11 DIY Options for Hanging Your Skateboards

11 DIY Options for Hanging Your Skateboards

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Skateboards are famous everywhere, but they are at the peak of their popularity in the United States.

This is not a new phenomenon as well, almost all of us have gone through a skateboarding phase, and some still use one. Most of us can relate to how precious our collection of different attractive decks was for us.

For serious skateboarders, the emotional attachment is tenfold. For such people, hanging skateboards on the wall is by far the best solution as it’s both safe and looks extremely cool.  

So, What’s the Perfect Answer to How to Hang Skateboards on a Wall?

Whether you are looking for ways to showcase your deck collection or to safely keep your collection safe, hanging skateboards on a wall is the simplest and most common answer to your needs.

The best part is that you are only limited by your imagination. You are free to go for pre-made racks or become creative and flex your DIY muscles.

Here are some great ideas you can use to hang your skateboards on a wall

1. Rope Hangers

This is perhaps the simplest method of beautifully hanging your skateboards on a wall. All you’ll need is a few simple tools and ropes along with an excellent aesthetic sense to decide where to hang your skateboards.

You’ll find down the list that many wall hanging methods require you to remove the wheels of your skateboards. However, using rope hangers does not force you to do that.

You can easily showcase your collection and use the skateboard without any issue.

The process to do it is quite simple as well. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do.

  1. Take a rope and tie a knot on both wheels of your skateboard
  2. On the wall, use a pencil to mark the appropriate points according to the dimensions of your skateboard
  3. Select the center-most point and hammer a nail on your wall (You can also use a screwdriver if that’s easier)
  4. Hang the rope and skateboard on the nail/screw and ensure that it’s centered

2. Fishing Line

Perhaps you might be bothered by the large rope protruding from the back of your skateboards. Then using fishing lines is an elegant way of elevating the decor but at the cost of functionality.

For this, you’ll have to remove the wheels or trucks from your skateboards.

Using fishing lines is one of the simplest methods that can get you excellent results. If you are creative, you can create beautiful designs that’ll look as if your skateboard is levitating without any support.

To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Hammer nails or hooks on the places where you want to hang the skateboard
  2. Use scissors or cutters to cut up to 10-inch pieces of the fishing line
  3. Remove the wheels from your skateboard
  4. Insert the string through the hole left by removing the wheels, and tie multiple knots for the best results

Finally, hang the deck in the vertical position by putting the other end of your fishing line through the hook

3. Adhesive Hooks

Another common solution that people often use is adhesive hooks. The process is simple, you can use both ropes or fishing lines to secure the skateboard but won’t have to permanently damage your wall with nails or screws.

The working mechanism of these hooks is simple. They come with a special pressure=sensitive adhesive that sticks to most surfaces without any issues and delivers the same grip as a nail or screw for a limited amount of weight.

You’ll have to be careful while selecting the hook and ensure that your choice can sustain the weight of 4-5 pounds, which is the average for skateboards.

4. Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are the only solution in this list that you can buy directly from the market. They are specifically designed for the purpose and deliver unmatched performance when it comes to safety and permanence.

However, you’ll have to remove the wheels of your skateboards if you want to use most of them.

Generally, setting up wall mounts requires you to use a few tools and spend some time. However, the process is still relatively straightforward and you’ll enjoy minimum failure possibilities as a result.

Here are the general steps you’ll need to take for safely hanging your skateboards with a wall mount:

  1. Use a drill to make holes in the suitable places on the wall
  2. Screw the wall mount so that it remains attached to the wall
  3. Secure the mount with the provided bolts for the skateboard deck
  4. Hold the deck in the appropriate place and secure it with the central bolt
  5. Finally, tighten all the nuts to ensure perfect mounting

Please note that there are some wall mounts that offer grab-n-go designs and don’t require you to permanently secure the skateboard. For such cases, simply secure the mount on the wall and attach your skateboard in the correct manner

Alternative DIY Options for Hanging Your Skateboards

Wall mounts for hanging skateboards are quite expensive.

So, you need to be careful while buying them so you can get the best deal. Just as there are brand names that don’t deliver as much value for money, there are some cheaper models with subpar quality that can waste your investment.

The following 7 choices deliver the best balance between price and quality.

1. SkateHoarding HoverMount Skateboard Wall Hanger

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Simple, elegant, and functional. The SkateHoarding wall hanger checks all boxes when it comes to quality and aesthetics.

The wall mount is quite easy to assemble and allows you to change the mounted skateboard by unscrewing a single bolt.

Unlike many options, you don’t have to make any hole in the skateboard deck as well and you can use it for all kinds of skateboards regardless of their length or type.

2. Grab & Go Skateboard Hanger

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If you are looking for a way to hang your skateboards without eliminating the opportunity of using them at will, then this is the natural choice for you.

This wall mount is specially designed to accommodate users who like to use the skateboards they showcase frequently.

You won’t have to remove the wheels but will enjoy the same aesthetics and functionality that you get from any other wall mount for skateboards.

3. Grab & Go Edge Side-Mounting Skateboard

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Just like the previous listing, this skateboard wall mount also allows you to retain your skateboard’s use without any compromise on the overall aesthetics and safety.

The design, however, is slightly different. You’ll side-mount your skateboard, which is ideal if you have limited space or a large number of skateboards.

Some people prefer the overall look of side-mounted skateboards as well. If you are one of them, then you’ll definitely like this.

4. Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

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This is another simple design that lets your secure your skateboards without removing the wheels.

Made from 100% natural bamboo that is grown sustainably, this is a great choice for users who care for the environment and are looking to avoid plastics and other similar items.

The versatile skateboard rack is perfect if you have different types of skateboards. From a small penny board to a longboard, this wall mount will easily handle anything you want, without compromising the looks and safety.

5. Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display

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For those who prefer to showcase their skateboard collection and seldom use them, the Sk8ology is a great choice that delivers premium aesthetics at a fraction of the price.

The minimalist wall rack is designed to make your skateboard levitate and look as if nothing holding it up.

The wall mount will give you the same feeling that you get in a pro’s home or a skateboard shop.

6. WANLIAN Skateboard Wall Mount Display

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Another great option is Wanlian Skateboard mount. An invisible mount that blends well with your decor and creates the look floating skateboard.

Simple and easy to install requiring anchors in a few screws. The mount width can be adjusted so it can accommodate all types of boards. If you’re not into the transparent look the Wanlian Mount is also offered in black.

7. Jupitoo Skateboard Rack Wall Mount

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The most common Skateboard on our list is the Jupitoo Wall Mount. If you have ever been to any skateboard store you’ve probably come across this wall mount.

Jupitoo is made of quality ABS plastic with an I-beam design to provide excellent support.

Similar to other boards on this list Jupitoo is a breeze to install and works great in an empty space. It’s multifunctional as it can store skateboards, scooters, and helmets.

Final Thoughts About Hanging Skateboards on a Wall

Skateboarding is not limited to the kind of boards you use on the road.

People serious about it ensure that all their boards are kept safe but are also visible to any visitor. What’s the use of having the best collection if it’s tucked away in a garage somewhere?

Hanging skateboards on a wall is the perfect solution that fulfills both of these requirements. You can easily show your entire collection even in limited spaces and keep your boards safe without any issues. 

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