How To Put On Scooter Grips – Hairspray, Zip Ties, & More DIY Tricks

How To Put On Scooter Grips - Hairspray, Zip Ties, & More DIY Tricks 1

Comfort comes in different ways, especially if you drive wheelers, i.e., 2-, 3-, or 4-wheeler. As a must, you should have some important features on your vehicle or automotive that would make life easier for you.

Scooters, for example, there are many things to put into consideration in the search for comfort. However, one of the many useful features to have is the scooter grips.

It provides comfort and enhances control while riding, and also makes it possible to do stunts.

In this article, you’ll find out how to put on scooter handlebar grips; great options you can try out; and other things you need to know before buying new grips.

How to put on grips on a scooter?

Scooter grips are always a must-have for every rider who wants to feel safe, secure, and comfortable when riding.

If you are ready to start using one, there are two ways to go about it – with an air compressor and without an air compressor.

With Air Compressor

Installing handlebar grips with an air compressor is the simplest method, so far, because in four easy steps, you are set.

Ideally, what this compressor does is push air between the grip and scooter bar to make sure it is stable and secure.

To install a grip with an air compressor below is the four steps involved:

  1. Clean the handlebar properly
  2. Use your hand to slide the grip to the bar
  3. Place the nozzle from the air compressor to the grip’s edge
  4. Blow the air between the grip and the bar to slide the grip on.

With No Air Compressor

If you know you cannot afford an air compressor, you can decide to go for alternative methods, i.e., installing without air compressors.

In this case, there are 6 effective ways to install scooter grips.

With Isopropyl alcohol

Add a decent amount of alcohol inside the grip and on the handlebar, and then slide the grip into the bar. With alcohol lubricating both surfaces, it should slide in smoothly. Leave for a few hours to keep it dry.

With Hairspray

Hairspray has almost the same components as isopropyl alcohol but it is stickier and better.

Likewise, lightly spray the handlebar with any type of hair spray, as well as inside the grip. Slide the grip in the bar, and wait for some minutes or hours to keep it dry.

With Spray paint

Spray paints are not always the best option because they are always excessive and that could affect the sticky level needed for the bar.

If this is an option you’d like to try out, apply to spray paint on the handlebar ends, and inside the grip, and slide in.

With Zip Ties

Using zip ties is a little bit of a complex method to wear new grips.

In this case, you’ll need about 4 zip ties that are longer than the grips.

First, feed each of the zip ties inside each grip, and make the lock mechanism stay at the center.

The next step is to slide the grip to the bar and make sure the zip ties are spaced enough. Ensure also that the grips are past the bar ends completely.

Finally, use a pair of pliers to remove the zip ties or cut with scissors or knife, and let the grip slide naturally into place.

With Tire/Air Pump

As the air compressor, the tire or air pump is another method to install grips to bars. The only differences are: it’s not as powerful as the latter and you’d need someone’s help.

While you hold the nozzle of the tire pump, the other person is pumping so that you can successfully wear the new grips to the bars.

Can You Put On Slip On Grips?

The choice of grips is consequential because it determines safety. For that reason, you need to be quite decisive.

For scooters with upright or flat handlebars, the grips must be secure to avoid them from slipping or moving.

However, most scooters use any of the two attachment methods for safety – slip-on and lock.

Can You Put Bar Ends on a Scooter?

Putting bar ends on a scooter is almost asking to put a bar on a scooter – the bar determines the bar ends.

Generally, there are two types of bars for scooters oversized and general.

The choice of either type of bar is dependent on the age category of the rider. There is a sizing chart for that.

Besides, there are different reasons why you could want to change your bars.

How Do You Clean Scooter Grips?

Cleaning scooter grips is as important as installing them.

Due to the application of lubricant like hairspray, to facilitate its install process, and the constant riding around with the scooter, grim may build up around the bars.

If this grim doesn’t get cleaned up quickly, it could peel or eat up the plastic or rubber material around the bar.

You can either wash the grips in a sink with a good detergent or carefully use lukewarm water and a new brush to get rid of the dirt or debris.

Check with the bar ends to make sure they are clean and in good condition before replacing the grips back to the bars.

Top Scooter Grips

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 6 scooter grips on the market.

Boenoea Handlebar Grips

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01/30/2022 12:40 am GMT

Boenoea Handlebar Grips is one of the best options on the market designed solely for pro stunts.

It is a junior-sized bar grip measuring about 145mm in size. The rubber material is durable and top-notch but requires good care.

This grip comes with bar-end caps, and it is not only perfect for scooters but also for bikes.

Kutrick Handlebar Grips

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01/30/2022 12:37 am GMT

Another junior-sized choice is the Kutrick Handlebar Grips. It is a flangeless grip with long neck, soft, and fancy body. It is designed for pro-stunts scooters and BMX bikes.

Kutrick Handlebar Grips is also known for its durable nature and perfect handling. It is indeed comfortable and easy to use.

This grip comes with bar-end plugs.

It is recommended that soapy dishwater and alcohol are used to keep it worn onto a scooter bar.

Hapleby Premium Handlebar Grips

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01/30/2022 12:37 am GMT

Hapleby Premium Grips is the perfect anti-slip and professional choice on the market for grips. It is perfect for different riding occasions, including mountain biking and scooting.

This grip is built durable with a high-quality TPR green rubber, and an extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort with an anti-slip design. These features make a rider comfortable anywhere.

Hapleby comes with a new 2 pcs screw and 2 pc allen wrench.

Odi MX Longneck SL No Flange Grip

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01/30/2022 12:38 am GMT

For those who want a no-flange option, Odi MX Longneck SL is the perfect grip to use.

This flangeless grip is a limited edition, making it quite special and popular with athletes and professional scoots. 

It has a 134mm length with a classic mushroom style and a collapsible rib pattern constructed with soft rubber material for comfort.

Odi MX Longneck also comes with bar-end plugs.

Marque MTB BMX Scooter Grips

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01/30/2022 12:38 am GMT

For flat straight bars, Marque MTB BMX Scooter Grips is a wonderful choice. It is a 140mm grip designed to be non-slip, ensuring great security and comfort.

It has a distinct multidirectional pattern for confident gripping and shock-absorbing TPR rubber material for great riding.

Marque MTB is easy to install and it gives the most ergonomic feel.

Z-FIRST Handlebar Grips

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01/30/2022 12:38 am GMT

One more on the list of pro stunts scooter bar grips is the Z-First Longneck.

It is an interesting choice since it is also made of TPE rubber material for comfort and durability.

Z-FIRST Handlebar grips are 145mm in length. It also has bar end caps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Remove a Bar End from a Scooter?

Scooter grips with bar ends may seem a little bit difficult; however, they aren’t.

There are two types, namely: plastic and metal bar ends.

What you have to do is grab the bar end closely but carefully and rotate the caps clockwise until the bar end is free or slides up.

If the bar ends prove difficult, you can get a screwdriver or wrench whatever the case may be. You’d have to apply more pressure to get the bar end out.

What is another alternative for Scooter Handlebar Grips?

If you aren’t in the best position to replace your old handlebar grips with new ones, you can try out another alternative – a grip tape.

The tape may not look so standard but it’s a perfect sticky replacement.

However, you may want to be careful while installing it to ensure it doesn’t fall off easily.


From here, you should have understood a thing or two about installing new grips onto your bars. Making sure it is dry before using it is also important to enjoy long-term comfort.

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