How To Adjust Electric Scooter Brakes – 7 Easy Steps

Electric Scooter Brakes

Every single-, two-, three-wheeler or vehicle has an operating mechanism. There are a couple of features that contribute to their active operation and enable their movement across different types of surfaces.

One of those features is the brakes – a vital component for safety and control.

Electric scooters are one of the fastest-growing three-wheelers in the world now, and it is incredible how they’ve come a long way due to the advancements in technology

Today, electric scooters have great components including hydraulic or mechanical brakes that can be used to ensure safety when riding anywhere in the city.

But what happens when the brakes aren’t totally in place? How do you adjust them? Find out in this article that explicitly discusses how to adjust an electric scooter brake.

What are the Tools Needed?

Before going into details about how to fix an electric scooter’s brake, let’s take a look at the tools or equipment you’ll need to get on with it below.

  • A 2 mm Allen wrench
  • A 4 mm Allen wrench
  • A 5 mm Allen wrench
  • An 8 mm Open-ended wrench

How Do Brakes Work on Electric Scooters?

Likewise, you also need to be in the know on how brakes work on electric scooters.

So, here is what you should know:

First, electric scooters are designed to use two different types of brakes – Hydraulic and Mechanical Brakes.

Hydraulic Brakes – How do they work?

Hydraulic brakes use mechanical force to put a scooter to a halt.

They develop that force when hydraulic pressure is created by the compressing or squeezing of the hydraulic fluid in the piston. This pressure is held in the brake lines which itself is connected to the brakes, putting the scooter to a stop.

Mechanical Brakes – How do they work?

Mechanical brakes use a cable system to put a scooter to a halt.

The cable runs from the lever to the wheel – so that when the brake lever is squeezed, the caliper in the disc brakes also gets the same reaction. Ultimately, the cable reduces in length and the scooter comes to a stop.

Interestingly, the mechanical brake and the hydraulic brake come in two different forms – drum and disc brakes.

The disc brakes

Disc brakes have disc-like rotors attached to the wheel assembly – if the wheel spins, the disc spins. When pressure is applied to the brakes, the rotor is pressed against the sacrificial brake pads protected by the calipers. That action puts the electric scooter to a halt.

The drum brakes

Drum brakes are also attached to the wheel assembly; however, they are enclosed in the wheel until when needed. So, when the brake lever is pulled, the sacrificial brake pads force the drum to move slowly, thus affecting the wheel. That action makes the electric scooter stop.

Which Should You Choose?

Disc brakes are the most appropriate choice for anyone riding an electric scooter. They are so much better than drum brakes.

Likewise, mechanical brakes are also much great with electric scooters than hydraulic ones.

That being said, you should be looking at a mechanical disc brake for your electric scooter.

Why Do You Need to Adjust Electric Scooters Brakes?

There are different reasons why you may want to adjust the brake on your scooter but primarily because of the squeaky sound.

Riding your electric scooter should be seamless but soon, you may start to develop or hear squeaky sounds from the brakes because of the following reasons:

  • The brake pads are having difficulty getting well-positioned in the scooter
  • The brakes may have been contaminated one way or another
  • The alignment of the brakes with the designated surfaces is improper
  • Bad brakes can cause vibrations or noise

How Do You Adjust the Front Brakes on a Scooter? – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve identified what could cause squeaky brake noise, you may as well proceed to fixing it. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to adjust the front brakes on your electric scooter.

Step 1: Inspect the Brake Cable

How To Adjust Electric Scooter Brakes - 7 Easy Steps 1

The first and the most important thing you need to do is to inspect the brake cable. You may never know if you’ll need a cable adjustment until you check.

Start by pulling the brake lever and see if it is too loose or slacking. If it is, then you definitely need an adjustment.

So, first, look for the adjuster around the cable – it often comes as a lock-nut or a plastic knob in mechanical brakes. Tighten either of them using the 8 mm open-ended wrench.

If you pull the brake lever, and it is dragging, then you need to loosen the adjuster using the same wrench.

What you need to feel during a cable adjustment is a good response – not dragging or slacking.

Step 2: Fix the Cable Clamp

How To Adjust Electric Scooter Brakes - 7 Easy Steps 2

You can also do further cable adjustment by fixing the clamp. This time around, you’ll need to reposition the cable clamp by loosening the bolt using a different type of wrench – the 4 mm Allen.

Adjust the cable properly until you don’t feel any slack, then put in the bolt and tighten back with the same wrench.

Step 3: Inspect the Mounting Bolts

Apart from Cable Adjustment, Caliper Adjustment is another considerable thing to do to fix electric scooter brakes.

First, it involves inspecting the mounting bolts and making sure they aren’t too loose. If they are, you’ll need a 4 mm Allen wrench to loosen them. Then, you’ll need to make sure the caliper and the rotor are in alignment before locking down the mounting bolts with the wrench.

Step 4: Separate the Rotor from the Housing

How To Adjust Electric Scooter Brakes - 7 Easy Steps 3

Still, on Caliper Adjustment, you’ll also need to separate the rotor from the housing and ensure the brake pads are not close to it for proper repositioning.

Then, you’ll have to release the caliper from the rotor by rotating the grub screw using a 2 mm Allen wrench.

Step 5: Align the Calipers Properly

In order to be more precise with the adjustment of the calipers, you’ll also need to align them properly by loosening the adjuster.

Here you will need a 5 mm Allen wrench to rotate and loosen the adjuster to align the calipers correctly.

Step 6: Ensure the Rotor and the Housing Align with the Brake Pad

Finally that the calipers are aligned, the brake housing and the rotor are the next part that needs a little bit of work.

You’ll need to align them correctly and make sure that the mounting bolts are tightened well enough to prevent them from coming loose and exposing the calipers all over.

Also, you are making sure that the inner brake pads are not touching the tire completely at every turn.

Step 7: See if There are Any Changes

How To Adjust Electric Scooter Brakes - 7 Easy Steps 4

Set the outer brake pad properly and see if changes have taken place. You can tell from the illumination of the taillight when the brake lever is pulled.


Regarding electric scooters and brakes, there is so much to know especially one that concerns your safety. Learning how to adjust the brakes is definitely one of them – besides, nobody wants a squeaky, noisy ride.

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