Electric Scooter Repair Guide – Best Steps To Follow

Electric Scooter Repair Guide - Best Steps To Follow 1

Do you often ride an electric scooter? If yes, you would know that electric scooters can undergo wear and tear and perhaps need repairs as well. 

Since they are comparatively newer, many consumers have no idea about electric scooter repair. If your electric scooter is broken down as well, there is nothing to worry about.

There are numerous ways you get it repaired or fixed. Before we share with you the places where you can get your electric scooter repaired, it is essential to look at the most common causes.

Once you go through these causes, it will be easy for you to identify the problem and choose a suitable repair option.

Why has my electric scooter stopped working?

An E-scooter can stop working for a myriad of different reasons. Your best bet is to perform electric scooter troubleshooting to narrow down potential issues.

Inspect the brake lever switch, circuit breaker, battery charger, power switch, or even test the battery. All these components can contribute to the underlying causes your e-scooter is having.

It takes a flip of the power switch but goes a long way in getting to the root of the issues. Also, make sure to pull and push on individual wires found on a scooter to see if anything is disconnected.

Common reasons your electric scooter isn’t working:

We would cover the most common issues for the electric scooter breakdown below.

1. Dead battery:

The heart of the electric scooter is the battery. If the battery is dead, no amount of troubleshooting will help you out. You will have to go for a new battery.

2. Decaying battery capacity:

The dead battery is seldom a problem, but the decaying battery capacity is a pretty common problem in electric scooters.

With each run, the capacity of the battery goes on reducing. In some cases, it might be possible to mend the problem, whereas, in others, it might not be. It depends on the battery type in your electric scooter. It’s best to test the battery and see where the levels are at to see if the new battery pack is worth installing.

3. Controller issues:

Most electric scooters come with controllers. You can easily control the speed and ride quality of the electric scooter by using the controller. However, controllers are susceptible to all kinds of problems.

The most common one among them is when the controller gets exposed to water or moisture. Also, there can be exposure to other foreign bodies as well, which can damage the controller. In that case, as well, it becomes complicated for you to make the controller work.

In the absence of a working controller, you cannot use the electric scooter. Fortunately, the situation can be solved. We will go into the possible places where you can get it repaired below.

4. Weak acceleration:

When the electric scooter is new, the acceleration capability is at the highest. However, it can deteriorate over time. It can come to a standstill as well, in which case, no acceleration might happen at all. Both of these situations are pretty common.

The likely cause is that the electric scooter cannot get proper power from the battery. Test the battery to see how it’s currently performing.

However, before taking any troubleshooting or repair straps, it is crucial to zero-in on the right culprit. Look at the fuse Or circuit breaker for any burnouts as this can also affect the e-scooters performance.

Both these problems can be dealt with.

5. Heating up of the motor is:

Under normal working conditions, motors generate heat. However, most electric scooters have a heat dissipation mechanism. That is why, when using a new scooter, you will not have to worry about the motors heating up beyond a certain threshold.

Many electric scooters also have an automatic shutdown mechanism to ensure that the motor does not heat up beyond the level. While this might be a safeguard, but it can work against you.

If the motor is producing an immense amount of heat, this threshold will get crossed pretty soon. In that case, you cannot use your electric scooter at all.

You will have to wait for the electric scooter to cool down before resuming the use. Once again, this problem can be tackled.

6. Breaking problems:

To maintain proper control over your electric scooter, you would need the brakes to perform efficiently. Only, in that case, it will become possible to use the electric scooter. Just like any other automobile or mobility solution, the brake pads can deteriorate over time. 

Beyond a certain threshold, it is no longer safe to even ride the electric scooter. It is a common problem that happens due to wear and tear.

7. Charger problems:

As long as you’re buying a reliable electric scooter, the issues with the scooter are few and far between. However, one accessory that often develops the problem is the charger.

The charger might not work at all, or it might disconnect in between. In both cases, your ability to use the electric scooter gets significantly reduced.

Now that you are aware of them,

8. Speed controller problems:

In all probability, the electric scooters can traverse at a higher speed than what they are rated for. However, it is the speed controller that keeps them in check. 

In the case of a faulty speed controller, it might detect the speed inaccurately. In that case, it might not even make the electric scooter reach the standard threshold.

In some other cases, it might allow you to travel at a higher speed, which can be dangerous for you. In both cases, it is better to get your electric scooters repaired right away because the faulty speed controller can be pretty risky.

How do you test an electric scooter controller?

Look for any burned or melted wires that are connected to the controller. If any wires are damaged then the controller is most likely defective.

One way to test the electric scooters speed controller is through the process of elimination, testing all of the other components of the electrical system.

If other components of the electrical system test well but the controller doesn’t operate this can indicate problems going forward.

So, in case you’re wondering about the most common electric scooter problems, these are the ones that you need to take note of.

Now that you are aware of them, we will help you understand where you can get an electric scooter repaired?

Where can you get an electric scooter repair?

Where can you get an electric scooter repair?

Most problems highlighted above are easy to handle. There are seldom any of those problems which can bring the entire scooter to a standstill but not get repaired. In short, if you can detect the problem or even detect the fact that there is something wrong with your scooter, you can get it fixed.

Electric scooters repair:

The truth is, there are various places where you can get your electric scooter serviced repaired. The path you choose would be dependent on your troubleshooting skills or the level of convenience which you need.

A place to get your electric scooter serviced: We will highlight all the electric scooter repair solutions below.

Return to distributor:

Where did you buy the electric scooter?

The question plays a significant role when you’re looking for places to get it repaired. If you bought it from a distributor in your nation, you could surely send it back if it is under warranty. Otherwise as well, you can get it repaired by the distributor once you send it back.

Along with the electric scooters, you would have got the warranty policy as well as the return policy details.

However, if you bought it from an overseas distributor, then you would not be able to use this solution.

Do-it-yourself repair:

electric scooter do it yourself

Irrespective of where you have bought your electric scooter, DIY repair is the perfect solution for you. These days, you can easily find videos on the Internet as well as other tutorials that you can execute by yourself. 

Also, many electric scooters come with detailed troubleshooting manuals as well. This will let you know right away the kind of problem which it is facing.

There are also troubleshooting mechanisms that let you know the problem your electric scooter is suffering from. That is why, if you fancy DIY projects, this solution is a perfect option for you.

Scooter Repair Stands

If your tinker like most electric scooter enthusiasts maybe you’ll find some benefit in looking into a repair stand. Electric scooters can be heavy when being worked on. This is especially true if you working below the standing platform.

We included a bike repair stand as can be retrofitted to become a scooter stand. This is old for long-time bike riders but could be valuable for looking to go that extra mile with their e-scooter.

You’ll be better prepared at installing battery packs, battery chargers, or handling other common issues.

Scooter sharing gig mechanics:

Do you prefer a professional to take a look at your scooter?

If yes, you can easily find mechanics to tackle electric scooter problems as well. The best source to find them is through the yellow pages as well as online business listings.

It will ensure that you can get a professional perspective regarding what’s wrong with your scooter.

At the same time, you would not have to devote your time and resources to fix it. Thus, if you need that convenience, you would be happy to know that scooter mechanics are available in almost all big cities around the world.

PEV Repair Shops:

Where can you get an electric scooter repair?

The popularity of electric scooters, as well as other electric mobility solutions, is increasing at a rapid pace. Therefore, you can undoubtedly find a Personal Electric Vehicles store in most urban areas around the world.

It ensures that if you need a more professional store to look at it rather than just a geek worker, you can go with the solution.

Also, Google search, in that case, is the best place to find a personal electric vehicle repair shop.

Bike Shops:

Did you know that electric bikes have a similar battery to electric scooters?

The point being, if your electric scooter is facing battery or electric circuit problems, the bike shops can help you in tackling that as well.

Since they already have experience in handling the circuitry as well as battery problems of an electric bike, they can help you with an electric scooter as well.

It is a good idea to enquire from them in advance before taking your electric scooter to their store.

You might have the question, where can you find such bike shops?

The answer is online, of course! You can find not only the bike shops in your area but also their contact numbers. You can call them up to enquire whether they can help you repair your electric scooter or not.

In most cases, 4/10 stores would surely have experience in dealing with electric bikes. They will be able to help you with any electric problems with your scooter.

Final Thoughts

electric scooter final thoughts

It might appear like a Herculean task to get your electric scooter fixed, but that is not true. The popularity of electric scooters has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Due to this reason, there are quite a few ways to get it fixed.

The next time around, your electric scooter gives you any problem, rather than getting worried, it is better to use our guide above. Run diagnostics on electrical components, test the battery, and examine the battery charger or circuit breaker.

It will not only help you know more about the issues which electric scooters face but also the solution that you should opt for. Thus, the transition to electric mobility need not be difficult at all. In case of any problems, you can certainly refer to our guide above.

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