Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel

Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel 1

In the 21st century, there have been new developments, in which manufacturing of high-tech devices is one of them.

Different gadgets and devices have been introduced to make life better and easier. Two of the most remarkable inventions are the Electric Unicycles and the Onewheel Pint.

As they are called, they are one wheel devices designed to make transportation fun and interesting.

However, there are certain differences between them that need to be explicitly discussed.

In this article, you will be reading on euc vs onewheel xr (pint), and other necessary information you need to know.

EUC vs Onewheel

Before explaining the differences between an electric unicycle and a onewheel pint, you should check out their individual information – design and purpose .

With this piece of information, it will be easier to list out differences and understand why one is better than the other.

Electric Unicycles

Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel 2

An EUC is one of the popular single wheeled devices greatly influenced by the advanced technology, to ensure riding is safer and faster.

This device runs using battery technology, and has greatly displayed excellent speed, micromobility, and range.

Over the last two years, EUC has had success in making transportation, sport and recreation a lot better, and today, there are many competitors trying to achieve what it has.

Onewheel Pint

Electric Unicycle vs Onewheel 3

The Onewheel Pint is another popular one wheel device that shares certain things with the EUC but maintains a huge difference.

It works using a self balancing technology – it looks like an electric unicycle but has a sideways stance and is ridden like a skateboard.

Onewheel Pint is quite famous amongst skateboarders because of its simple, relatable design.

It is also a good device with a good speed and range.

With a few things said about the electric unicycles and the self balancing device i.e., onewheels, take a look at the criteria used to set out their differences below.


Speed is important when deciding between an euc and a onewheel. It is a criterion used to determine whether you can get to your destination faster, as expected or just decently.

Between the two devices, the electric unicycle has the best top speed (in miles per hour).

The top speed of an euc can extend over 30 miles per hour, which is very fast and perfect.

For instance, the EUC Ks16 moves at 22 mph, while the Nikola moves at 30 mph.

On the other hand, the top speed of a onewheel xr gets only up to 18 miles per hour, even when the manufacturer lists the max speed as 15 miles per hour.

Therefore, if you would consider the top speed, the electric unicycle is a perfect choice to go with.


The ability to move these one-wheelers is another considerable factor in the selection process. You need a device that can be easy to move from one location to another i.e., portable.

Fortunately, both devices are portable but one shows more prowess over the other.

The EUC is one of the greatest portable single wheeled machines – even better than the Onewheel.

EUC is built with a trolley handle, making it easy to leverage on the self balancing potentials of the device. With that handle, euc riders getting anywhere shouldn’t be difficult.

Onewheel, on the other hand, requires carrying around, which may seem tedious or exhausting eventually. There are a couple of times you may want to drag them.


Safety features incorporated into a device are bliss. It means that whenever terrible situations arise, there is a contingency plan to keep users safe.

That being said, an electric unicycle is the winner when it comes to one wheel safety. This device has measures in place to protect riders should the machine fail or move above top speed.

Electric unicycles have audible alerts, as well as a tilt back system that will physically notify riders when they are going beyond top speed.

On the other hand, onewheel has only a manual pushback that tilts up when the device is about to experience a crash from high speed.


Range is another consequential factor to put in mind to determine usability. It explicitly states how many miles a one wheel device can go on a single charge.

It is always easier to bank on a device that can last longer because you don’t have to stop every minute to charge and continue your journey.

Range is one of the differences between euc and onewheel because the former is better than the latter.

Electric unicycle can go over 70 miles on a single charge, while the Onewheel Xr ranges between 20 miles to 30 miles on a single charge.


Based on design, Electric unicycle is the winner in this case. It is a special device built with the latest technology, making the design state-of-the-art.

The Onewheel device is mobile but plainly simple in design.


Additionally, you should be interested in knowing how long you can use a device i.e., the durability.

Electric unicycles are more durable than Onewheel because of their design, integrated technology, and the quality of production materials.

Ideally, you should be able to use a personal electric unicycle for at least 3 years.

Ease of Use

Onewheel is the winner in terms of ease of use because it has a simple operative mechanism.

EUCs, however, are a bit difficult to learn because they have a steep learning curve.

Nevertheless, this learning curve is another feature the device has to ensure proper safety.

Other things that set out the differences between the EUC and the Onewheel are the future motion, fun factor, and price

EUC riders experience more fun than Onewheel riders, even though eucs are pretty expensive.

What is better than Onewheel Xr?

The Xr is the signature device of the Onewheels; however, there are other self balancing one-wheelers competing with it. These are electric unicycles from brands like Inmotion, King Song, Veteran, and Gotway.

Check out the review of these products below.

Inmotion V10

Inmotion V10

Key Details:

  • Range: 40 Miles
  • Speed: 25mph Top Speed
  • Motor: 1800 Watts
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Support app for customizing lights
  • Isn’t good on inclines
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The Inmotion V10 is a unique euc with good battery life between 650Wh to 960Wh. It has a nominal motor power of 2000W and a top speed of 25 mph.

This device comes with several features such as front, rear, and side LED lights, a charger output, and advanced in-app statistics to track performance easily.

Indeed, it is one of the most advanced eucs with great wheels for control and comfort.

King Song 14S

King Song 14s

Key Details:

  • Top speed of 18.5mph
  • Range: 40 miles
  • 840Wh Battery Capacity
  • 800 watts Motor
  • Integrated Telescopic Handle
  • Atmospheric LEDs
  • The best affordable option for students on campus
  • Side
  • The small size makes it less stable
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The King Song 14S is an updated version of eucs, made to be better than the Inmotion V5F.

This device comes with extra features like the XL pedals and wrist guards for safety and absolute protection. 

It is the ultimate unicycle for comfort. It also has an integrated telescopic handle to ensure lightweightedness and control.

The nominal motor power is 800W, while the top speed is 18 mph. The battery life is also good (680Wh to 840W).

Veteran Sherman

If You're A Speed Demon
Veteran Sherman 20

Key Details:

  • Top speed: 45mph
  • Range: 128 miles
  • Load Capacity: 330 Ibs
  • Battery: 3200Wh
  • Incredible Riding experience
  • Built-in LCD panel
  • Integrated Lights and trolley handle
  • Anti-slip pedal
  • Very Premium Costs
  • Heavy To Walk Around With
  • Not For Beginners
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The Veteran Sherman is a popular unicycle known for its plethora of features. The device has pedal dip, bluetooth app support, charging ports, fender and seats, and so on.

This machine moves at a max speed of 45 mph,with a battery life of 3200Wh and a motor of 2500W. Indeed, it is one of the strongest unicycles ever.

It is a midweight choice, weighing about 77 pounds.

Gotway MSX

Gotway MSX Pro

Key Details:

  • 35 mph top speed
  • 2000 watts motor power
  • 60 miles range
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Extremely stable
  • Best value of money
  • Appropriate for beginners and sea
  • No integrated speaker
  • Lights aren’t as bright as they could be
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The Gotway MSuper X is the latest model (4th) from the Gotway 18″ EUC. It is a device built for safety and excellent performance.

This unicycle moves between 15 mph to 30 mph, using a 1600Wh battery pack. It can cover a range of 60 miles within a single charge.

Furthermore, this MSX has a control-board and an integrated handle, which are factors for easy maneuvering and control – hence, contributing to its price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EUC safer than Onewheel?

One of the differences mentioned above between an EUC and a Onewheel is safety.

An EUC has a tilt back and a steep learning curve that gives a physical notification that you are riding at a high speed or likely to crash. The Onewheel, however, only has a pushback at the nose of the board tilting up to notify you.

With that fact being established, an euc is indeed safer than a onewheel.

Has anyone died on a Onewheel?

According to the Onewheel Skateboard Injury Lawsuit Update, at least three Onewheel deaths have been filed in 2021 already.

So, Yes, someone has died on a onewheel.


If you are considering whether to go for an EUC or a Onewheel, as a device for transportation, fun, or recreation, this article is all you need.

Points have been established here to determine if an electric unicycle is better than a onewheel or not.

So far, everything points to an euc being the winner.

Nevertheless, it is based on your personal choice to either go for this unicycle or a Onewheel instead.

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