14 Beginner-Friendly Penny Board Tricks You Can Try Right Now!

14 Beginner-Friendly Penny Board Tricks You Can Try Right Now! 1

Penny Boards are not the easiest board to master. Having the smallest possible surface area for your legs to stand on, Penny Boards don’t offer much when it comes to flexibility and speed.

However, these highly specific boards offer a uniquely rewarding experience once you master them. The better you know how to ride them, the more tricks you can pull off with the board.

14 Penny Board Tricks for Beginners

You must be eager to get on the road and show off a few tricks to your friends. However, to avoid any injury or penny board wipeouts, try to practice each trick for a few days before progressing to the next one.

Some tricks are easier to learn than others so you might be able to master the mentioned tricks sooner than expected. 

We’ve compiled a list of penny board tricks for beginners you can start learning today.

1. Flip on

A flip-on is a common first lesson trick you can learn on a penny board.

To perform it, simply get your foot underneath the board and jump up and forward. You’ll land on your board and you can begin riding your penny board.

2. Frontside carve

14 Beginner-Friendly Penny Board Tricks You Can Try Right Now! 2

Another easy penny board trick to learn for beginners is frontside carve.

After you’ve reached moderate speed, all you have to do is bend your knees a little as you lean backward and put pressure on your penny board with your feet. You’ll be able to take a quick ‘carving’ turn in an arc.

3. Backside Carve

This trick is similar to frontside carving but with one different step. Start off by bending your knees and then instead of backward, lean forward towards your belly.

Put pressure on your penny board with your feet and done. You have mastered backside carving.

4. Quick carving

This trick works by combining both frontside and backside carving. For this to work properly, you need to build up some speed. After pushing off a few times, you could start performing either one of the carves and alternating between them.

5. Drop

The drop trick is exactly what the name implies. It’s a trick which you can use to drop off elevated surfaces and curbs with your penny board.

Simply ride to the edge of the surface and put pressure on the board with your back foot as you hop off the curb. While you’re in the air, push your front foot against the penny board and you’re done.

6. Hippie Jump

You can easily perform a hippie jump with a penny board. It might be a bit challenging at first because the small board gives you restricted flexibility and space for your legs. But once you get the gist of it, it’s quite easy to do.

A hippie jump is simply when you jump over an obstacle and land on top of your board.

You’ll probably get a hang of the jumping part easily, but it might be difficult for you to get the timing right for your landing.

The board might cross below the obstacle faster than you can jump and land, or it might be too slow. You might also fail to land with both feet on the board and topple over the first few times.

The trick here is to bend your knees as you land and create some distance between your feet.

7. Staple gun

The staple gun isn’t just a trick to hide under your sleeves but rather it’s a slightly complicated technique you can utilize to avoid collisions with an elevated platform such as small banks, ledges, etc.

Learning this trick can help you ride the penny board safely in your neighborhood.

To perform a staple gun, roll towards a small ledge and use your back foot to push the penny board upwards.

Remember to keep your front foot pressed on the board and place your back foot on the ground afterward. You can pull the penny board back towards yourself and jump back on the board to continue skating.  

8. Shove it

Learning this trick isn’t going to be easy. It would be better for you to attempt the shove it trick after you’ve had a lot of practice on your penny board.

To perform this trick, you should ride the board at a 90-degree angle and bend your knees after you have reached moderate speed.

Now apply pressure on the board’s kicktail and kick the board back under your feet. If you do it right, the board will spin 180-degrees around your legs while you stay in the same position.

9. Nose Revert

14 Beginner-Friendly Penny Board Tricks You Can Try Right Now! 3

Unlike Shove it, Nose revert isn’t as challenging to master. Simply lean forward as you near a ledge and apply pressure on the nose of your board.

You need to ensure that your back foot stays on top of the board at all times.

Spin your upper body and quickly follow with your lower half as well to build enough momentum that your penny board could automatically follow your directions.

10. No comply

If you’re looking to master a trick quickly, you can start by learning this trick. While the No-Comply does require practice and looks difficult to perform, it’s a fancy-looking trick that isn’t as demanding as some of the others mentioned in this list.

All you need to do is to place your front foot on the ground and apply pressure on the backend of your penny board with the other.

The board will automatically rotate around and you can jump back on it.

It would be better if you start by slowly following these steps. Once you perfect it slowly, you can increase the force of your pressure with your back foot to speed up the whole process.

11. Bean plant

This trick isn’t easy. The bean plant might be one of the most challenging tricks currently on this list. However, the larger the penny board, the easier it becomes to perform a bean plant.

This trick involves perfect coordination between your arm and your legs. Place your back foot on the board and keep it there until you perform the trick while simultaneously stepping off the board with your other foot.

This will propel the board towards your upper body and you can grab the nose with one arm. Let go of the board and jump back on with your front feet and voila, it’s done.

12. Board slides

A boardslide is the most basic slide trick that you can attempt. The trick is, however, difficult to perform if you’re a beginner.

You’re going to have an even harder time trying to pull this one off on a penny board. You should probably try to learn this trick at the very end after you have mastered the other ticks on this list.

A boardslide might seem like a simple trick that can be performed on ramps, rails, ledges, or a flat bar. You slide the object in between your penny board as you ride and jump.

After that,  you place an equal amount of pressure with your legs on the ends of the board to push it forward with a stable and continuous momentum. If your balance is off, you will most likely fall.

13. 180

180 is a popular trick for beginners to learn and very difficult to master at first.

It’s a trick where you jump and turn your body as well as the penny board at a 180-degree angle and land back on the board again. You can either do a backside or a front side 180.

For this trick, you must be completely comfortable with your board and should also know how to perform an ollie.

The trick relies on utilizing and positioning your upper body to build momentum.

After that, you’ll have to shift the weight of your lower body towards the direction you want to go and perform a complete 18- degree rotation.

The landing back on the board is also difficult to master.

You might be scared to perform it but learning how to do a 180 can be an essential step towards learning how to do other more advanced tricks.

14. Fakie kickturn

This is one of the easiest tricks you can learn to do on a penny board of any kind. Simply propel yourself backward at a moderate speed and place your feet near the kicktail of a penny board.

After this, all you need to do is rotate your upper body at an angle of 180 degrees towards the opposite direction and the rest of your body along with the board will follow through.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

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