King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle Review

Updated on February 23, 2021

If you love electric bicycles and are anything like us, you would know how exciting it is when it’s time for an upgrade.

With so many amazing options on the market, it can be hard to choose an electric unicycle with all your desired qualities.

This is why we have put together this King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle Review. Now you can look at all its amazing features and see if it works for you.

This product has features that should get every unicycle lover excited. It comes with BT speakers and two USB charging ports with one of the best trolley handles of this era. Want to know what makes it so exciting? Read on.

What’s Inside?

Let’s take an in-depth look on the amazing details and features of the King Song 18XL electric unicycle.

King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle
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The Look

It has a variety of colors to choose from, but if you opt for the sleek black matte then you are going to be treated with some military firmness as it does have a sleek rugged look to it.    

 If you know you mean business, then the King Song 18XL can never go wrong on that aspect as it comes with a sizeable handle and chunky footpads. Although it is not all that serious as on the side you are going to see a bright gleaming LED “gill”.        

Also, you are certainly not going to be embarrassed with many questions due to it having a business look, unlike the Glide 3 which looks like a fun child’s toy that gets everyone curious.

The Impression

This is a really heavy wheel to lift as you are likely going to experience it when unboxing. Once finally achieved, the look can be soothing to the eyes and it does have a good look.

It is properly designed and you are certainly going to get rewarded for the money spent when you purchase this product.  

The Ride

 Do you remember during your youthful age when your parents and family relations kept talking about the big cars and wheels, they cruised the town with back then? If you don’t remember then the 18XL is certainly going to jog up your memory as it includes;

  • A big appearance
  • Highly centered gravity with a product weight of 53 lbs and Max Load of 330 lbs
  • It requires some form of an effort to get it moving
  • It has a remarkable range with an average of 60 – 70 miles on a single charge

If you have forgotten your radius, starts, and stops, then now would be the best time to have a refresher course on all that, including how to absorb bumps at speed.

This product gives you comfort on the road as it is not just stable but well balanced at speed.

This King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle does live up to its bearing and makes you feel like a boss on the road. It absorbs whatever is thrown at it on the road, be it gravel, bumps, and jolts.

It is important to know that it does have huge footpads with a matching stock grip to give more firmness. The only annoyance you are likely to encounter is with the pads how difficult it might be folding it up.

However, that shouldn’t discourage you as there is a way of going about it, which is by loosening some key bolts as well as applying in some strategic places with WD40.

The Speed

Another good thing about this product is that it is relatively fast. You certainly don’t have to worry about running into potholes or bumps as it gives you that confidence.

However, for safety purposes, it is recommended you notice them on time and be sure to get your knees prepared on time. The only time you are going to feel uncomfortable on the wheels is when you are faced with multiple bumps on the road which would likely make you lose a bit of control.

The Range

It wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the range as this wheel is all about that. It is blessed with an enormous amount of range. Although it is not advisable to use it till it runs down, which is why it is recommended you use a fast charger, most especially when you are forced to make those crucial stops.

In essence, the King Song 18 XL doesn’t die off quickly and you are most likely to get exhausted before it does.

The App

Although the App isn’t quite straightforward like most apps, it is expected that you have someone to guide you in other to make the wheelwork.

 Additionally, you might be expected to have, or better still, know someone who can not only troubleshoot but at the same time help you locate replacement parts for your wheel.

You must have someone on standby, even if it means being in close contact with the manufacturer to aid you in the process. The recommended app would be the Wheel Log which makes it possible to carry out some adjustments to the wheel, such as temp, tracking charge.

 It is well-drafted in plain English and is void of those security questions that can be annoying when faced with.

The Long in Short:

This wheelis going to make you feel like you are replacing your car and give you that all-around comfort, and as well as making you feel like a real boss.

King Song 18XL Features and Benefits

  • Top Speed of about 31 mph
  • KS 18XL has a Max Range of ~70 miles
  • 18-inch wheel high-quality size
  • KS 18XL has a motor power of 2200w motor
  • King Song holds a solid 1554Wh battery
  • Dimensions: 23” H x 19.5” W x 7”
  • Speakers: Yes (4 speakers built-in sound system with an amplifier of 12v)
  • USB ports: Yes (A built-in USB ports to enable you to power and charge your device)
  • Safety Warning System: Yes

Conclusion: Is The KS 18XL Worth It?

The King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle is certainly is a common favorite and a great product for unicycle lovers. We particularly appreciate its battery capacity, speed, and safety system as these make the experience worthwhile.

Additionally,  the performance of this product is well improved, unlike older models/versions. With the King Song KS 18XL, you’re getting a high-quality ride in the electric unicycles arena and can enjoy taking off where you need to go with your King Song KS 18XL.

King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.