Inmotion V8 Review – Speed, Features, and Benefits

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Most riders find it a bit difficult riding through traffic wishing they had a portable machine that can get them through the hassles of getting to work.

However, there is a seamless way to avoid the traffic, the Inmotion V8 electric unicycle is seamless in providing balance for riders and ensures traffic has nothing on them.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Unicycle

Getting an electric unicycle might seem like a herculean task with different customer reviews about how hard it is to ride and maintain them.

Firstly, there is nothing that cannot be mastered without constant practice.

Secondly, if you are looking to avoid traffic and go through the narrowest routes to work or any destination, then owning an electric unicycle will be your best bet.

With an electric unicycle, you can get to the train station faster than when you ride a bicycle. Hence, you get to work quickly.

Some riders consider the proximity of their destination before getting an electric unicycle. The location of your regular destinations can impact your decision of getting an electric unicycle. However, it saves a lot of time and energy for relatively short distances.

Who are the people that can ride an electric unicycle? The answer is, anyone willing to learn the basics of riding.

It is a faster and less hectic alternative to bicycles and you can expect a clean ride regardless of the light cracks on the road.

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle
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Features and Benefits

The Inmotion V8 unicycle has different key features that make it unique from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at these specifications and their benefits to the riders.

Battery Range

The Inmotion V8 unicycle’s maximum limit without charge is 25 – 30 miles, with its battery capacity at 480Wh and 84V. This is incredible battery output and power from this one-wheeled beast!

Motor and Weight Limit

The Inmotion V8 unicycle comprises the 800W nominal motor which aids in the acceleration of the portable machine. However, the weight of the rider influences the speed and the overall performance of the Inmotion V8 unicycle.

Riders above 200lbs might not enjoy this model but will find comfort in the V10/V10f models. However, riders below will experience a better climbing performance, range, and speed.

Also, the Inmotion V8 weighs 31 pounds which makes it light on your feet, making your ride to school and work more enjoyable.


The top speed for this mileage is 19 mph with a wheel size of 16” x 1.95”.

Smooth Rides

The V8 unicycle guarantees a smooth ride particularly because of its adaptation to the road despite light cracks and bumps. However, you have to be careful when navigating difficult terrains on your way to your destination.

No one wants a situation where they get thrown off the rider therefore riding carefully in treacherous areas will ensure your safety.

Ride In The Rain – Fully Waterproof

The Inmotion V8 can withstand the rain and other small puddles of water but you have to be careful not to allow it to get submerged in water.

That can be detrimental to the internal circuits which will eventually affect the motor and the overall performance of your unicycle.


You can add your style to the Inmotion V8 with the availability of LED lighting effects of your choice. You can also listen to your music while you are on your way to your destination.

The V8 does not make a lot of noise, your ride is as cool as the breeze billowing your shirt as you cruise down the road.

Reviews from Inmotion Owners

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Easy to control, very mobile when need to hop into the train. Fits very well for city riding by sidewalks and cyclists lanes.

Amazon Customer

Many riders attribute the speed and power of the Inmotion V8, the motor is strong and can cover great miles without any issues.

People also enjoy the fact that despite the light cracks on the road for a portable machine, they still enjoy a clean and smooth ride.


However, some complain that the V8 does not do so well in off-road conditions. It is for urban use even with its strong exterior.

Another issue people found was when the battery gets to 20%, the machine bogs down a lot. Unfortunately, this means you only have a few miles left and will need to charge quickly.


There are other unicycle machines in the market that riders opt for. These machines have similar attributes just to the Inmotion V8, however, there are some differences that prompt riders to go for them. We will look at some of these alternatives closely.

King Song 18XL Electric Unicycle

This machine has an upgraded 220w motor that allows for long distances. It also has large pedals that allow for the smoothest rides and includes a built-in retractable trolley, 4 speaker sound system, data connectivity. It has a top speed of 31 mph with a range between 70 – 80 miles.

The battery pack is 1554wh, 84V with balancing, and short circuit protection. The 18xl has a max weight threshold of 265lbs and the machine itself weighs 52lbs. With its dimensions, 23” H x 19.5” W x 7”, it has an extra-large diameter tire which makes it easy to glide on semi-rough surfaces.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Self-Balancing Scooter

The Segway S-plus differs from other modifications as its maximum speed is 12.5 mph with a typical range of 22 miles. It has a motor capacity of 4000W making it real sturdy as well as being able to accommodate 220lbs after one charge. The machine weighs 36lbs and can be used by people within 16 – 50 years.

The machine also has a joystick that helps to control the device, you can turn on the follow mode to let the S-plus follow you even after riding. So, there is no need to carry the machine.

One Wheel Pint Skateboard

Some call this a fun machine from the future, it weighs 23 pounds and has a unique design. The motor capacity is 750W with a top speed of 16mph. Its max range is 12 – 18 miles alongside a charge time of 1.5 – 2 hours. The one-wheel pint skateboard weighs 10.5 kg compact for small everyday journeys and adventures.


Inmotion V8 electric unicycle has seamless functions as it enables riders to have a smooth ride. With its relatively small size, it can go a decent mileage with an ample battery pack.

The power it packs is strong enough to go through roads with cracks and light bumps so riders can enjoy the journey to work, school, and other destinations. It’s definitely a must-have for riders.

InMotion V8 Electric Unicycle
Currently unavailable.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/31/2022 09:32 pm GMT
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