Razor MX350 Review – Electric Motocross Bike For Kids

Razor MX350 Review – Electric Motocross Bike For Kids

Razor MX350 Review - Electric Motocross Bike For Kids 1

Do you have active kids who find bike riding fun or who have dreams to be stunt bikers and future riders? Luckily, you can help them make their dreams a reality with the Razor’s MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike.

Thanks to its appealing features and sturdiness, the MX350 is capable of speeding across all terrains and is certainly suitable for kids. Take a look at this razor mx350 review to discover all that this dirt bike has to offer!


It could be really tough buying a new item for your child because there are so many different options available and settling down on one choice could be a battle sometimes.

Similarly, there are tons of electronically powered motorcycles to choose from. However, this razor mx350 review will provide you with details on everything you need to know before purchasing one.

The Razor MX350 is one of the few electric bikes in the market that helps kids actualize their dream of speeding down roads, both on gravel and sand, at high speeds.

By having their own electric motocross bike, with easy control and hand-operated rear brake, kids will experience the bliss of taking fun rides on their dirt bikes.

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350 is the perfect electric dirt bike for first-timers and beginner riders considering the build, speed, and range. It is great for kids who are trying to get a hang of bike riding and its technicalities.


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The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 kids electric motocross looks a lot like a traditional bike.

The Razor MX350 has the features of all the basic requirements of an operating dirt bike such as a twist throttle, a rear brake that is hand operated, a kickstand, and its power distribution system.


The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike was designed in the similitude of professional modern electric bikes. The well-molded seats and its big and chunky tires make it easy and fun for kids to jump on easily and begin their off-road journey.

The electric dirt bikes for kids are made from high-quality materials, with beautifully designed paint and patterns that are applied to stay.

The bike delivers a twist grip throttle control, hand-operated rear brake, chain-driven motor, adjustable riser handlebars with a handlebars clamp, and grips.

Age Suitability

There is usually quite a bit of confusion regarding what age of children should be allowed to ride the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket.

According to Razor, the MX350 bike version is ideal for a 13-year-old. However, 90% of the researched scenarios revealed that the bike is more ideal for children between the ages of 5-7.

Obviously, this is quite an age jump but the specifics of the bike that will be discussed subsequently will help you decide if will fit your child specifically.

Charging & Battery Charger

The bike requires one 10-12 hr. charge for a ride time of about 30-60 minutes continuous riding. However, this depends on the rider’s weight as well as the speed and terrain.

The electric dirt bike will go a lot faster if the rider is not heavy and this means that the bike will run out of battery faster.

Generally, the bike is capable of going up to 14 miles per hour, depending on the riding terrain. To charge the bike, it can be simply plugged into the charger port.

Motor and Transmission

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 kids electric bike operates with a 350W electrical high-torque motor, which is a chain-driven motor.

This propels the bike to a maximum speed of about 14mph or 22 km/h.

Considering the bike’s basic model of operation which is simply a twist and go, the bike runs on a single gear and it doesn’t include options of riding modes or switching speeds.


The Razor MX350 dirt rocket is equipped with a basic rear brake that is left-hand operated to help ensure your child’s safety while riding the bike.

The dirt rocket electric motocross bike uses a basic double-crown front fork for simple shock dampening.

The advantage of this type of setup is that it facilitates a direct power delivery to the rear wheel, which makes it easier to accelerate from a stop.

Speed and Range

The top speed of the MX350 electric dirt is about 12 mph. However, the top speed of the bike depends largely on a number of factors such as the level of charge the battery has, the weight of the rider as well as the smoothness of the terrain that the bike is being ridden on.

At full charge, the MX350 can go up to 30-50 minutes of continuous riding.


Common with all electronic toys, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket electric bike comes with dual 12V batteries, making it a 24V battery system. The battery-powered bike has a 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable, which makes it imperative to regularly charge the bike.

After taking it out of the box, the first charge will have to last about 12 hours, considering that it will be the bike’s initial introduction to electricity.

If you have intentions of giving the Dirt bike to your child as a present, it is vital to be aware that the MX350 does not come pre-charged. It is advisable for you to charge it before gifting them so they can ride it after opening.


Similar to a traditional dirt bike, the Razor MX350 Dirt bike features spoked wheels with knobby tires of 12- inches for a great off-road ride.

The knobby tires of the MX350 may seem too small when compared to adult bikes, however, the wheels were made to accommodate kids, even shorter than 5 feet.

This means that the bike can be used by kids 13 years old or younger. Bearing that in mind, it is better to choose mild terrains like gravel for your kids to ride their dirt bikes on.


While the Razor MX350 comes with great features that make it one of the most sought-after electric bikes, it however has some downsides to it. Here are some of the pros and cons of the dirt bike:


  • Light
  • Easy to work
  • No noise
  • Not intimidating.


  • Run time isn’t long enough
  • Charge time is too long

MX350 vs MX650

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The Razor MX650 Dirt Electric Bike is also one of the popular creations of Razor and it is one of the most powerful bikes in the range. Both the MX350 and the MX650 share some similarities as well as notable differences as well.

One of the similarities is the fact that both bikes possess the ability to speed on a variety of terrains such as grass & dirt roads, fields, gravel, and normal pavements.

However, while the MX350 electric bike can only carry a maximum weight of up to 140 pounds and a speed of 12 mph, the MX650 electric bike can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds, making it more suitable for older kids.

Also, the acceleration of the MX650 has two setups for Fast and Easy. These modalities can be selected through control buttons on the bike.

The Fast setting allows you to reach a maximum speed, while the Easy setting allows for longer distances. On the other hand, the MX350 dirt bike does not feature acceleration changes and settings.

MX350 vs RSF350

Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike
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The RSF350 is a lot similar to the MX350. It is designed with the style of authentic street-bike styling. The RSF350 features a great combination of performance and style in a compact ride. It also comes with a hidden compartment for storage.

The Razor RSF350, unlike the MX350 however, features foldable metal footpegs, a chain-driven motor, adjustable angle and riser style, as well as tri-spoke pneumatic wheels.

Both dirt bikes are powered by two 12V batteries and while the Razor RSF350 has s safe speed of 14 mph, the Razor MX350 has a safe speed of 12 mph.

The RSF is ideal for riders aged 13 and above with a ride time of about 30 minutes when fully charged. The MX350 is suitable for younger riders.

Both bikes can be used on dry and flat surfaces or pavements and they are great for traveling short distances.

MX350 vs MX500

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket
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The MX500 is a powerful electric dirt bike that comes with authentic graphics that gives the bike a really cool look. It also has amazing features abilities that are somewhat similar to the MX350, however, somewhat different.

While the MX500 has dual suspension, the MX350 does not have a suspension, which is why it is more ideal for younger kids. When it comes to speed, the MX500 offers up to 17 mph, while the MX350 is capable of about 12 mph.

Both bikes have hand-operated brakes and are quiet but powerful operations. However, the MX500 can carry a weight of up to 175 lbs, while the MX350 is capable of about 140 lbs


How fast does the Razor MX350 go?

The top speed of the MX350 is about 12 mph. However, the top speed of the bike depends largely on a number of factors such as the level of charge the battery has, the weight of the rider as well as the smoothness of the terrain that the electric dirt bike is being ridden on.

What is the difference between Razor MX350 and MX400?

The most visible difference between the Razor MX350 and the Razor MX400 is the color. The Razor MX350 model comes in colors blue and black. The Razor MX400 on the other hand comes in the colors red or green.

Razor MX350 Weight Limit

The maximum rider weight is 140 pounds. The weight capacity is similar when compared to other models like MX400 or MX350. Making it perfect for young riders who fit the limit.

Which Razor Dirt Bike is the best?

All Razor dirt bikes are designed to cater to specific age brackets, the weight of the rider, and the terrain. For younger riders, the bike option will be lighter and smaller bikes with lower to top speed.

The Razor dirt bikes featured in this category are the Razor MX125, MX350, and MX400. These bikes are ideal for younger riders that are new to riding.

The second category is the heavier and larger bikes with higher too speed.

The Razor electric dirt bike in this category are the MX500, SX500, and MX650. These dirt bikes are designed for more experienced and older riders.

Is it legal to ride a Razor dirt bike on the road?

For safety and precautionary reasons, it is not legal to ride a dirt bike on the road. However, you can ride your Razor dirt bike on private property (yours or others by permission), off-road riding parks, and motocross tracks.


The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Electric Dirt Bike is one of the best dirt bikes for kids. Considering its versatility and the fact that it can be ridden on both smooth and rough terrains.

Not only that, but the bike also has a long battery life and it can go up to 14 mph. All these features make it perfect for children aged 8 years and younger.

With a 90 day warranty, the Razor MX350 can be purchased and shipped to your doorstep within days. Click the link below to check out this amazing electric dirt bike.

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