Top Electric Skateboard All-terrain Wheels (2021 On/off -Road)

Top Electric Skateboard All-terrain Wheels (2021 On/off -Road) 1

Are you a skateboard lover? Or you are searching for a top skateboard to move around your terrain? Then you need to search for an electric skateboard all-terrain wheels as it is simply one of the best in the boards business.

Some boards are known for a specific name like the “all-terrain electric skateboards. Also, others call theirs electric mountain skateboards.

However, there are certain things you need to consider such as speed (mph), weight (lbs), design, and even deck before you purchase the skateboard wheels.

There are skateboards that ride on a smooth surface with ease, while others ride on both smooth and rough surfaces. But that’s not our main focus. Instead, let’s look at some necessary things in an electric skateboard.

Things to consider before buying electric skateboard wheels

As a buyer who is interested in purchasing an electric skateboard system to use on the road, here are some of the things to look out for:


As you know, electric skateboards are just another means of transporting yourself from one location to another.  In order to ensure you commute freely, it is important you consider the range of the electric skateboard.

By knowing the range of the skateboard, it helps you to calculate when you need to charge it before it eventually runs down.

Board weight:

Something that should not be ignored is the board weight. The weight of the skateboard and how big it is can be another factor. Even the slightest weight should be considered as you would need to carry your electric skateboard after riding on it.

In essence, it is recommended that you lean towards electric skateboards which are less heavy, rather than going for the heavier ones.

Water and dust resistance:

As you know, skateboards, especially the electric ones should not be in any way submerged in water.  Most boards are not waterproof.


A board needs to be sturdy on the road, especially those rubber wheel boards. When riding on dirt trails of say 25 mph, it is important for the wheels to still be sturdy and adjust to whatever comes its way.

Warranty, customer support, and spare parts:

Another aspect to look out for when buying an electric skateboard is the warranty and customer support. Most electric skateboards come with a warranty.

It is important that you check for the warranty as failure to consider these could be catastrophic in the long run. Some of these skateboards are not designed for rough surfaces and so they might encounter faults early.


A factor to put into consideration is the wheels and tires. The trucks fall into this category as they invariably ensure the smooth use of your electric skateboards. Getting wheels that can withstand anything they come in contact with is important.


There are skateboards that are relatively cheap, and there are also electric skateboards that would cost you some money. This means that it depends on what you are willing to pay for to enjoy your ride.

There are skateboards whose wide trucks are well designed or built to give you an all-around experience on the road, hill, street, or any terrain.

Also, there is a need to still look out for charging capabilities as well as the skateboard’s motor type. Usually, a skateboard has either a hub motor or alternative belt-driven systems.

The hub and the belt are different in use. Most electric boards use a hub motor instead of a belt-driven system. In addition, the richest operating history might be from the backfire. Thus, this is a guide that would help the board rider to make telling decisions.

Moreover, these electric skateboards are ideal for urban environments and suitable for people who have mastered the art of skateboarding.

Plus, it would interest you to know that the product category solves lots of problems, and knowing the right product to purchase is essentially important.

MSB All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

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Mini-Review: Are you a campus cruiser?A seasoned shredder? Or you feel you need a board that would suit you on any terrain. Whatever the case may be, you have got to love these MSB all-terrain longboard wheels.

Comfortable on the road as it takes less than a minute to move back and forth. Its features are just what you need to get through pavements and short grass.

It comes with a 100mm thread making it just the ideal addition to the list of longboards. This wheel is cast with a 78a super high rebound urethane that makes its speed unmatched.

Moreover, this wheel weighs just a pound. But, notwithstanding, it’s not meant to be carried about especially in a backpack.

It also comes in green color by default but has varieties of colors for the user to choose from. This skateboard is available to not just pro, but also starters as they can enjoy a good ride on all terrains.

The fact that an off-road wheel has pneumatic tires, doesn’t mean electric skateboards with solid tires are less important.  The weight limit for this skateboard is 220 lbs, with the deck at a 9 ply maple-lam drop.

Also, the trucks are 190mm navigator drones. The trucks, weight, and deck are all important specifications of this board.


The wheels are relatively fast and their speed is unmatched. A 78a super high rebound for riding at an unbelievable speed. Although it would interest you to know that the modalities being set are to allow the user to adjust or optimize not just the speed, but also control.


The range of this longboard is pretty good and as such, it should take a considerable amount of time before being required to charge.

This board has a 31 mile per charge range Skateboards that can go distances without getting low is what every skateboard lover should be looking at, and this is certainly what this product offers.


The battery of any electric skateboard is very important, and as such these longboard wheels get a thumbs up in this regard. It does have a lithium battery which is quite huge. The battery lasts considerably well even after overcoming those road bumps along the way.


This electric skateboard does have a wireless charger and makes operating the board with relatively less stress.

So, now that we have discussed some of its features, let’s have a look at what makes this electric skateboard good and bad.


* This longboard wheel is not only smooth but also makes riding more enjoyable.

* It doesn’t mean how tough the surfaces are on the road, you will still enjoy riding with it. These wheels make it ideal for rough terrain

* It is easier to operate as a result of its lowered deck

* These longboard wheels are lightweight and the motors are powerful

* No need to worry about putting it together before you ride, as it comes completely assembled


* Not something you would want to carry about as it is a bit heavy due to its weight,

* It might be a bit hard to stop it

* There is every possibility of the grip tape peeling off

* It is slow when the wheels are riding on grass terrain.

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Longboard Wheels

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IWONDER Cloud 4-wheels set can be used on rough terrain is likely going to make the user fall in love with it. These cloud wheels have some amazing features that would surely excite riders.

Most often, this electric skateboard lets you ride on dirt roads or even rough ground. But before we go deep into its features,  here are a couple of things to know about these cloud wheels:

First of all, the size of the wheels is approximately 40% bigger than a PU wheel.

Also, these pneumatic wheels make the user ride on any terrain without any obstruction whatsoever. Plus, it does have thicker spokes in its core.

This longboard/rubber wheel is not a regular wheel in the sense that, vibrations are easily filtered thanks to its damping foam core.

Plus, the motor type for this cloud wheel is belt-driven and not hub wheels which take skateboarding to a whole new level.


The wheels have an impressive speed that makes it possible for the road user to use this electric skateboard on any terrain.


This wheel increases speed by 3 mph as this is made possible by its 120mm diameter.


The battery when on top speed can have its output reduced. The customer would enjoy this battery being that it lasts considerably well even after the first ride.


This electric skateboard does have a wireless charger and makes operating the board with relatively less stress. Also, the tires are made of quality wheels and can withstand anything that comes its way.


* One of the pros is that the tire is built to ride on hills, making the skateboard safe and comfortable

* The longboard is built of high quality with a strong motor that is belt-driven

* The wheels is not afraid of air leakage on the four tires.

* Wheels and trucks are designed for hard terrain and can withstand dirt trails.


* Battery is drained at a faster rate when on the hill, street, and also roads

* The wheels can suffer from mileage reduction when switched

* ABEC cores need proper attention as they are fragile and can be damaged when in contact with rough surfaces.

TGHY Skateboard Wheel All Terrain Off-Road Wheel

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TGHY Skateboard wheel is easy to get off the ground as it has an 80A durometer. These 76mm skateboard wheels are hard wheels that guarantee complete control while riding, especially on rough terrain or bumpy street.

These pneumatic wheels can withstand heavy use as the wheels are abrasion-resistant. This skateboard wheel has a width of 45mm, with the material of the wheel containing polyurethane.

The wheels are not difficult to install as we feel the required action is to place the wheels on the axle. These pneumatic tires are appropriate to use on hills, streets, and all-terrain. Also, our all-terrain tires are pneumatic tires.

Plus the longboard wheels effectively reduce noise when riding at top speed. The wheels can work with all kinds of boards, be it longboards or skateboards.

This wheel has some very good pros as well as cons to counter it. The wheels have a firm grip when riding on terrains. But, let’s look at the range, speed, battery, and also the remote


The pneumatic wheels can go at a top speed without much fault on the road. The range is good and can go up to 30 miles before charging it up.


The skateboard drive wheel runs at a top speed of 40km/h or 25 mph


This electric skateboard comes with a rechargeable battery that gives the rider some bit of time to hit the road and enjoy his skateboard. The charging time is just under 4 hours.


Another feature of this electric skateboard is the rechargeable wireless remote control. It includes brake indicators, top speed switching. When riding on a hill or street, the wheels can withstand anything thrown at it.


* Smooth-riding is guaranteed on the street with these wheels

* Accelerates at top speed on the road

* Can withstand rough contact on the wheels when riding on any terrain

* The wheels are comfortable on the hill, and on the road

* Ideal for both an expert and also those that are just trying it out for the first times on any terrain


* Pneumatic tires affects top speed on the road

* Width is quite large and has bigger wheels

* One of the cons is that it doesn’t have much grip even though it is wide.

Now, in trying to compare the MSBAll -Terrain Longboard Wheels, the IWONDER cloud longboard wheels, and the TGHY skateboard wheels all-terrain off-road to determine which is right for you.

The first thing to decide between these electric skateboards wheels is to consider their respective attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions concerning the electric skateboard wheels that you would need to ask. They are:

1) Is the off-road electric skateboards wheels worth buying?

Yes, off-road electric skateboard wheels are definitely worth buying given the thorough assessment of all its amazing benefits.

2) Which terrain wheels are worth buying?

There are specific pros and cons of each terrain wheel and making a choice would largely depend on different factors like the kind of terrain, cost, etc.

3) Where can information be gotten about off-road skateboard wheels?

You can find all the information you need on off-road skateboard wheels in this article.

Once you are able to answer the questions on these wheels, the image of the kind of board you intend to purchase would become clearer.

Note that some of these electric skateboards weigh up to 30 lbs or slightly less. Getting the one that is not too wide or the weight is not too heavy is important as well.

Furthermore, you would have to check for ratings on each wheel, as reviews are a form of a guide. Check for each wheel and what customers are saying concerning the wheels.

You might want to view their respective design as well as on-ground movement, and how each wheel exhibits some form of control or grip when in contact with dirt trails.

Also, control is important and you should note that not all wheels have good control.


While all skateboard wheels are well designed, there are a few lapses between them i.e. in terms of inches, weight, speed, grip on the road, how fast can they be on any terrain.

In trying to select the board that can give the user the control he or she would need on the road, street, hill, or terrains, we feel the best choice is IWONDER cloud wheel longboard wheels.

This street board just edges the other two boards with little margin. First of all, it is relatively a fast skateboard and can exhibit some control on any terrain.

Also, they make rides on normal pavement look easy and comfortable.

Notwithstanding, all boards including the GTR all-terrain boards all contain good features and can be bought and enjoyed on the road, hills, and often times on the street.

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