Top 10 Fastest Electric Skateboards – Who Made The Cut

10 Fastest Electric Skateboards

There is no fun/thrill to riding electric skateboards that have low speed, and this is why skateboard lovers would do anything to have the fastest electric skateboards!

Hence, we have curated a list of the top 10 fastest electric skateboards on our planet earth!

Why Would You Want an Electric board, Its Advantages, and Disadvantages

We are currently in a world where everyone craves fast things; fast foods, fast cars, etc., and the sole reason for this is that time is a scarce commodity that people can’t get back once it is gone!

Like those items mentioned, fast e boards are the new cravings, as lovers of skateboards have ditched the regular skateboards for them!!

You might wonder what the big deal is in the fastest electric skateboards, follow us as we talk about the advantages of fast e boards.


Firstly, people are naturally thrilled by top speed, and one benefit of fast electric skateboards is that they are thrilling!!

That might sound vain, but this is the truth!

Of course, the second advantage is that they help you beat time. When you ride fast electric skateboards, you get to your destination in time, and you exert less energy than when you walk.

Asides from these, another top reason why you would fall heads over heels with a fast electric skateboard is that they can navigate different terrains faster than your regular boards!


Regardless of how cool fast electric skateboards are; they have their shortcomings such as:

Fast electric skateboards can cause accidents if care is not taken!!

Also, they are quite expensive! Not to forget to mention that they can be heavy to carry around.

Above all, fast electric skateboards are not just beauties to own, but they are also fun to ride!!!

Top 10 Fastest Electric Skateboards

1. Bajaboard Pantera

Featuring a maximum top speed of 72 km h (45 mph), this e board thinks it holds the world record of fastest e board. But not when there is the NGV Nextboard carbon fiber deck board coming in at a fastest speed of 59.55 mph (95.83 km h)!!!!

(The NGV Nextboard carbon fiber deck is the only e board to set the Guinness world record as the world’s fastest electric board, with Mischo Erban as the rider!!!)

Besides, this e board is suitable for all surfaces, you can ride it everywhere!!!

With its special shock absorbers system, adjustable suspension, four (110-amp) controller, this electric skateboard will definitely give you a run for your money!!!

Range: 31 miles (50 km h)

Battery: 1100 Wh

Remote: Customizable remote control


1. Features a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

2. Versatile for different surfaces.

3. Top speed is powered by 4 3.5 KW motors.

4. Charging time of 2.5 hours.


1. Expensive.

2. Not suitable for beginners.

2. Lacroix Nazare

This fast electric skateboard hits a massive top speed of 66 km h (41 mph), and we are impressed!!

Do you think that’s the catch?

The catch for us is the gear belts that aid a swift and seamless gear change, and the 6389-130 kv dual motors that power the board efficiently, and its triaxial fiberglass and maple asymmetrical design that gives the deck a stylish look

The icing of this electric skateboard is its 8-inch Kendra tires that can run over everything in its track!!

Range: 40 miles (64 km)

Battery: 882 Wh

Remote: Hoyt Puck


1. Features a 40% hill gradient.

2. Features LED front lights.


1. Not water-resistant.

2. Not portable.

3. Expensive.

3. ONSRA Black Carve

At a maximum top speed of 55 km h (35 mph), this electric skateboard is not the fastest electric skateboard on the market!!

But the good part of this electric skateboard is its powerful dual direct-drive and hobbywing turbo 12s ESC combo that powers the e board to offer an appealing riding experience!

Besides, this skateboard features a short deck and double kingpin trucks that make this electric skateboard one of the best electric skateboard brands designed for carving.

Also, this electric longboard features 115mm x 64 mm tires that are durable and have a 70A grippy level (courtesy of its 4 mm shock-absorbing grip tape) such that the ONSRA Black Carve can hold its own against any type of road surface and terrains.

Range: 28 miles (45 kmh)

Battery: Samsung 466Wh

Remote:  Roller Thumb Wheel remote control


1. 2. Small with a 10.3 kg weight and rider weight of 120 kg.

2. Features regenerative brakes.

3. Features a grip tape and is waterproof.

4. Features 3 riding speed modes.


1. Expensive.

4. Meepo AWD PRO

Known as one of the fastest of the Meepo range of electric skateboards and the board with the most powerful hub motors, the all-wheel-drive Meepo AWD PRO is still a bit behind the afore-mentioned electric skateboards when it comes to top speed, as this e skateboard pulls just an average high speed of 55 km h (34 mph).

But what it lacks in speed, this e skateboard makes up for with its hill gradient. At a 35% hill gradient value, the board is suitable for up hills!!

Another thumb up for this 40 inches’ electric skateboard is its 100 mm x 58mm tires, which when coupled with its 4 (540 watt) powerful motors, boasts balance and incredible motor power!!

This board has the regenerative braking feature that enables this electric board to brake seamlessly with fluidity and speed and also recharges itself.

Range: 24 kmh (15 miles)

Battery: Sony 144 Wh

Remote: AWD remote control


1. Cheap.

2. Max weight capacity is 300 lbs.

3. The material of the board comes from ply Canadian Maple.

5. Features 2 ply bamboo deck.


  1. The wheels are not suitable for wet surfaces.

5. Backfire Zealot S

Featuring 2 (875W) high torque hobbywing belt-drive motors, this electric board performs averagely at a top speed of 48 km h (30 mph), which when compared to the top speed of the first 4 electric skateboards, is child’s play.

Regardless of that, with 96 mm tires, this e board boasts strength and balance that you can’t find anywhere.

The best part of this e board is that you can power on and power off your electric board with the remote!!

Range: 39 kmh (24 miles)

Battery: 346 Wh

Remote: R3

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1. Cheap.

2. It is a belt-driven changing tire electric board.

3. Features 3 acceleration modes.


1. Suitable for street surfaces.

2. Not waterproof.

6. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II

Coming in with a top speed of 48 km h (30 mph), this board features four (4) speed and brake modes: 7.5 mph, 17.4 mph, 25 mph (just like the Exway x1 dual motors e board), and 28 mph; which is a feature that most electric skateboards lack.

The highest number of speed modes that most electric skateboards have is three.

Also, the ESC and battery cases are made from aluminum alloy material that helps to dissipate heat and mitigate crashes.

This e board features a wireless LCD screen remote system where the rider can check vital information.

Its 900W dual wheel motors and fitted 100 mm wheel drive powers this e skateboard to perform amazingly outstanding and smooth!!

Range: 28 mph (15 miles)

Battery: Samsung 6000 mAh 30Q Lithium ion battery

Remote: LED screen


1. Features a swappable battery pack.

2. Deck comes with extra 90 mm wheels.

3. IP67 waterproof rating.

4. Features 30% hill gradient same as the Exway x1.

6. Deck features inbuilt taillights.


1. Price is relatively high.

2. It doesn’t do well on snowy surfaces.

7. Backfire G3 Plus

Featuring a top speed of 26 mph to 28.5 mph (46 km h) and hobbywing ESC, this fastest electric board will give you the smoothest ride ever!!

This e skateboard weighs 16 lbs and features a max weight capacity of 210 lbs, hereby making the skateboard one of the lightest electric skateboards out there.

Its 83 mm, 96 mm, or 165 mm Urethane wheels, flexible carbon fiber deck, and Caliber II truck features provide an amazing carving experience, balance, and stability for riders. Not to forget to mention its power output of 2 (600 W) dual hub motors that give a powerful riding experience!!

The best part of this e skateboard is that it features an inbuilt USB port where you can power your phone as you ride!!!

Range: 40 kmh (25 miles)

Battery: Samsung 346 Wh 40T 21700 cells

Remote: R3 Wireless Oled display


1. Has a regenerative braking system.

2. The board is dust and water-resistant with an IP55 rating.

3. Features LED ambient lights for nighttime riding.


1. Not suitable for beginners and large-sized adults.

8. Backfire G2 Black E Skateboard

The Hobbywing 10S ESC feature, amazing hub motors, coupled with the 37 kmh (23 mph) top speed of this product makes acceleration and braking enjoyable on this board.

Also featuring 96 mm polyurethane wheels, this board can effortlessly maneuver its way through obstacles and different surfaces.

The best part is that this board can shut down when it senses abnormality in electricity action!!!

Isn’t that cool?

Range: 18 km (11 miles)

Battery: 180 Wh 10s2p 42 V lithium-ion battery

Remote: LCD screen


1. Suitable for beginners.

2. Cheap price.

3. Has an impressive Power output.


1. Not entirely waterproof.

9. RUNAJOY Electric Skateboard

RUNAJOY Electric Skateboard

Range: 28 kmh (16 miles)

Battery: 6000 mAh battery

Remote: 2G Wireless multifunction remote

  • Has easily replaceable wheels
  • Wheels can be a bit soft at times, making the ride a bit bumpier
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With the fastest speed of 34 kmh (22 mph), the RUNAJOY brand thinks this electric longboard is fast, but compared to the other Fastest electric skateboards on this list, we know that’s not true.

Regardless, this electric board features 2000 W brushless dual belt drive Hub Motors that boost torque and power to give you a fun ride!

With its 90 mm 80A polyurethane wear-resistant wheels, this deck can navigate bumps, deserts, and muds without any hassles!

Another unique feature of this electric board is that the Canadian maple material Deck features 8 layers of thickness, can you believe that?

10. JKING Fastest Electric Skateboard

JKING Electric Skateboard

Range: 21.8 miles

Battery: 270Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack

Remote: Handheld wireless remote

  • Features LED safety light bars
  • Has a belt drive
  • The control and battery pack get faulty at times
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It features shock-absorbing PU wheel drive and 450 W dual Hub motor features which guarantees that this product accelerates well and goes as fast on a top speed of 21 mph 34 (km h).

Also, this deck features a waterproof, non-slip Emery surface that helps to keep riders balanced all through the trip.

Conclusion – What is the fastest electric skateboard?

Picking the fastest electric skateboard from the 10 products reviewed in this article will be based on these key factors, which are high Speeds, build quality, Motors, Wheels, riding experience, motor power, battery power, Range, etc.

And based on these factors, we declare that the Bajaboard Pantera is one of the fastest electric skateboards in the world although the NgV Nextboard is the fastest electric skateboard with a top speed of 68 mph.

Now that we have come to the end of this article, it is important that we reiterate the advantages of the fastest electric boards.

Kindly remember that the fastest e boards are eco-friendly, they are cost-effective as you don’t have to bother about gas or fuel, they are fun and thrilling to ride (they keep your adrenaline pumping) and they also help you get to your destination faster than cars, buses, or trains!!

Now to answer the germane question of  “which e board will be good for me?”, knowing which e board is suitable for you is dependent on your budget, your top speed level specifications, charging time, surfaces and terrains, etc.

With this, you’d know your desired fastest electric skateboard!

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