Electric Bike Vs Normal Bike, The Post To End All Debates


Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes – Which is better

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes – Which is better? If you had asked this question even five years ago, the majority of adult riders would have clearly chosen regular bikes by a landslide.

But now, according to the Verge as well as many experts, within the next three years, 130 million electric bikes are expected to be sold worldwide.

And as the articles headline, “Forget electric cars — e-bikes will be the top selling EV in the next decade” articulates, Electric bikes will clearly become a force to be recognized in the decade to come.

This is why we wanted to create a post that answers some of common questions asked about e-bikes.

Pros And Cons Of An Electric Bike

Electric bikes can be a great alternative to conventional bikes. Yet, to make the flip requires some pros and cons to be weighed.

So, we decided list all of them out, that way you can understand the challenges that they present.

Pros And Cons Of An Electric Bike

Electric Bike Pros

1. No license is generally required

As long as your e-bike does not exceed government regulations for speed, and in essence the bike also requires pedaling to engage the motor, virtually no license is required.

This makes e-bikes perfect for individuals that are too young to drive a car or motorcycle, senior citizens too old to drive a car, or people who are physically restricted from getting a driver’s license.

For many people, once they are introduced to e-bikes, its like a new lease on life.

2. They are just as safe as a bicycle.

When riding an electric bike, it doesn’t have a much different feel from an ordinary bicycle.

Within a half hour, you’ll have fully gotten used to using your new e-bike.

When riding at top speeds, braking can be a little tricky, but e-bikes have essentially the same feel as an ordinary bike.

3. You’ll ride more

Many people unfamiliar with e-bikes suggest that electric bikes are for lazy people.

However, repeated studies have shown that people who own e-bikes tend to ride them more often, and for longer distance. So don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of exercise.

4. Great for the physically challenged

People who are physically challenged often struggle to find any type of exercise they enjoy.

The gentle motor assist makes cycling so much easier for the elderly or people with bad knees. They make the perfect “rehab” exercise equipment

5. They can be fantastic commuter vehicles

Many people that live 10 or 15 miles from work are ditching their car for an e-bike.

First of all, it gives you plenty of exercise. Secondly, if you are in a traditional family where both the husband and the wife work, you may wind up saving around $400 per month just by ditching one of the cars.

Finally, in addition to vanishing car payments, gasoline and maintenance, electric bicycles in most localities, require no liability insurance.

Electric Bike Cons

Relatively expensive.

E-bikes are definitely cheaper than most motorcycles, For around $400, you can buy yourself a pretty darn good beach cruiser just about anywhere.

For an equivalent e-bike, plan on spending $1,000 to $1500. Two thousand is not uncommon.

Hey, it’s basically a computer powered electrical motor attached to a hefty lithium battery. What did you expect?

2. The maintenance is more expensive

As people tend to ride further and faster with e-bikes. The technology will get more extensive, plan on having a reserve set aside for maintenance. Particularly if you need to buy a replacement battery.

3. Braking is tricky

Some people go way too fast for their reaction speed in braking. Braking is a part of cycling.

If you don’t know how to handle yourself in every braking situation, you could wind up in the hospital.

4. E-bikes get stolen

Many people, purchasing an e-bike get so enamored with the riding experience that they forget about the lock.

If you buy a $2,000 e-bike, don’t protect it with a $5 lock from your local hardware store. And also, consider theft insurance.

5. Much Heavier

E-bikes are significantly heavier than ordinary bikes, which means they are more difficult to turn, and much more difficult to carry if you have a flat tire.

Common Electric Bike Questions:

Common electric bike questions

What is an electric bike, and do you pedal it?

Simply put, an e-bike is a pedaled bicycle like any other bicycle, with the assist of an integrated electric motor, powered by a battery, that allows the bike to propel without being pedaled at times.

Some say they are like mopeds, but their ability to operate purely on pedal power, is what distinguishes them from being an electric motorcycle.

You do not have to engage the motor at all to use an e-bike.

Are e-bikes faster than normal bikes?

First of all, the Consumer Product Safety Act, defines the top speed of an e-bike, being propelled only by the motor is 20 miles per hour.

As bicycles in New York’s Central Park have been clocked at speeds of 25-32 miles per hour, the answer then, is technically no.

However, the average speed on a bicycle or sidewalk is around 12 miles per hour,

As an e-bike can easily go 20 to 100 miles on a charge. Depending upon conditions, that means its easier to go faster as a whole on an e-bike.

Can an electric bike travel up steep hills?

The plain answer is yes, you can, although don’t expect to go up the hill unassisted by pedal power.

E-bikes aren’t designed that way. You simply must pedal in order to engage the motor.

There are twist and go type bikes, but generally they have the same restrictions as mopeds.

That being said, compared to pure pedal power, electric bikes make hill climbing a breeze. Even steep grades are within most rider’s capabilities.


E-bikes can be a fantastic investment for most riders, but they aren’t for everybody. First, very fit people rarely need the additional assist. Second of all, they can be expensive.

On the other hand, average riders find them to be fantastic and well worth the money. And after buying an e-bike, many turn into every day riders.

Electric bikes allow you to travel efficiently, and the increased popularity will only incentivize companies to keep upgrading them.

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