5 Easy-to-Build Electric Longboard Kits in 2021

Updated on February 23, 2021

For many hobbyists with a technical mindset, the process of building exciting devices is more enjoyable than actually using them.

Easier access to technology and information through the internet has also helped the DIY industry grow considerably.

In the skateboarding world, many DIY enthusiasts prefer to build their electric skateboards by gathering required components.

Electric skateboard kits can help you conveniently achieve the same results in a shorter time. 

What Is An Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit?

An electric skateboard kit is a set of devices and components that allow you to turn any regular skateboard, longboard, or penny board into an electric one.

You’ll find all the essential parts you need to build an electric skateboard in a conversion kit.

Most electric conversion kits come with all the tricky electrical connections to make installation simpler. However, some prefer to build their skateboards from the scratch.

There are many options in the market, and you can easily select one with your preferred functions.

Why use an Electric Skateboard Kit Instead of an Actual E-board?

You might wonder why you should bother with electric skateboard conversion kits? Especially when you can buy an operational e-board in a similar price bracket. There are several reasons why people opt for DIY electric skateboard kits.

We’ll address some of them in this section.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Electric skateboard kits are excellent choices when you consider the value for money. The skateboards in a similar price bracket as a conversion kit will not have the speed, range, and other characteristics you need for an excellent experience.
  2. Customization: Electric skateboard conversion kits are naturally more customizable. You can change the aspect you don’t like or focus on a particular capability. For example, you can easily add an advanced regenerative braking system or a more powerful battery to improve your skateboard.
  3. More options: It’s crucial to ensure that you like the product you are plan to use regularly. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your money. With an electric skateboard conversion kit, you have more designs and colors to choose from. You might even have a regular skateboard you love. Now, you can convert it into an electrical variant.
  4. Better experience: As stated before, many people prefer the experience of building their electric skateboards. This activity can give them satisfaction and stimulate their creativity and stand out from the crowd.

Selecting the Best DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

Selecting an electric skateboard kit is a little different than selecting an actual e-board. There are some specific characteristics you must consider.

We believe you should consider the following characteristics to ensure that you are getting the best electric skateboard kit.

Powerful Battery

Batteries are integral for electric skateboards because they have a direct impact on numerous other performance features.

If your electric skateboard kit comes with a battery pack, you need to make sure that it covers the distance you want to cover for your regular use.

If you want to use an electric skateboard for long distances or commute, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting an electric skateboard conversion kit with a powerful battery.

Some electric skateboard kits do not come with a battery pack while some allow you to order extended battery packs, or replace them with a better option.

Excellent Speed

The top speed is a crucial consideration for many electric skateboard users. Similarly, people using an electric skateboard kit also prefer to have faster options.

Numerous factors have a direct impact on the top speed of electric skateboards.

In electric skateboard conversion kits, the wheel bite and motor power are primary parameters for top speed.

If you are interested in learning more about fast electric skateboards, check out our guide on electric skateboards that can go above the speed of 25 mph by clicking here.

Motor Housing and Casing

Depending on your intended use and terrain, the motor housing can become a crucial consideration.

The motor, transmission, battery, remote control sensors, and other electrical components must be protected from water and other dangers to ensure a versatile performance.

If you plan to go off-roading or to take out your DIY electric skateboard in the rain, then you have to make sure that the electric skateboard kit comes with a waterproof and impact-resistant casing.

Ease of Installation

Setting up an electric skateboard kit and installing it on a regular board is an exciting and enjoyable process. However, it should not be too hard that you start thinking about giving up halfway.

Electric skateboard conversion kits are for hobbyists and enthusiasts. They are not for aspiring electrical engineers, and the installation difficulty level should reflect that.

Regenerative Brakes

Safety is a crucial requirement for a pleasant skateboarding experience. The electric skateboarding kit you choose must have a powerful braking system to stop the movement at a moment’s notice.

Electric skateboard conversion kits with regenerative braking are the best choices in the market for safety considerations.

They can easily come to a stop even when you are traveling downhill at your top speed.

The 5 Best Electric Skateboard Kits in the Market Today

Among the countless options available in the market, we believe that the following items check all the boxes and can give you the best overall experience.

Some of them do not come with a remote or a battery, but their other qualities cover the deficiencies. For kits that do not feature a battery or remote, we have also added a recommended ESC kit for your convenience.

1. PROMOTOR Dual Electronic Skateboard Kit

PROMOTOR Dual Electronic Skateboard Kit
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Our first selection is the incredible Promotor Dual electronic skateboard kit. This excellent device comes with a set of powerful 1500W motors that gives your skateboard maximum speed and power.

The entire kit is enclosed in an impact-resistant plastic material that protects the electrical components from all kinds of environmental contaminants.

You can also take out the Promotor electric skateboard kit in the rain as it comes with a waterproof body.

Apart from being durable and excellent in its performance, this electric skateboard kit is quite easy to install. All you need are a set of common tools and your electric skateboard is ready for use.

There are, however, some drawbacks as well. This electric skateboard kit does not come with a wireless remote. You’ll have to purchase it separately.

We recommend the ideal DIY ESC unit by WonVon as it complements the electric skateboard conversion kit.


  • Powerful dual motors
  • Sturdy plastic body
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy to install


  • Weak mount
  • Does not have a wireless remote

2. Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit

Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DIY (Cruiser)
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The powerful electric skateboard kit by Loaded Board is an ideal choice for you because of its excellent design and unparalleled capabilities.

The electric skateboard conversion kit can work with any regular skateboard and its modular design allows you to customize it according to your preference.

The complete conversion kit has a powerful motor that allows your DIY electric skateboard to reach a top speed of 23 mph and climb a 90 slope without any issues. The electric skateboard conversion kit also weighs only 6.6 lbs and can handle loads up to 240 lbs.


  • Complete conversion kit with premium components
  • Modular design
  • Comes with a capable wireless remote
  • Two powerful batteries
  • Regenerative braking capabilities
  • Three riding modes


  • Not too reliable
  • Only one motor
  • Loses stability at high speeds

3. ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit
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ZXMOTO electric longboard kit is another excellent choice in the market that delivers top-quality performance without needing significant investment.

You’ll instantly fall in love with this conversion kit’s minimalistic design and the ability to work with any skateboard.

The electric skateboard kit features powerful motors with high-quality PU wheels that allow it to navigate all kinds of terrains without any issues. The motor also operates silently and the kit is available in two attractive colors.

Just like the first option, the ZXMOTO does not come with remote control, so you’ll have to purchase a separate one.

We believe that the same ESC unit we mentioned before can work perfectly with this electric skateboard kit.


  • Excellent compatibility with all available skateboards
  • Available in two attractive colors
  • Powerful motors


  • Does not come with belt tensions adjustment capability
  • Does not have a remote
  • Heavy
  • Hard to install

4. Demeras Electric Skateboard Kit

Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Motor Kit
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The Demeras electric skateboard kit is an ideal product for heavy-duty users who want a sturdy and durable option for off-roading and other rough applications.

The conversion kit comes with heavy-duty powerful motors and has a water-proof and dust-proof design to ensure long-lasting performance.

Moreover, the Demaras electric skateboard kit also comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, so you can relax and purchase it without any worries.

The electric skateboard kit is also simple to install and can be repaired in case of an issue.

The electric skateboard kit, however, does not come with an ESC system for remotes. You’ll have to purchase them separately and it might drive up the price a little bit.

Nevertheless, the electric skateboard kit is made from premium material and is worth the investment. 


  • Powerful motors
  • Unbreakable Aluminum hub
  • Perfect for off-roading
  • Durable and lasts a long time
  • Water-proof and dust-proof design


  • Does not come with a remote control
  • A little heavier than other options in the market

5. L-faster Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit

L - faster Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit
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Our final listing is the L-faster Longboard Kit with a wireless remote and dual motors. This is a decent option that is perhaps the easiest model to install on any skateboard.

The electric skateboard conversion kit comes in 4 different options, so you may select the one you prefer. You also have the option to select a color that suits your personality and skateboard.

The dual-drive option comes with powerful brushless motors and PU wheels which give the skateboard off-roading capabilities.

Overall, the L-faster is a decent option if you are looking for an electric skateboard conversion kit that’s easy to install and repair.

You’ll however need to purchase a separate cover to protect the circuits from environmental contaminants and impacts.


  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Simple installation process
  • Available in different colors and types
  • Versatile enough to work with all skateboards


  • No batteries
  • Needs additional purchases for protection
  • Quite expensive when compared with other options

Final Verdict

After analyzing all the available options, we believe that the electric skateboard conversion kit by Loaded Boards is the best option in this list.

The comprehensive kit is ready to operate and install for everyone. You also get 2 sets of li-ion batteries with this kit that give it the best range and capabilities in this list.

Just like any top-tier skateboard, the Loaded Board comes with all the other bells and whistles like vibration damping, motor liners, powerful baseplate, etc.