How To Hang A Bike Vertically – Smart DIY Ideas

How To Hang A Bike Vertically - Smart DIY Ideas 1

If you’re an avid cyclist one of the biggest challenges, you can face is bike storage.

There are tons of solutions out in the market that can help bike enthusiast store their bikes. But how about e-bikers?

Hanging a heavy e-bike is a tall task. There are so many aspects to consider.

The weight, size, or even the wall type can have an influence on how you mount your e-bike.

There are also different types of bike storage racks ranging from free-stands, Gravity stands, kickstand, or even ceiling mounts.

Of course, you didn’t click on this post to read about those mounts.

So, is Hanging a heavy e-bike vertically, possible? The short answer is but there are few hurdles you must jump over.

If you want to build something that is halfway decent it shouldn’t be an issue.

Keep in mind the load capacity of the hook or mount your e-bike will be hanging from.

You can also remove the battery to lessen the electric bike weight. In this post, we provide some tips to store your electric bike vertically.

How Much Does An Electric Bike Weight? Average Size

On average electric bikes weigh more than a conventional bike. This because electric bikes contain a motor, controller, and batteries.

All those extra components make electric bikes heavy.

The typical range an electric can weigh between 40-60 pounds. Compare this to the average size and you can see a bit of difference.

It’s important to know the weight of your e-bike. It will factor into the mount’s maximum load capacity.

You don’t want to use a mount that isn’t meant to hold less than what your bike weighs.

It can cause complications like the mount breaking or it could pull out from the wall.

If unsure about your electric bikes weight read the user manual or search for bike weight online.

If you’re having trouble with those methods then you can weigh yourself on a scale while holding onto the e-bike.

Subtract your regular weight from the weight you gain while holding onto the e-bike.

How To Hang A Bike Vertically - Smart DIY Ideas 2

Wheel Thickness Does It Matter

Wheel thickness is needed to be considered since the front tire of the bike will be hooking onto your mount.

To measure your exact width, it’s best to get a ruler and measure the width of your tire. Below we listed some common ranges for various tire types.

Average Tire Sizes 

Urban commuter tires can range averages 1.3-1.75″ or 32-42mm

Traditional Mountain Bike Tires Averages 1.75-2.7” or 44-69mm

Fat tire Averages 2.75-3.2″ or 70-81mm

The road, mountain, hybrid, BMX, cruiser bikes all have their own wheel sizes. In some cases, clearance between the mount and the tire may not fit well.

Before you buy a particular mount, you need to read the product listing for the wheel sizes that a mount will support.

Vertical Mounts To Consider

It’s easy to walk up to your bike vertically without having hoist it up. Vertical wall mounts are best for people with limited wall space. There lots of cyclists who enjoy this in-apartment style.

There are few different mounts that can help you mount an electric bike vertically.


The most cost-effective on the list are hooks found at traditional hardware stores.

No need to reinvent the wheel with these bike hooks. The one listed on amazon has a load capacity of 100Ibs and does the job.

Usually, this hook needs to be screwed into a stud, in layman terms, the wood found behind your drywall.

Listed below are few different style hooks we found on amazon.

Bike mounts

Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

For those of you looking for a vertical mount that is a bit more stylish and doesn’t protrude out from the wall. Then Steadyrack Fender Rack is right up your ally.

It fits road, hybrid, and select mountain bikes with tire diameters 20 to 29.

Steadyrack comes in 4 variations, classic, fender, MTB, and fat rack. The difference in each variation is the tire size it can mount. How To Hang A Bike Vertically - Smart DIY Ideas 3

Steady rack frees up valuable floor space using a 160 Degree side-to-side swivel. The link is listed below.

The Steadyrack has a load capacity of 77 lbs. The front-wheel mounts onto the durable steel frame. While the back-tire rests securely against the included tire wedge.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/30/2022 12:39 am GMT

If you have multiple electric bikes, we suggest you look at the Koova wall mount.

As mentioned earlier in this post, pay attention to the load capacity. Follow the best guidelines for installation.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/30/2022 12:39 am GMT

Dirza Bike Rack Mount

Dirza bike mount is an easy install mount, a very simple design with a load capacity of 65Ibs. The fixed hook lets you hang and detach the bike in seconds.

Space-saving, great for shed corner and garage storage. Unlike regular hooks, it has a rubber backing to prevent wall scratches.

Might have to use your own hardware. The anchor screws provided stripped out easily.

We recommend using stronger hollow wall anchors that butterfly out after inserting them within the stud.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/30/2022 12:36 am GMT

Free Standing Vertical Mount

Dinsam Top Vertical Bike Stand

For cyclists who aren’t comfortable with mounting their e-bike vertically against a wall maybe the Dinsam Vertical bike stand is for you.

No need to worry about damage or scratching the walls. It’s a free-standing mount, the bike stand will fit almost all bikes ranging from 20″ – 24″ Kids Bikes, 25″ TO 27″ mountain bikes.

It’s a portable bicycle parking rack, easy to install, easy to carry saving precious floor space.

If the weight of your e-bike is spread across the frame and is not top-heavy, Dinsam bike will be able to support an e-bike.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Prep for Storage

First off, any bike you hang vertically will protrude outward. The handlebar and seat pointing directly in your direction.

It’s important to prepare a spot beforehand to prevent any damage when you’re ready to take it out again. This is especially important if you’re a seasonal rider.

Having a space large enough is only the first part of the equation. Hang it in an area away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Electric bike riders should be mindful of areas that more prone to colder conditions. Areas like garages or outdoor sheds could present a risk if your bike stored outside incorrectly. As the battery performance will be altered if gets too cold.

Installing A Vertical Mount

Typically, installation for most of these mounts is the same. Requiring a drill, drill bit, stud finder, anchors, screwdriver, and in some cases to a piece of 2×4.

It’s needed in some cases to help reinforce hooks into the wood.

Measurements of the bike’s length with respect to the wall should be known beforehand. In doing so, you can prevent the bike from mounted to high or low.

If it’s to low the back wheel will rest on the ground. Any sudden movements will render the electric bike completely unstable. Potentially knocking it off the hook.

You can get a stud finder at your local hardware store. Usually, a stud finder is needed if you’re having a hard time finding the stud behind the wall.

Using a pencil mark where the pilot hole will be drilled. Make sure it’s somewhere along the stud area.

Based on the anchor or screw size drill in your pilot hole.

Push the anchor into each pilot hole, line the bike mount where that hole is, and twist the screw in until it’s secure.

Now, what I described is very brief and high-level. If you’re looking for an install guide that’s more depth click here, or you can search on YouTube for tutorials.

Making Your Own E-Bike Mount From Scratch

There loads of tutorials online that show cyclists how to build their own mounts from scratch. Typically, there simply and require a few wood 2×4, screws, and hooks to build one out.

There is an awesome video below that demonstrates how to install it yourself.

Can Damage Your Electric Bikes Front Wheel?

Your front wheel will not get damaged if you properly store it. Electric bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles, so hanging from the spokes is a bad idea.

Although the spokes are designed to receive this sort of tension, it’s a good idea to hang it from the rim.

Yes, there is a risk of the electric bike falling, but that’s why storing it properly is key.

A common issue that can occur is the rear wheel scratching or dirtying the wall. Try screwing a block of wood or a rubber wedge into the wall where the rear will sit. This can help prevent those unnecessary wall scratch ups.

electric bike vertical mount


Mounting your electric bike vertically presents some challenges, the biggest being weight.

Yet, it’s a convenient option with respect to the other ways one can mount an e-bike. You can save space, keep the bike from tipping or falling over.

Hanging your e-bike securely requires preparation. Aspects like dimensions and weight of an electric bike are good to know beforehand.

Once you’re able to mount it vertically, it does come with some perks.

The ease of access to your bike is also a welcome addition. If you have the tools and some basic DIY skills then you should be able to mount with no problems.

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