Top 7 Retro Electric Bikes: True Vintage Style

Retro electric bikes

If you want a bike that marries classic design with modern technology, retro-style electric bikes are what you should be eyeing. Despite looking like remnants of the past. These bikes are built for modern-day riders.

Thanks to the cutting-edge electric bike technologies built into them. In short, these bikes strike the right balance between classic and contemporary, science and art, and form and function.

If you want your ride to look unique yet be workable. Keep reading to learn our top six uncommon retro style electric bike recommendations.

1. Micargi Cyclone

The Micargi Cyclone is a retro-style electric bicycle that screams classic. The stretched frame gives the bike a chopper bike-like design.

If you like beach cruiser bikes from the 1970s, you would dig the Micargi Cyclone. And it’s not just about the looks.

The bike also comes with a powerful motor, high handlebars, and nice oversized tires.

The 500W Bafang engine ensures the bike is no slouch on the road. The raised handlebars help with riding comfort and convenience.

And the oversize, 26-inch tires ensure increased traction and control. It can easily absorb road shock. Fueling this 13-inch frame is an 11.6AH 48V lithium-ion battery.

The bike is ideal for people of different ages – even those who are just learning to ride. The bike’s low stance ensures getting on and off the bike is a breeze.

Making it ideal for people who need to stop multiple times and at regular intervals during their rides. You can ride the bike in the neighborhood and maybe even use it for your daily commute to work.

The lowrider, expressive frame ensures you turn heads while going about your routine. The Panasonic-supplied batteries are lightweight and safe too.

2. Civi Bikes Cheetah

Civi Bikes Cheetah is your fat tire electric cruiser with some serious style and oomph. It’s incredibly comfortable and offers the range for those long rides across the city.

Civi Bikes is no stranger to the retro electric bike scene. With its Cheetah Racer, it intends to cater to riders wanting to comfortably commute in the city.

The bike looks a lot more conventional bike-like, but it still manages to look different in its own way.

The pedal-assist power delivery is courtesy of the Bafang 750 nominal watts motor, which offers a peak power of up to 1,250 watts. Power, therefore, shouldn’t be a concern.

The torque of 80 Newton meters means the bike can quickly hit top speed. It easily ascends moderately hilly terrains. The top speed of 28mph may not look a lot on paper, but it should be more than enough for daily rides.

You feel the bike lacking only when you take it for a spin on the freeway. Which you should certainly not be doing with any electric bike.

If you feel the bike is a bit too swift and nimble for its size, the wide tires and handlebars would provide you a sense of reassurance.

3. Michael Blast T4B Greaser

Top 7 Retro Electric Bikes: True Vintage Style 3

Arguably, the T4B Greaser is the most “vintage” looking bike of all the bikes on this list. The T4B Greaser is a motorized drift trike. Its build pays homage to some of the board track motorbikes from the early 1900s.

If not the fat tires, mustache handlebars. The leather grips, classic saddle design, vintage front LED headlight, or faux fuel tank. That doesn’t remind you of yesteryear we don’t know what will.

The aluminum frame of the bike emulates vintage motorcycle geometry. The Shimano 7-speed derailleur. Ensures the pedal-assist bike is much more capable compared to regular single-speed cruisers, despite all the pedaling involved.

The electric boost is offered by a 500 or 250W rear hub motor, which lets you hit speeds touching 22mph. The charging time is about four hours, and the range is 31 miles (50 kilometers) per charge.

The Samsung 13Ah 36V lithium-ion battery used goes below the top bar.

The bike weighs approximately 62 pounds. The motor offers five pedal assist levels to choose from. Each level helps preserve the battery on longer outings. For stopping power, the bike packs in dual disc brakes.

Not to mention, the bike features a big LCD display on the left handle. Allowing you to obtain key information.

Data such as total kilometers traveled, maximum kilometers available, and average kilometers per hour. It’s all at your fingertips, quite literally.

4. Magnum Ui6

The Magnum Ui6 is a purpose-built, beautifully designed electric bike. Though fairly new to the United States. The Magnum brand is well established.

It’s successful in different parts of Europe and Israel. The Ui5 is the company’s “integrated battery” offering that’s ideal for commuting or city riding.

It comes with a relatively clean, easy-to-use cockpit. The frame is solid, and the weight distribution is on point. The e-bike also boasts disc brakes. Clean wire integration, suspension fork, and a year of brand warranty, among other things.

The hub-mounted, 350-watt motor is capable of making this bike a road demon. It’s purposely painted to blend with the overall color scheme of the bike.

Despite being powerful, the motor isn’t very heavy or loud. The bike’s front wheel comes with a quick-release functionality. The seven-speed levels are perfect for the city or neighborhood riding.

Perhaps the most underrated feature is the bash guard at the front. It ensures your dress or pants do not get snagged or greasy while you ride.

The Samsung-made lithium-ion battery pack comes with 18,650 cells. The battery is lightweight, long-lasting, and efficient at power transfer.

The battery features some more extras such as an integrated LED and a USB port for charging. The display panel features four buttons. It lets you choose different power levels, change from trip distance to odometer and vice versa, etc.

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5. MZZK 700C

The MZZK 700C is your quintessential, yet unique retro style electric bike that ticks all the right boxes. It features a powerful 400W brushless motor that is backed up by a 13Ah 48V lithium battery. The handlebar is multi-functional.

It lets you shift gears for control and acceleration at will. Besides the basics, the bike also comes with some handy add-on features.

Such as IP68 waterproofing, six types of assist mode, and a spare battery. The additional battery means you get a couple of 13Ah 48V batteries in total.

The multi-function display ensures the riding experience is comfortable. The brush-less motor packs in all the power you need for swift city rides.

The retro front light is pretty bright, and the front fork is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

There are disc brakes both at the front and rear. Which certainly brings the bike to a halt quickly and effectively.

6. AZBO E-Bike

Top 7 Retro Electric Bikes: True Vintage Style 5

The AZBO E-Bike is a vintage, all-purpose electric bike made of high-quality materials. The design is certainly unique, thanks to the massive wheels and unusual seating.

The bike looks like a cruiser bike on diet, which is a good design attribute to have for an electric bike. The bike is equipped with a 500W/48V brushless motor that offers a top speed of 20mph.

The 7-speed gear setup by Shimano lets you seamlessly switch between speed modes. It caters to your varying riding requirements. Not to mention, the brakes are on point too and ensure maximum safety.

The bike comes with a 10.4Ah 48V lithium-ion battery that should last close to 50mph between two consecutive charges.

The battery takes six hours for a complete charge, which you could do so overnight. The tires are pretty solid too.

The all-round, all-new mountain bike tires have been designed to shine on different riding surfaces and particularly excel off-road.

The tires roll fast yet boast solid cornering capabilities and excellent braking traction.

Most importantly, the bike comes with a year-long warranty. Allowing you to replace the bike in case there is any damage or defect.

7. Super 73-Z1

Top 7 Retro Electric Bikes: True Vintage Style 6

If nothing else in the traditional e-bike market appeals to you then perhaps the SUPER 73 will. From afar the SUPER 73 has a style of an old-school motorcycle whose insides have been gutted out.

The SUPER 73-Z1 sports a 500W rear hub motor riding in at a top speed of 20mph. It also includes a 36v non-removable battery. Equipped with large versatile sleek tires.

It can drive over most terrains but performs best on the street. The fat tires do an awesome job of absorbing the shock.

SUPER73 Z1 has a compact frame, perfect for smaller riders. It’s minimalistic look also translates to its weight. Many riders will be impressed by the build and quality.

You can tell the designers had taken inspiration from older style Harley Davidson’s. The SUPER 73-Z1 will perform well for entry-level riders as it has simplistic controls.

There is one riding mode, the mode is activated from the flick of the throttle. The throttle will activate the motor and the bike will propel forward. Read our full in-depth review here.

Super 73-Z1
  • Powerful 500-watt rear hub motor in a smaller package.
  • Speeds of up to 20mph and slick fat tires 20" x 4.25"
  • Battery range between 15-25 miles, depending on the riders weight, terrain, incline, and etc.
  • Throttle drive or Pedal Only
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes that any bike shop can easily service.
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Who Are These Vintage Electric Bikes For?

Contrary to what most people would like to believe, retro-style electric bikes aren’t a small niche. This is because people who’d like an easy-to-ride or convenient-to-park isn’t necessarily “niche”.

The fact that these bikes run cleaner attracts a completely new gamut of environment-conscious riders.

These bikes are also for people who do not want to trade in a classic design for modern technology.

If you have a penchant for retro designs and nostalgia, you will find these bikes right in your alley.

Even if you have none of the aforementioned preferences or inclinations.

These bikes will bring you closer to them due to their sheer uniqueness. There aren’t many people riding these bikes on the road, yet.


These pro-environment, yet powerful electric bikes do not intend to replace your cars. The goal is to get a lot more people on bikes.

Especially the ones who use their cars for running errands or when there are no passengers in the vehicle.

If a lot more people who commute alone stopped using their cars and switched to electric bikes. It wouldn’t just be good for the environment, but the traffic situation would be much better too.

The options for electric bikes are getting better, and these retro-style electric rides are only adding some much-needed spunk to the mix.

The design, in fact, is a solid reason to keep your car(s) parked and take the e-bike instead.

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