Revel Boards kit is being tagged as one of the best things to have happened to e-board skating, and this is not only because it is a Bolt-On Electric Kit Skateboard.

Of course, there are a lot of electric skateboards out there, but there are very unique key features that are specifically particular to the Revel Boards Kit, and we will be shedding more light here.

First off, one great feature of this E-board that got us all going “wow” in admiration is its Direct drive feature. This feature means that the motor is fastened directly on the face of the deck and not in the wheels.

And what this does is that it avails boarders the opportunity to attach any kind of wheels on the e-board.

If you like or have purchased any wheel with a size ranging from 85mm diameter to 120mm diameter, best believe that your Revel Kit drive motors can work with the wheel just fine without any mechanical complications!!!

Another amazing feature of the Revel Boards Kit is its 4WD Wheels feature. This great feature means that all the 4 wheels on the Revel Boards Kit work at the same time!!!

Should you like to attach two kits simultaneously to your deck, you get the 4WD feature. All 4 wheels can be controlled by the Slider switch Revel remote to work together.

It works in such a way that these wheels can overrun one another. The fastest wheel can take over from the least fast wheel.

Also, the 4WD feature helps to aid simultaneous rotation, smooth/swift maneuvering, and linear stability while skating in motion without the fear of falling over or sudden stop of the electric skateboard.

With this feature also, you can have a strong grip while you ride along different unparalleled terrain, such as slippery and hilly terrains.

 Besides, one of the best parts of the Revel Boards Kit is that all you need to get your kit assembled to drive are just 4 Screws like your everyday bolts!!!

 Not to mean that you attach 4 Screws and start skating, not at all (lol). What it means is that all you need is 4 Screws to attach the parts of the kit!!

You don’t have to sweat it or get some mechanic to help you put the kit together. Once you have the setup manual (which comes with the kit, fortunately), you get your kit assembled in a few seconds with only 4 Screws and no more!!!

Also, this brand works on dual hub motors which help the skateboard ride freely with little or no resistance.

Asides from all these above-mentioned features, another important feature is the battery options of the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard.

Unlike other electric skateboards, this brand features not one but two different range of battery options for the skateboard.

The first battery option is the 144wh/4000mAh, which is the Standard range battery and which works at 6 10 miles/ 1

The second battery option is the 216wh/6000mAh, which is the extended range battery, and which works at 10 15 miles 16 km – 24km.

Alongside all of these, Revel Kit’s customer service experience is great and amazing. The customer service representatives are always ready to solve any problems and answer any questions that you might have to solve or ask.

The icing on the big buttery cake for the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard is its Regenerative braking feature.

 Well, for those who know a lot about skateboard acceleration and braking techniques, you’d agree with us that this is one of the best braking techniques in the history of electric skateboards.

For those who have no idea, the Regenerative Braking technique is an energy recovery technique that doesn’t only aid smooth acceleration and braking, but also helps to charge up your battery as your electric skateboard slows down to a stop.

What comes with the Revel kit?

Revel Kit Bolt-On Review - Detachable DIY SkateBoard 2

As earlier stated, all you need to set up your Revel DIY kit electric skateboard is all that you get when you order the DIY kit electric skateboard.

You don’t need to worry about getting any extra part or attachment item, as all you need has been included with the Revel Kit in the Revel Kit box.

Therefore, you would find the following items alongside the Revel Kit in the box:

  • Remote charging cable
  • Swappable lithium-ion battery
  • Remote control
  • Shock pad
  • Skate tool
  • Battery charging dock
  • 4 x 90mm black wheels (standard)
  • Battery charging adapter
  • Abec 11 & Orangatang wheel adapters
  • Installation hardware
  • Front truck
  • Deck screws

Installation process

One of the best parts of this DIY electric skateboard is its easy-to-install feature just like we have been talking about from the get-go of this article.

To install this board, all you need to do is to screw the kit’s trucks to any standard longboard wheels with the aforementioned 4 screws.

Hold on!! Are you waiting for another installation process?

No, it is just that above process, and you are good to ride around!!! Therefore, you don’t need to watch a video teaching you how to install it and neither do you have to make any modifications on the item, with the kit built into the kit’s truck already, the installation gets easier with that simple step.

Should in case, you find anything you don’t understand, make sure to reach out to Revel Kits customer service!!

Can The Revel kit fit any skateboard deck?

When a lot of Revel Kits users first saw their boxes without a skateboard deck, a lot of them were skeptical of how they were supposed to work it without a deck from the manufacturer.

Considering that versatility and customization are some of the key things that set the DIY Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard apart from the other brands out there.

It’s no wonder that the Revel Kit is suitable to work with any standard skateboard deck you can get your hands on

And we figure that this is why the Revel Electric Kit didn’t come with its skateboard deck, as this would allow skaters to put their creative skills into work, and customize/design their skateboards to suit their creative styles.

And this is the reason why the Revel Kit features a unique Direct Drive option in its mechanism. This Direct Drive feature aims to make sure that no matter the skateboard deck that it is attached to, the skateboard works perfectly!!

Hence, in answering your question of if the Revel Bolt-On Electric Skateboard Kit can work with any type and design of skateboard deck, the answer is a resounding Yes!! The Revel Kit is suitable to work with any deck you attach it to!

So, go on and purchase any longboard wheels you love and watch it match the Revel Kit seamlessly without any modification!!

Revel Kit Specs

  • Battery: 144wh/4000mAh and  216wh/6000mAh swappable batteries
  • Motor:  1100W Dual brushless motors and hub motors
  • Remote Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Wheels: 90mm diameter
  • Top speed: speed 28 mph 45
  • Standard Range: 10 – 16km / 6 miles – 10 miles
  • Extended Range: 16- 25km / 10 miles – 15 miles
  •  Weight: Drive weight 11 lbs 5 kg
  • Hill climb gradient: 20%
  • IP Rating: IP 54 water and dust resistance
  • Max load: It is tested to carry 264 lbs 120 kg
  • Truck Width: 280mm/ 11”
  • Battery Charge Time: 2 hours

Look, feel, Remote, How does it ride?

In looks, the Revel Kit is not a knight in shining armor, as it doesn’t have that shiny or colorful look to it.

Although the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard looks and feels strong and sturdy, it is just a dull grey/ash-colored looking piece of steel.

The Revel kit isn’t about attractive looks, the Revel team created an electric skateboard kit that works perfectly.

And this is why they channeled their skills and expertise to more things like speed, battery range options (the standard range and extended range), and range.

Having a skateboard with a wheel of  90mm diameter size says it all. With such a huge and full-thickness wheel, best believe that the Revel Kit will offer you a quality and smooth ride any day, any time, and on any type of terrain.

Although most video reviews say the Revel Kit is designed for the Street Terrain, the wheels of the kit say “we can do more than the streets”, and this is why a lot of riders who review this brand say that their Revel Kit can drive through hills and wet terrain!!!

The Revel Kit features a remote control system, and this remote can be paired with a Bluetooth connection.

This means that you operate the wheels by controlling them with a Slider switch remote controller that comes in the kit box. This makes it easy to skate around without the stress of controlling the skateboard manually.

In summary, the Revel Kit rides up smoothly, seamlessly, and nicely,  most especially with its massive wheel capacity, the kit’s specs top speed of 28 mph, a swappable battery range options (the standard range and extended range), and strong braking system.

Revel Kit Pros & Cons


  1. It features a swappable battery that gives you a great riding range, and that you can easily swap on the go! Also, the swappable battery has two options: the standard range and the extended range.
  2. You could ride reverse-style on this kit.
  3. The kit is built and designed to give riders an optimum and quality skating experience.
  4. With its 1P 54 ratings, the reliability and mobility of this kit transcend varying weather conditions. It is mostly suitable for a hill climb.
  5. The kit spec’s top speed goes as far as 45km.
  6. The brand has an amazing customer service experience!!
  7. This brand runs on both dual hub motors.
  8. It is water and dust-resistant.


  1. It is quite expensive compared to other electric skateboards.
  2. For some users, the absence of a Revel skateboard deck in the box is a no-no. While most of us don’t mind this, some users see it as a con.
  3. For users who would like to use a mobile app alongside this product, there is none available for now.

In conclusion, is this kit a game-changer?

Revel Kit Bolt-On Review - Detachable DIY SkateBoard 3

Well, after all that has been said, you can’t but agree with us that regardless of the price of the Revel Kit Bolt-On Electric Skateboard, it is an item that you and every skateboard lover out there would love to ride on!

Imagine, a skateboard that you can attach lights on and ride on at night!!

Imagine, the fun and pleasure of being able to skate both in the day and at night too!! Just imagine an electric board that you can take for a hill climb easily?!

Asides from that, having a skateboard kit that features two battery options (standard range and extended range) is a huge blessing for you as a skateboarder.

The battery feature of the Revel kit is amazing, such that you don’t have to cut your trip short just cause your battery ran out, as you can quickly swap batteries in less than 2 minutes, and you are good to continue your trip!

Are we saying that the Revel Kit is a game-changer?

 No, we are not saying that the Revel is a game-changer just because we want to say it is a game-changer.

It is a game-changer because it’s helping skateboarders make the transition from the normal boards to the electric board easily and seamlessly.

Imagine moving from a normal skateboard that you have to move manually to an electric skateboard that possesses all the necessary features that you crave to experience in a skateboard?

Wouldn’t you love to give such an electric skateboard a try?

Now, we have come to the end of the review, and we will gladly tell you that the Revel Kit is an amazing one should you want to purchase it.

It is one electric skateboard that you want to own and drive because of its magnificent features that have been listed above for your perusal!

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