Evolve vs Boosted, Who’s The Top Electric Board

Evolve vs Boosted, Who's The Top Electric Board 1

Are you a skateboard lover, and you are a bit confused about the right skateboard to purchase? Well, there is no need to worry as we shall be comparing two of the most exciting skateboards around to know which is better.

How Do Boosted & Evolve Compare

The reason why both skateboards are very much popular and easy to use is that they both perform extremely well and they are of high quality.

Plus, they are both fast skateboards and they are very efficient, making it ideal for any skateboard lover to get a hold of both.

However,  they aren’t similar in terms of their price(as one is expensive than the other), range(one has a better range) performance, hill-climbing ability ( as one can go longer miles, while the other goes fewer miles).

Some of the things to look out for when purchasing boards:

The Size: It is always ideal to use the right board that can best enhance your skillset. Especially when you want to go hill climbing. This is why you have to be on the lookout for the size.

Board Weight: The Weight is something not to be ignored, especially for an electric skateboard. After skating, you might want to carry your board to your site or wherever and it wouldn’t be great if the weight is too heavy for you. Hence, the need to know & pay attention to the weight.

Warranty, customer support, and spare parts: Another area which the buyer needs to consider is that of the warranty, the customer support, and also spare parts.

It isn’t advisable to purchase a skateboard that doesn’t have a warranty or say customer support.

Presenting Evolve Electric Skateboards

Evolve vs Boosted, Who's The Top Electric Board 2
Evolve Skateboards website

With the increasing number of people in various terrain, people think of alternative means of transportation to save time like bamboo skateboards. This is where the evolve skateboards come to play, it even saves time with their fast wheels.

With its long-range product line, it comes down to the user as they are certainly spoilt for choice here.

The evolve bamboo GTR electric skateboards have been around for quite a good number of years, as they have kept on being innovative, can go longer miles on top speed.

This is why they know that they are highly rated. They have lots of positive reviews and good specs.

The product line for the evolve skateboards are:

Features & Benefits

Power and Range: In comparison, boosted stealth vs evolve board, the GTX Evolve street board when fully charged has power as it can go up to a top speed of 30 mph, with up to 50 mph range at just a single charge.

While the Boosted boards can go at a top speed of 22mph with a 14-mile range on their wheels.

Without much doubt, the evolve board topples the boosted stealth electric street skateboard, as it is less on this part.

Light and Quiet: Another benefit of the evolve skateboard, be it the stoke, the gtx evolve bamboo, or carbon series, is that it can get really quiet when on top speed.

The Carbon series is the world’s thinnest skateboard. While for the boosted stealth, it isn’t really quiet but a bit loud but still good to use.

Again, the evolve just comes out better than the boosted in this department as there is no need to think about it.

Discreet Remote: Another feature of the GTX bamboo board is that it offers a wireless Bluetooth controller with a better range. The Boosted also does have a wireless Bluetooth controller that contains power, but the range isn’t comparable to its counterpart.

Well, in comparison it would have been a tie but, the boosted vs evolve the evolve bamboo GTX remote offers more as it is a bit more comfortable to hold and for that, it makes it better than the boosted as it is a bit less in this regard.

Presenting Boosted Electric Skateboards

Evolve vs Boosted, Who's The Top Electric Board 3
Boosted Electric Skateboard Website

Boosted board market made it possible for individuals to commute across various towns & terrain in a much more admired way.

They have sought to solve the transportation chaos that happens in various locations. The review is also an added advantage one which boosted has. So, the 4 top product lines, namely:

Each of these great product lines is admirably effective and although the prices tend to differ in the market, they serve the purpose in which it is designed for, top speed Movement. 

This product is well designed to last. Also, when it involves safety, the boosted board vs evolve doesn’t negotiate in that regard.

It is always advisable to use a helmet especially when you want to go hill climbing to prevent any form of injury from happening.  

Evolve vs Boosted: Who wins in these categories?

Reliability:  While both electric skateboards are reliable and have good specs, we need to decide on which one is most reliable.

Here on, the GTX evolve bamboo street boards or whichever has top speed when compared to the boosted stealth electric skateboards.

In comparison, it is easy to say the evolve bamboo GTX is reliable when comparing both.

Customer service: These electric skateboard companies both have apps that are compatible with IOS devices. However, when it involves who offers the best customer support, then it might just lean towards the boosted board.

Because like it or not it has a slightly better star rating as their customer representatives would assist you with everything pertaining to the electric skateboards. From maintenance tips to installation guides.

How the remote/control works, the progressiveness: The two electric boards have good remotes, but the boosted board vs evolve is slightly better due to the fact that it is very much comfortable and has a good build quality.

The boosted board makes beeping sounds and has blinking light as it can’t display any information other than the riding modes and battery life.

Ease of fixing things and availability of parts: Here, think of this as something relaxing especially when a damaged part such as the wheels of your electric street board can be fixed.

In comparison, the boosted vs evolve would probably be a tie as they have their parts available and there isn’t too much fuss in fixing a damaged part of the longboard.

But, the GTX evolve boards edge the Boosted Stealth here as regards the fixing aspect. Although to repair the GTX evolve bamboo there is a price to pay.

Feel of the deck: Nothing makes the rider feel more comfortable like having a high-tech vibe longboard on top speed while being in complete control with some much-needed stability when riding either on the street or hill on your wheels of the evolve.

In comparison, the evolve  GTR skateboard would certainly have a thump up here. The reason being that the Boosted Board offers less between the two.

Battery sag: The boosted vs evolve longboard battery goes to the evolve bamboo gtx, the carbon,  and even the stoke, as they certainly have the best or rather a great battery life in comparison to any boosted board.

The battery can affect the performance of a skate street board, especially during long miles. So, it is best to know which is stronger hence the evolve street boards GTR takes.

The Verdict: Should you buy from boosted or evolve electric skateboards?

When it comes to which product is expensive between the boosted boards vs evolve, or has the highest price and has great performance, then it has got to be the Evolve Carbon GTR board as the price is way ahead of its counterpart dual Boosted Stealth.

The two really have amazing features, specs, or benefits, but in trying to compare them to know the best, then you might be left blown away.

Firstly, they don’t have the same top speed as the Evolve Carbon street GTR can ride at a top speed of 26 mph if you want to go fast.

Now, imagine carving uphill at a top speed of 26 mph? The Boosted Stealth board is a bit lower at 24 mph.

Plus, for the boosted vs evolve electric skateboards the Evolve can go on a 31-mile range with a 30% incline rate, making it superior for hill climbing.

On the other hand Boosted Stealth which goes on a 14-mile range with a 25% incline rate.

Even though both dual electric skateboards are of quality, it should be noted that when it comes to comfort, flexibility, performance, and good value for money, then you might want to purchase the GTR evolve bamboo longboard.

Its features top their counterparts on so many fronts. But, if you can’t purchase the Evolve bamboo GTR board due to financial reasons then, you can lean towards the Boosted board as it would not be a bad choice since it covers long miles.

Our Conclusion

However, if a user is seeking advice on which to get,  and they have money to spend, then all fingers would point to the Evolve bamboo GTR skateboard which a lot of people ride within their terrain.

So, since we have concluded, it is now left for the user to ignore the price  & enjoy a great ride on his or her new expensive evolve board.

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