Most Powerful Electric Skateboards For Hills

Electric skateboards vs. Steep Hill

Once in a while, riders will encounter steep and challenging terrain. In such cases, who wins? Is it possible your electric skateboard will handle the amount of gravity, or will you have to give in to all sorts of harsh terrains?

To help settle the whole issue, there are a couple of underlying factors that will affect an electric skateboard while on a hill climb. Depending on these factors, which will vary depending on the brand, riders can evaluate and decide a winner. Sounds fair, right?

What’s the fastest electric skateboard?

1. AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for a board that can do just about anything, this is it! The AZBO is an all-terrain board.

Absolutely crushes through hiking trails and is equipped with enough power to dominate the super steep incline. Feel the extreme with a maximum speed of up to top speed of 25 MPH on an in-hub 3000W motor.

Equipped with an 11 Ah LG lithium battery, a fast-charging battery that takes only 3 hours to charge to full.

Built with a solid maple board supported weight is 286 lbs. The high-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface of the board ensures the safety of your riding experience.

The remote controller Is very easy to use and lets you know the battery level. Three-speed levels and includes a foot strap for added control during rides.

The main con with AZBO is the weight. The mountain skateboard is a little heavy. 

2. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II

The Skatebolt company has been around since 2016 and has made massive strides in the way their boards are designed. Breeze II is the summation of those improvements. Breeze II electric skateboard comes with 4-speed modes. 

The top speed is up to 28 MPH. The 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery, it can travel up to 15 miles in medium mode with a full charge. Dual 350 W motors. It is strong enough to climb a 30% steep hill.

Beautifully designed LCD remote control. It shows battery capacity, speed, direction, remote capacity on the screen. Slide to start feature, after a couple of steps of sliding, the board will automatically turn on.

A removable/swappable battery pack gives you more charging options. Replaceable wheels, waterproof, great flexibility, charge your battery while going downhill. You name it and this board just keeps delivering. The Skatebolt Breeze II is the perfect way to make commuting fun.

3. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee has made a board with an innovative design. Hidden battery inside the 10 ply Canadian Maple fiberglass board. 

This electric penny board is for the budget keepers and performance junkies. You get the best of both worlds on this electric penny board. The cost won’t break the bank and the motor will help you commute there.

This electric skateboard is superfast, sporting a top speed of 28mph — it’s an awesome choice for adults looking for enhanced speed.

Most electric skateboards have max performance anywhere from 20 to 26 mph, but with the MEEPO Mini, you’re easily pushing 28 mph with one of the strongest electric penny board hub motors in the market.

5. MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard 

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Unmatched acceleration
  • Top speed above 25 mph
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Convenient operations
  • Ability to climb a 30% gradient
  • Excellent brakes
  • The battery tends to lose its effectiveness with time
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Meepo V3 electric skateboard is the mini’s bigger brother offering similar features but in a smaller statue. It’s one of the fastest electric skateboards on the list sporting a top speed of 28mph. It’s also capable of going from 0-20mph in just under 5 seconds.

The Meepo V3 also has an impressive range of 11 miles with its standard battery. More than enough to give your local area a deep exploration. Meepo also can get uphill efferently with a reach of 20 km/h or 9 mph on a 15% slope.

The remote control offers a large screen and durable build quality. You can easily choose between mp/h units or km/h units and see how much battery you have used.

Underlying factors

Motor power

While on a steep hill, your electric skateboard motor power is directly competing with the gravitational force. In most cases, motor power goes hand in hand with the engine size. A two-thousand-watt motor is expected to output more power compared to a typical fifty-watt motor.

For this reason, the higher the motor power, the greater the abilities of your electric skateboard to handle the steep terrain.

A typical high-performing motor is a hub motor. Hub motors are built into the wheel of the skateboard offering a cool and sleek design.

Riders looking to add torque have a greater affinity for hub motors. But ultimately hub motors offer almost no flexibility.

So, if you have craving for top speed you might want to look at an e-board with belts and pulleys. You’ll be able to have motor power that can reach high speeds.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity will have a huge role to play in all this. For your electric skateboard to handle a steep hill, it will require more energy and power from its batteries.

Therefore, unless you are ready to give in to a sharp terrain, you will need to get high battery life. Most importantly, your electric board should be fully charged for the best possible results.


According to ollie_physics, on a steep hill, your electric skateboard will have to pivot about the rear wheels for the skateboard to begin to rise. This means that the steeper the terrain, the more twisting force or torque, you will need to win.

Torque is dependent on the rider’s weight, wheel size, gearbox, and, of course, the desired acceleration. The time factor is also an issue you may want to have in mind.

Hub motor electric skateboards have higher torque, better belt drive systems are nice for going uphill. Higher torque boards are made for special purposes like climbing, jumping, etc. It’s something to keep in mind as you search for a fast electric board.


The degree of incline is arguably a significant factor that affects the whole hill-climbing process. Some hills may have a gradient close to 40 degrees and it could be more!

The important metric to note is an e-board motor KV ratings. Which is the number of revolutions per minute (rpm) when 1 volt is applied to the motor. The benefits of a higher KV rating are riders fill less drag, pick up maximum speed quicker, and reach over a hill faster.

You notice the difference between a higher KV rating vs lower KV rating. As the e-board with a low KV rating will stall out midway through the climb. The fastest electric skateboards will sport higher KV ratings.

In simpler terms, skateboards are rated depending on the degree of incline they can handle. A skateboard rated 20-degree incline cannot whatsoever win to a 40-degree hill.

Plainly, expect Mother Nature to take over. No amount of push can change that.


Electric Skateboard Wheels

On to the wheels! The material and quality will have a say based on their ability to compete with gravity. The fastest electric skateboards all required well-constructed cores and pour. Pour wheels look, feel, and shape contributes to the maximum speed.

Generally, the wheel size will also affect the hill climbing ability of your electric skateboard. You will need them big enough to ensure they can roll faster and retain as much speed as possible, especially on a steep hill.

Rider weight

Lastly, your weight will have everything to do with the electric skateboard’s ability to crawl up that hill. The heavier you are, due to gravity, the more force extended on the board and hence more friction.

This translates to a greater gravitational pull that your electric board must hustle to overcome while moving up to the top of a hill. As a rider, you must always be working to reduce gravity. Otherwise, we all know who the real master is. Right?

How well does an electric skateboard handle going uphill?

Electric Skateboard Uphill

Based on the factors mentioned above electric skateboards can vary in their overall performance. Cheaper boards will either struggle or cannot make the attempt to go up hill. It’s hard to handle high grade hills like the ones seen in parts of San Francisco. Even top brands will struggle. 

Rough terrain and wind drag, presents extra strain on the board that will slow it down. Duel motor electric skateboards are powerful enough to take on steep hills, but the other factors remain.

How do you skate down a hill?

Electric Skateboard downhill

Now, unlike moving up a hill, skating down a hill does not require as much force or energy. In fact, the amount of speed while sliding down a hill can be very risky and is among the thousand ways to die. Believe it or not.

It is more dangerous, but luckily, with the help of your brakes and a few guidelines explained below, it can all be contained. Unlike moving up, this time, your board is working in unison with gravity.

It is, therefore, paramount to consider the following guidelines to ensure your safety at all times.

Make use of the brakes

 Electric skateboards come with a pair of brakes built to help you go down a steep hill specifically. You might as well use them.

Do not, actually, never accelerate

With little to no gravity, it is evident, your skateboard has nothing or no one to stop it. It is, therefore, likely to go do at a really high speed that again could be very dangerous and scary for you.

With all the pressure, why then must you accelerate?

You can always choose to walk down

In case skating down the sharp hill still terrifies you, it will always be safer to choose to walk down instead. Better to be safe than sorry. You just never know.

Best types of characteristics for climbing up steep hills

  • At least 30% incline rate – Ensures your electric skateboard has the required capability and ability to handle a variety of terrains.
  • Not less than 2000 watts – Your skateboard will require all the power it can get to climb up steep hills. The larger the motor power, the better for you.
  • At least 10S5P of battery style – the battery life should also be very intentional. Again, for your electric skateboard to win, you will need a high battery life.

Final thoughts. Who wins?

Most Powerful Electric Skateboards For Hills 1

To conclude, it is evident that the electric skateboard can really perform when tasked with a high degree inclined hill. With just the right features or characteristics, your electric skateboard can win this great war.

However, vice versa cannot be dismissed entirely. There may be some scenarios where mother nature will always come out stronger and wiser than the rest of us. I know we can all relate.

It may, therefore, not be possible to conclude on one of the two. Either way, there are a lot of factors involved that could either improve or reduce the chances.

All in all, as a rider, I think it will always be imperative to consider all the factors necessary. In addition, make sure you adhere to all the set rules and guidelines set, especially when it comes to skating down a hill.

Personally, that will be the only way your electric skateboard can win. Don’t you think so?

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