Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Review: What You Need To know

Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar Review: What You Need To know 1

Are you looking to upgrade your e-skating to the next level? Do you want a versatile, flexible electric skateboard that could take you everywhere? Are you looking for speed?

The LaCroix Nazare LoneStar has got you covered.

Nazaré LoneStar is made by professionals for the professions and redefines new standards for premium quality all-terrain e-boards. It is one of the fastest electric skateboards out there, ready to deliver an exhilarating experience.

Let’s take a closer look.

Things to consider before purchasing an all-terrain skateboard.

Before diving into what makes Lacroix Nazaré Lonestar tick, you need to know the key features of All-Terrain Electric Skateboards. And, how they differ from the standard models available within the market.

The following considerations will allow you to appreciate just how ingenious Nazare Lonestar is.

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Off-road experience

All-Terrain electric skateboards are implicitly designed for adventurers.

These e-skateboards come equipped with heavier and larger wheels, and a strong build quality, making the electric skateboard an ideal way to travel on the rough landscape like forest trails, hills, and many others.

If you’re craving for an adventure but don’t want to damage your e-skateboard or have some other safety concerns, then all-terrain skateboards are just for you.

These electric skateboards offer a smooth and stable riding experience. They minimize shocks from bumpy imperfections like rocks, dirt, and uneven surface with ease.

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Motor power and Range

The kind of experience all-terrain electric skateboards provide requires a powerful motor. Depending on your usage, you need to determine just how much power and speed you require.

Furthermore, the ease with which you’ll be able to charge the battery is also important to note.

A situation where you’d have to carry your e-skateboard all the back is something you’d want to avoid at all costs. That’s why you need to get the most appropriate range.

Types of Wheels

For any all-terrain skateboard, its wheels are the most important factor to consider. Unlike standard e-skateboards, the wheels are larger and bulkier.

The wider and bigger the wheels are, the smoother your ride will be but this smoothness comes at the cost of acceleration speed and the ability to take sharp turns. You’ll need to identify your preference before making a choice.


All-Terrain electric skateboards need to be highly durable to survive the rough landscape and other elements. All components especially the battery needs to be protected against dirt and water for a safe and thrilling ride.

The deck also needs to be strong enough to handle your weight. Materials like carbon fiber etc. are the perfect choice for the deck.


Finally, an all-terrain electric skateboard comes equipped with several features. It’s more powerful, bulkier, and generally has a much wider range compared to the standard e-skateboard options.

So, it’s no surprise that it comes with a hefty price tag.

An all-terrain skateboard is not a suitable option for beginners. If you have a limited budget or just have a general lack of interest in off-the-road skating, then this skateboard is most likely not for you.  

Key Takeaways of LaCroix Nazaré Lonestar

Nazaré Lonestar is an exceptional electric skateboard. It comes with premium quality components, a sophisticated design that can deliver an exceptional performance where speed, comfort, and thrill are all exemplary.

Let’s take a detailed look at its features.

Top speed

One of the most prominent features of Lonestar is its top speed. Backed with duel 190kv 6389 motors, this Lacroix board can breeze through most hurdles. 

While a limit hasn’t been set, the consensus about Nazaré Lonestar’s top speed is that it’s around 30 – 39 mph. That’s more than enough for an exhilarating ride!

Wide Range

Lacroix Nazara comes equipped with a 2152wh – 12s10p massive battery. This is large enough to add 1.5 inches to the deck from the ground. It’s enough to easily fuel a range of 50 to 60 miles on a single charge!

The battery recharges within 3 to 4 hours which is impressive considering its size and output. Its range is one of the best features, easily comparable with even the most expensive all-terrain skateboards out in the market. 

Perfect design

This electric skateboard comes with an impeccable design. Lonestar features a super-wide deck that gives users an ample amount of space to adjust and make quick turns.

 Its deck is built with Canadian maple, giving a highly stable grip on the board but the real charm are Lonestar’s incredible trucks. They’re built with durable aluminum and provide users with high stability as well as tuning ability.

Unparalleled riding experience

A pivotal focus of Nazaré Lonestar is to provide a smooth, effortless, and intuitive experience. It self-adjusts if you lean more than needed and even lets you try different settings to find the perfect style for you.

Be it a slow cruise or a fast blood-pumping ride, you can easily control all aspects of the electric skateboard with the included remote as well as its unity app.

While this Lacroix board may be heavier than its competitors, it’s designed in such a way as to feel as light as possible under your feet. 

Furthermore, the customer support behind Lacroix Nazare Lonestar is incredible and highly responsive. The Lacroix boards even offer several customization options during the time of purchase.

It even comes with options to upgrade and install several electric gadgets of your own.

Fast Acceleration

Lonestar’s acceleration packs a punch. It can easily take you to its top speed in record time.

While Nazaré Lonestar puts a lot of focus on providing you with absolute control over the skateboard, it’s still preferable to wear your all safety equipment before going on a ride.

Pros and Cons of LaCroix Nazaré LoneStar


  • A top speed within 30 – 40 mph
  • An incredible range
  • Beautiful and aesthetic design
  • Powerful motor
  • Intuitive Remote
  • Integrated Headlights
  • Components assembly allows space for additional gadgets
  • Comes with a one-year-long warranty


  • Expensive
  • Suitable for experienced e-skaters
  • Extremely heavy to carry around

Other Alternatives

Lacroix Nazare Lonestar isn’t the only all-terrain skateboard available. There are several other alternatives with similar characteristics that might fit your preference more.

Evolve Carbon GTR AT E Skateboard

The first alternative is the Carbon GTR skateboard. It’s a premium board that comes with a wide range of 31 miles on a single charge.

The most distinguishing feature of this skateboard is that it comes with 2 types of swappable wheels, optimized to provide a perfect on-the-road and off-the-road experience.

Evolve Carbon can reach a top speed of up to 26 mph, along with a smooth deck made with carbon fiber, which ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

Wowgo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Wowgoboard AT2 Electric Skateboard
Find On WowGo
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Wowgo AT2 comes equipped with everything you could ask from an all-terrain electric skateboard.

Its pneumatic wheels are durable enough to easily handle any kind of road imperfections and it holds an IP55 water resistance rating, letting you cruise through terrains without any worry.

This is a semi-budget choice that can deliver a top speed of 25 mph with its incredible 1500W dual motors. You even get 4 different modes with adjustable power levels.

The board’s battery on a single charge has a limited range of 22 miles. So, if you’re looking for long rides, then Wowgo AT2 might not be for you.

BajaBoard Pantera

BajaBoard Pantera is a perfect balance of power, aesthetics, and performance. It is one of the most expensive electric boards you’ll find in the market.

With its massive deck, the electric skateboard offers an incredibly smooth and stable ride.

BajaBoard Pantera comes integrated with premium quality components that could last for years. For ease and safety, it even has integrated headlights and taillights.

This all-terrain skateboard has not one, not two but four 3500W motors. With this amount of power behind it, it is unsurprising that BajaBoard Pantera can reach an unmatched speed of 44mph.

Furthermore, with a battery of 1100wh battery, it can reach a range of 30 miles.

Final thoughts

When it comes to design, power, and speed, Lacroix Nazare Lonestar provides a perfectly balanced experience.

While it may seem a bit expensive, the all-terrain electric skateboard is worth every penny. Lonestar Nazaré is determined to let users experience a ride that is thrilling, comfortable, and different from the rest of its competitors. 

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