Nakto Camel Review – Is This 26″ e-Bike Worth It?

Nakto electric bike review

Are you in need of an affordable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly bike? Nakto electric bike is a good option for you. Nakto bike can fit into any budget and it is reliable and durable with a good battery. Look through our lenses as we take you through a journey of the uniqueness of Nakto Camel bikes, a special product of Nakto e-bikes.

For a fun, smooth, and comfortable ride with a great pedal assist and warranty, Nakto electric bicycle will meet your expectations. In this review, we unpack Nakto offers.

Key Features

As a customer, it is important to know that the electric bike has a carbon steel frame with a rust-proof powder coating. It has a reinforced front bracket for easy load handling by the e-bike.

This Nakto e-bike is made up of a high-intensity headlight, reflective taillights, front brake, front basket, front and rear derailleur, battery 36v 10Ah capacity with charger, adjustable and removable seat, friction mounted stiff rubber grip, rear rack, fenders, suspension, throttle, pedal-assist, speed sensor, hub motor, lithium battery, rear mount kickstand, and a Shimano 6 speed drivetrain.

It also comes with a user manual and a 1-year warranty card.

The total weight of the electric bicycle is 60 IBS with the battery making up 7.25Ibs of the total weight. The entire length of the electric bicycle is about 68 inches.

NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles 26"
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The frame is a Q345 carbon steel metal frame with an aluminum alloy hub that is painted white or black. The steel frame is a step-thru type with a height is about 43 inches that are not adjustable.


The distance from the seat to the ground is between 33 to 38 inches depending on how the bike is adjusted. The seat post length is 13 inch and the diameter is one inch. The rear rack is 1.15 inches long and 0.41 inches wide.


The camel bike is a rear-mounted geared hub motor type that has a brushless motor 250W which produces a large power output while riding.


This e-bike is made up of a Shimano 6 speed level adjustment with a 14 to 28 tooth cassette and a gear rear speed shifter. It operates at a top speed of 20 mph. It has a front V brake and a rear drum brake throttle that have variable speed control.


In a full charge, it can produce a range of 20 miles to 25 miles with pedal assistance. Its estimated minimum range is 10 miles.


The camel bike has a Lithium battery with a capacity of battery 36v 10ah and can run up to 1000 cycles. The lithium battery is removable for easy charging with a charging time of 4 to 6 hours and a charging current of 2.0A.

The battery charger is a US standard DC smart battery charger with overload protection. An electric power display indicates the battery level as full, half, or empty.


The tire brand is a Kenda 47-599, with a wheel size of 26 inches. The tire has a really robust wheel size with a 40 to 65 pound-force per square inch that enables it to carry a load and drive for hours. It can be inflated to 250-280 KPA.  It has a single-walled rim made of aluminum alloy.

The rim has an outer width of 1.25 inches with 36 holes and black, blending with the black color of the bike tire.

Three Nakto Electric Bikes To Choose From

Nakato has three kinds of e-bikes you can select from depending on your preference:

The camel women white e-bike, camel women black e-bike, and the camel men e-bike. Users can expect durability as it is made from carbon steel and battery 36v 10Ah. It has a comfortable seat saddle and front fork suspension that make your ride comfortable.

It produces enough power output and a speed of 20 mph to drive for a day. These electric bikes take into consideration your safety and security by having power on and off buttons, pedal-assist, HD LED headlight, rear drum brake, and a locking kickstand.

Operating the bike is also easy as it is a smart riding tool that has a power switch and a button for horn and light, that just requires you to press. It has a pedal assist and throttle.

For all its feature its cost is worth its value. These Nakto bikes are suitable for people with a height between 5’3″ to 6’5″. If you are shorter or taller there are other Nakto camel e-bike to fit your height specification.

How does this Nakto e bike look, feel and ride?


Nakto camel is a fashion-forward bike with a great frame appearance and comes in a neutral color of white or black that can blend with any of your outfits while riding. It has an upright frame position making it ergonomically safe for use so users do not need to worry about backaches.

The e-bike is functional as you can drive it around your neighborhood for small errands and shopping as it contains utilities for carriages like a front basket and rear rack without looking ridiculous while carrying the load.


Nakto bike feels comfortable therefore, you can use it for cruising and commuting to school or work. The Nakto e-bike doesn’t just feel strong it is strong as it is made from a material that is sturdy and is used to build in tremor risky areas. The low step makes it feel less intimidating.


Nakto bike is also cushioned with appropriate shock absorbers and 6-speed levels so your riding experience is smooth and enjoyable even on a rough surface.

No matter the number of hours a user is on the camel bike, the individual tends not to get tired because of the pedal assistance of the e-bike providing effortless pedaling.

It also rides perfectly at night because of its high-intensity headlight. Riders can enjoy a cool and effortless day and night outing with this electric bicycle.


  1. The bike height is adjustable to customer comfort with low step for easy climbing.
  2.  The speed of the bike can be increased gradually to its top speed which is perfect for first-time riders
  3.  Nakto camel offers a 1-year warranty


  1. The bike cannot carry a load of more than 250Ibs
  2. This bike is heavy due to the camel steel frame.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Nakto a good electric bike?

As a customer but it is a good electric bike that is affordable with a good motor, battery, and riding range of 20 miles. To get the best Nakto e-bike for your use, look at their various electric bike and select the one that suits your expectation.

2. Where are Nakto electric bikes made?

Nakto electric bikes are made in China and the company is one of the leading manufacturers of the ebike in China. It has a warehouse in California, USA.

3. Where are electric bicycles made?

Most E-bikes are manufactured in Asian factories that are either located in China or Taiwan.

4. Is it possible to transform a manual pedal bike into an electric bike?

It is possible to a bike transformation as there is equipment available for this. The transformation can only be done by a professional and assist potential customers save cost.

5. How fast can an electric bicycle ride?

This is dependent on the power generated by the motor of the bike and a battery 36v 10Ah that have been charged for a maximum of 6 hours. It can be as high as 30mph, but the camel e-bike top speed is 20mph.

6. Can electric bicycles work in the rain?

Yes, but avoid water from entering the battery and motor. Check with the bike producer before using it in the rain.


With frequent advancements in technology, the automobile industry is also experiencing changes in product efficiency and value to cater better to customer needs. You can choose today to follow the current technological trend by procuring an electric bicycle rather than a manual bike.

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