Top 7 Electric Scooter Locks – Expert Tips to Securing Your Scooter

Updated on December 19, 2020

Electric scooters are portable, fast, fun and we can’t forget expensive. Electric scooter enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who value those qualities thieves do too. This means an electric scooter left unattended is a huge target.

Thieves are aware that electric scooters can do well in the secondary market. It doesn’t help that police can’t help much once it’s gone. Any time you leave it unattended you risk losing your highly valued e-scooter.

If you want to make sure that your electric scooter will always be safe, you’ll need the right electric scooter locks.

In this article, we talk about great locks that can fend off would-be thieves. Also, we’ll describe the best practices to take when locking your electric scooter.

Can You Lock Electric Scooters?

The good news is you can lock any electric scooters. In high-risk cities like New York, this will become very important in deterring thieves.

There few things you should consider if plan on using a lock to secure your electric scooter.

The first being the type of lock you choose. There are many types of locks you can choose from each varying in its security.

Cable, foldable, or U-locks come with pros and cons. Yet in the long term, these locks will ensure the safety of your e-scooter.

Below we list some of the common locks found online for securing electric scooters. As well as a video of someone putting each lock to the test.

What Is The Best Lock for A Scooter?

1. Grip-Lock

A grip-lock secures onto an electric scooter’s handlebar. Once fitted it works by immobilizing the Throttle or the Clutch. It will be extremely difficult for a thief to steal your ride.

It’s the perfect solution for short parking; simple to use, fast to implement, and portable.

The main caveat is not all-electric scooters come clutch and the grip lock doesn’t fit onto all handlebars. We recommend talking to the seller to ensure it will fit your electric scooter.

Grip Lock GLRed
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2. Cable Lock

You can lock your electric scooters with a cable lock by securing them into a solid object like a bike rack. This can be your best option if you can find a solid and not a stationary object to secure your electric scooters. Typically sporting a braided steel construction providing strength and flexibility.

Good not great cut resistance, often these types of locks are paired together with supporting U-lock. BV cable lock is highly rated and is a good place to start if your searching for a cable lock. Check out our pick Here.

3. Chain Lock

This is also commonly used in bikes to attach it to a solid object. It can be used for your electric scooter as well. There are tons of chain locks out in the market.

Depending on the grade and material they are great way to lock important areas of your e-scooter. Kryptonite makes awesome thick chains. At the end of their chain lock is double deadbolt locking mechanism.

The cons with these sorts of chains is how heavy they can be to carry. It doesn’t seem practical at times lugging around a heavy chain. Especially, if your re-secure an electric scooter throughout the day. Check out our pick Here.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain
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4. Disc Lock

Disc lock is a great theft deterrent. This can be attached to your scooter’s brakes so it will be impossible for a thief to casually drive away with it. If you have a disc lock than you may also want to pair it up with a chain lock.

This will keep it more secure since it can still have the chance to be lifted and loaded into the thief’s truck. Seway has an awesome disc lock that can be found Here.

5. D or U Lock

U Locks is another top-rated lock. U Locks are of high quality and does well against power tools. Its simple configuration utilizing one or two keys to open the U framed lock from its base. Something to consider is the width and length of U-locks you plan on buying.

It’s best to choose the smaller D or U locks since the bigger version can be easier for the thief to just open. It creates a tight and snug fit onto the railing, sign, or bike post.

Both Kryptonite New York locks & ABUS have highly rated U-locks. If you plan on getting U-locks then give ABUS or Kyptonite a second look.

6. Folding Lock

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, and malleable lock then the folding lock is for you. Folding locks are as good as a chain lock and it contorts to your electric scooter.

A thief would really have to go to work in order to penetrate a folding lock there was no obvious way to attack it.

ABUS folding locks work well and it’s a top brand when it comes to security locks. A Con of these locks might be the premium price. Good security does come at a price. To protect a valuable item like an electric scooter you can’t go cheap.

7. Cuff Lock

You can use it both indoor and outdoor to keep your scooter secured. It’s a good lock because it’s impossible to get cut by the common tools thief may be using. This is also weatherproof so that you don’t have to think about the rust. Since it is designed to protect your electric scooter.

Master Lock street cuffs are highly rated and have been around for a long time. Can also be used on motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.

Pliable soft-touch bumpers protect your e-scooters finish. The master lock has an incredible cuff lock that we think you’ll enjoy Here.

How to secure your electric scooter

How to secure your electric scooter? Tips

Always lock your electric scooter if it’s left unattended.

When you leave it outside, lock your scooter to a streetlamp, fence post, parking meter, or bike rack. Don’t just lock it anywhere. Lock it in a crowded area or next to other bikes and scooters. It’s a good way to blend in your scooter amongst everyone else’s. Now it’s less of a target.

Your electric scooter isn’t safe at home.

Even if your electric scooter is stored in your home it doesn’t mean it’s safe. You should store it with a lock. If you have an open type of garage, then you should really have the lock to protect your scooter all day and night.

It’s better to avoid tempting thieves from taking your scooter. Tons of thieves steal bikes and scooters from homeowners. So be mindful of your surroundings and don’t leave your scooter like bait in the garage, front or back yard.

Avoid leaving your scooter out there.

Think first before just leaving your scooter out for theft. Do you really need to leave it out when you go inside? Of course not! Just bring it along if you will have to go to the shops.

Most likely, they will inform you that it’s not allowed inside anyway. If not, then make sure to put a lock at all times to keep your scooter safe.

How To Lock Scooters On The Bike Rack?

1. Secure your scooter by using cable locks.

A U-lock is the best lock to use if you are planning on securing your electric scooter to a bike rack.

Plus, it’s more secure to leave it in a bike rack zone, it’s a designated visual area. Security personnel can be alerted in case somebody attempts to steal it from there. Since that area can possibly have a surveillance camera.

2. Run the U-lock through Wheel and Deck gap.

Open the U framed lock from its base. Run the U-lock through the wheel and deck gap. Attached the U-lock frame back into the base for a snug fit. You don’t want to leave any chances for the thief to get it for free.

3. Make sure it’s securely attached to the bike rack.

Don’t be too relaxed. You must securely attach the scooter and the lock to the bike rack. This is to make sure that nobody can just leave with your electric scooter without your permission.

If necessary get hardened chain locks to rap up the stem of the scooter to a piece of the rack. A tight fit makes it harder for bolt cutters to eat at the chain.

Are Multiple Scooter Locks Necessary?

Multiple locks are not necessary for you to have. Since most of the electric scooter lock is durable and secured.

But the longer your e-scooter is exposed, its chances to get stolen increases. You won’t make thieves think twice about attempting to do a quick grab and run.

Multiple locks serve as great added bit security. Choose additional locks that will work best for your scooter.

It’s also better to invest in a weatherproof electric scooter lock. Then you don’t have to worry that it will be filled with rust in the future.

GPS Electric Scooter

Should You Buy A GPS Tracking System?

It’s ideal if you can buy a GPS tracking system. This way, you can track your electric scooter in case somebody was able to take it with them. It’s another layer of security for your scooter than just outing an electric scooter lock on it.

In case that a thief is successful in stealing your scooter, you can track it down by using GPS. Even if your scooter went too far from you, there is a better chance of getting it back. After all, you just have to buy that GPS tracking system for these instances.

If You Have The Option Take Your Electric Scooter Indoors

There is a false sense of security that you need to be mindful of, nowhere is safe. It’s best to just take it inside with you. Since most scooters can be easily transported, there’s a better chance of losing them. If a thief is serious about taking your electric scooter, they will get more resourceful. It’s still better to take it wherever you go in order to just avoid any incidents to happen.


An electric scooter lock can be a great help in securing your scooter at all times. Since there are so many types of locks that you can use, you might as well take advantage of them. This is the best way to keep your electric scooter. If you have the right lock, you don’t have to worry about it.

How to lock your electric scooter is not really a secret. You can just get a good electric scooter lock and you’re good to go. Depending on your surroundings.

It’s best if you will choose the lock that will protect your scooter from getting stolen. It’s better to take precautionary measures right away instead of waiting for something to happen.

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