Electric Scooter Extended Warranty, Worth it?

Electric Scooter’s Extended Warranty Worth it

If you plan to make a purchase of an electric scooter in the near future and you are considering whether or not you should purchase an Extended Warranty Protection Plan – we believe that this article should definitely answer your questions and provide some additional points in considering what you should do. 

The short answer to the question “Should you get an Electric Scooter Extended Warranty?” 

Yes –  you should definitely get your electric scooter extended warranty…Unless you are someone who is handy with your tools and can handle quick fixes with your trusted wrench and screwdriver. 

Read further to understand exactly what to expect with ownership of an Electric scooter and the extended warranty that may affect your bottom line purchase choice.

Questions To Think About

When it comes to evaluating whether or not you fit as a quality candidate for getting your electric scooter extended warranty, we’ve come up with these three questions you should ask yourself and honestly answer: 

  1. How much do you plan to spend for your Electric Scooter?
  2. How often do you plan to ride your Electric Scooter?
  3. Are you someone who typically fixes broken objects and own a toolkit of your own?

We believe these questions really help to paint a very good picture of what you may plan to do because they focus on exactly what kind of electric rideable owner you would be once you have one. 

How much do you plan to spend for your Electric Scooter

Breaking Down Those Questions

How much do you plan to spend for your Electric Scooter?

Your answers to the first question, “How much do you plan to spend on your Electric Scooter?” are one of the following, then you should carefully consider your choice: 

  1. Under $300 – Extended warranty may not be necessary
  2. Between $300 and $500 – Extended warranty may be considered, we recommend it
  3. Over $500 – Extended warranty is a must, we highly recommend it

How often do you plan to ride your Electric Scooter?

Your answers to the second question, “How often do you plan to ride your Electric Scooter?”, are one of the following, then you should carefully consider your choice: 

  1. Only for fun, once every few days or on the weekends ~ Less than 5 miles a week – Extended warranty may not be necessary since your usage isn’t very high, so not as much chance of damaging…unless you’re goals are to do tre-flips and jump off ramps for fun
  2. Daily for work and back home ~ Less than 3 miles a day – Highly recommended
  3. Daily for work AND running errands ~ average 4-5 miles a day – Highly recommended x 10

We highly recommend the last two situations because they both involve your job in the equation and you never want to jeopardize your transportation to work. 

If that is your only transportation to work this will cause a lot of headaches once there is a fix that is needed that can’t be taken care of by the manufacturer.

Are You Handy With Tools

Are You Handy With Tools

Your answers to the third question, “Are you handy with tools?” should be an easy deciding factor whether or not you should get your electric scooter extended warranty. 

  1. Yes – not a mandatory to purchased extended warranty
  2. No – an absolute mandatory to get extended warranty
  3. Depends – if this is your first electric rideable or scooter, then it may still be valuable getting extended warranty. 

All of these answers should help you best evaluate whether this decision should be worth it for you or not. 

If you’re still unsure after going through these questions, consider what’s your biggest objection to getting an extended warranty and post that in the comments below. We’ll help answer any questions you have. 

What should be involved with the Extended Warranty Protection Plan?

Not all electric scooter extended warranty plans are created equal and it’s important to read the fine print of exactly what you getting for your rideable. 

This will play a big part if it ever comes to the point that you do need to get your vehicle back in order and you find out that your battery isn’t covered in the extended warranty and you wish you knew before purchasing your ride a month ago. An absolute terrible situation if we do say so ourselves!

Additional Points To Consider

What is the time frame of the warranty for?

  1. We currently are seeing that there aren’t as many extended warranties for up to 3 years. 
  2. If you do find one, you are definitely some of the lucky few, but Amazon is always good with providing you the best warranty for the product. Look out for their deals in the purchase page. 

Is the battery coverage included in the warranty? To what extent?

  1. Remember that these rideables are powered exclusively by electricity and battery powered…it doesn’t make much sense if there isn’t any include of battery in the coverage. Be wary of any policy that doesn’t include such a pivotal part of the rideable.

Will Parts and Maintenance be included at all? 

  1. Parts is definitely a big part of this equation since there really isn’t much out there to fix the electric scooter yourself since the parts can often be proprietary to the manufacturer
  2. Maintenance is often not involved in the warranty, but if that shows itself this would definitely be a big plus in that the manufacturer is putting some real value behind their product and want to ensure you get the best experience with their product.

Does my Electric Scooter have software associated with it? If so, will there be software updates and patches for the scooter?

  1. The more pricier electric scooters often have software associated with the purchase that is either connected on the scooter or connected to your smartphone. Consider this as an important feature since software patch can definitely change the experience of your ride so find out if anything like that is part of the warranty!

In the case of a manufacturer issue, will I receive a refund/gift card/new scooter for the purchase value of the scooter?

  1. A non-negotiable in our minds because without this in part of the warranty policy, any issue that comes with the scooter is yours and yours alone to deal with. Either buy a new rideable, fix it yourself, or unfortunately — walk to work. 
  2. These electric scooters are valuable in what they can do for you, but if the manufacturer is not willing to assist with getting you a new ride if it comes with issues, then don’t even consider buying this vehicle.
Electric Scooter Extended Warranty, Worth it? 1

Conclusion – Should you do it?

From the questions that we’ve presented in the article, you should try to answer this to the best of your ability even if you’re very early on in evaluating your plans. 

Remember that these electric vehicles will always sustain more damage along with the wear and tear due to riding on the ground, hopping off sidewalks, hitting curbs, and everything else that comes with ownership. 

Just to reiterate our point on “Should you get your electric scooter extended warranty?”, the answer is more often than not – Yes! We highly recommend, just make sure you get the best deal that will provide the most bang for its buck. 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the ride!

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