One wheel vs Boosted Board – 2021 Comparison & Review

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We’ve noticed a big debate surrounding Onewheel vs Boosted electric skateboards. They’re both excellent choices but fit a rider’s style differently. So, understanding how they differ can help you with your buying decision.

Hence, this article is here to help you know the differences between Onewheel vs Boosted electric skateboards. So let’s go!!

One Wheel Electric Skateboards

Onewheel Pint
  • Made from quality and durable materials.
  • Self–recharging battery
  • Features a free mobile application
  • Suitable for commuting on various terrains
  • Doesn’t feature remotes.
  • Not suitable for dry sands and slippery trails.
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OneWheel boards are electric skateboards that feature a wheel at the center of a deck.

With a hub motor of about 2000 watts, a wheel tire dimension of (10.5X4.5-6in), a strong tire (built like a tank), the least range of 6 miles, the least top-speed of 16 mph, the products in the OneWheel electric skateboard brand are a beautiful fusion of fun and strength!!

Either you go for the Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint, you could never go wrong riding on Onewheel electric skateboards.

But for the purpose of this article, we will focus more on the Onewheel Pint more than on the Onewheel XR electric skateboards.

Boosted Boards

Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard
  • Amazing acceleration/braking system
  • Features a remote
  • Suitable for hilly trails
  • Can be serviced alone
  • Can be expensive
  • Low Battery Life
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

 Boosted products are different in so many ways. First off, they are four-wheeled boards, unlike Onewheel. Also, this brand boasts of different varieties with admirable top speed and range.

With an average-sized wheel of 75mm, the least top-speed of 18 mph, the least range of 10 miles, and the least power of 1000 watts, riding this board is fun!

Features of this Electric Skateboard

Let’s delve into an expressive comparison of both products using the below-mentioned yardsticks:

(Kindly note that for this Boosted vs Onewheel comparison, the focus will be on the least variations of both products more).

Ease of riding

When riding the Boosted boards, there are a lot of things that can make your ride difficult and challenging. Things such as unfavorable terrains, potholes, traffic, Etc.,

But this is not the same with the Onewheel boards as they can navigate through the above-listed hurdles brilliantly!

Also, that the OneWheel is a self-balancing electric skateboard just makes riding so convenient and fun, although the learning curve of the OneWheel might be steeper than the learning curve of the Boosted.

Here, the OneWheel electric skateboard is the winner!


The smallest Boosted Board product is able to ride at a range of 7 miles and a top speed of 18 mph while the least version of the OneWheel board has a range of 6 miles and a top speed of 16 mph.

Even with the Onewheel XR having a top-speed of 19mh, for this section, the winner is still the Boosted board for range and high-speed carving, because the Boosted Stealth board runs at a top speed of between 22 mph and 24 mph for maximum fun, and that’s like 6mph to 8mph more than the Onewheel XR.


The smallest version of the Boosted board (the Boosted Board Mini S) goes for about $1060 currently while the price of the cheapest Onewheel board (the Onewheel Pint) goes for $950.

So, if we are talking about cost in terms of price and affordability, the Boosted board is a bit expensive, hence Onewheel is the winner here!


The Boosted Board Mini S weighs 15 lbs and supports a bodyweight of about 250 lbs. The Onewheel Pint weighs about 23 lbs and supports a body weight of 275 lbs, while the Onewheel XR weighs about 25 lbs to 26 lbs.

If the award was for lightweight, Boosted Board wins for being lightweight, but if the award was for supported weight, we would say the winner is Onewheel on comparison!

Battery life

On a full battery, the Onewheel Pint board can go for a max of 7 to 8 miles before powering off, while the Boosted Board Mini S can go for a max of 5 miles.

In the battery performance of Boosted vs Onewheel electric skateboards, we would say that the Onewheel emerges as the winner on comparison!

Charging time

The Boosted Board Mini S’s skateboard charge time is 75 Minutes, while that of the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR is 120 minutes and 110 minutes respectively. This means that the Boosted Board charges faster than both Onewheel boards.


This is no remote to navigate the Onewheel skateboard as you could easily navigate yourself and the board is your feet. The front foot helps you go faster, and the back foot helps you brake or stop permanently for safety. However, for the Boosted board, you navigate using its Bluetooth remote.

Here, Boosted is the winner for the technological initiative performance!


When it comes to terrain, Onewheel electric skateboards can successfully commute on any type of terrain that an average person can ride; hill, marsh, forest, valleys, mountain, road trails with great balance.

Any terrain you can think of, the One Wheel board can ride on it. The only types of terrain that the OneWheel can’t do well on are deserts and Glacier terrains.

On the other hand, the Boosted electric skateboards are more suited for commuting on hill terrain than any other terrain.

Here, the winner is OneWheel electric skateboard boards!!

Stand Out Features

Well, we have mentioned a lot of features about both products, but this section is about unique features that are peculiar to the brands individually.

One wheel Boards

One fun factor about the Onewheel electric skateboards is that it isn’t unfazed and unbothered about water bodies on the road. It is water and liquid-tolerant!!!

Regardless of muds, you can still ride on the Onewheel board without worrying about your board!!!

Also, with the Onewheel boards, there is no day riding or light riding, as this product features a led lighting system that promotes better illumination for anyone who wants to still ride the Onewheel board at night!!!!

 Moreover, Onewheel features a free application that is available on both iOS/Android devices.

The fun part of this app is that it shows things like current speed, battery status, and range. It allows you to join the Onewheel XR Rider’s community!

What’s more is that with the free app, you can switch between different speed modes on the Onewheel; the Skyline speed mode, Redwood speed mode, Elevated speed mode, and the Pacific speed mode!!

Boosted Boards

Unlike most boards, balance is something that this board boast of, as the Boosted Board has a deep-dish feature on the deck. The job of this deep-dish feature is to help keep your feet firmly placed on the deck while you are riding so that you stay on board and keep your balance comfortably without falling!!!


Use the Onewheel Board if:

  1. If you love a single-wheeled board.
  2. If you want to ride various terrains.
  3. If you love night riding..
  4. If you want a board with longer-lasting battery life.
  5. If you want to buy an affordable board (save extra cash).
  6. If you are love quality.

Use the Boosted Board if:

  1. If you love to remote your board.
  2. If you are particular about top-speed performance and range.
  3. If you want a fast-charging board.
  4. If you want a lightweight electric skateboard.
  5. If you crave safety and high-speed carving.

Both Onewheel and Boosted are excellent additions for anyone looking to spice up their commute. They provide several features you won’t even find in top-tier models. If you want a durable and reliable electric skateboard that you can use for a long time, both alternatives can be a viable option.

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