Best Electric Bike Theft Advice

Updated on December 30, 2020
Electric bike theft - How to protect your electric bike

Sometimes carrying your ebike around is not an option and you need to put your precious ride down for some time.

The truth is bike theft is on the rise and we want to do our best to inform you of the best ways to protect your ride from theft or misplacement.

In this post, we address bike theft and how to protect your eBike while you are away.

Disclaimer: All the methods mentioned here are only the first step to protect your eBike or scooter. Please ensure that you are locking your bike safely every single time you use one of these products.

Are Electric Bikes More Likely To Get Stolen?

Yes, they do. Bike thieves have been known to identify higher end bikes. When you’re considering buying a regular bike vs an eBike, you should definitely make sure that you take the necessary precautions to lock your bike, purchase anti-theft bike locks, and even consider bike insurance.

Do Electric Bike Batteries Get Stolen?

EBike batteries are the most expensive part of the bike so it is a great idea to remove the battery in the off-chance that theft happens to you. A stolen bike without the bike battery gives you a better chance to inexpensively replace your bike without too much hassle.

How Do I Keep My Electric Bike Safe?

Three L’s – Locks, Lighting, and Limit. In order to evade bike theft, you will want bike thieves to be discouraged from even thinking about stealing your e-bike.

Essentially, anti-theft bike locks are a big priority for keeping your new bike protected. Putting your bike under lit areas helps to discourage theft. Lit areas have a tendency to be seen by others and cameras when thieves are trying to steal.

The final L is to limit the opportunities for bike thieves to steal. Limit the amount of time you leave your bike out in the open or in a bike rack. Limit leaving the battery in the bicycle.

These will help you make sure that your bike will be less likely to get stolen.

What Is The Best Lock For An Electric Bike?

The best bike lock to prevent bike theft may not be just one bike lock. You might have to consider using two locks or even multiple. Two locks or more can benefit your bike because it adds an extra layer of protection from bike theft.

Consider these different bike locks to avoid getting your bike stolen and if you’ve come to terms that you don’t need multiple bike locks, then feel free to review the different kinds of bike locks below.

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How Do You Secure An E-Bike?

Lock or secure your bike out in the open. If you live in a major city where there is increase in foot traffic.

Secure your e-bike close nearby where you can see it. Heavily trafficked areas are not always going to be the norm, so if allowed take your bike inside.

The longer your e-bike is exposed, the chances to get stolen increases. At one point even city bikes in NY were being stolen when they were first introduced.

Secure your electric bikes to bike racks, miter post, or bolted polls next to other bikes.

Your e-bike should blend in and not stand out. Honestly, it probably can’t be avoided for electric bikes.

How Not To Secure An E-Bike

How Not To Secure An E-Bike?

That secrete hiding place. With little human traffic, behind the bushes may seem like a good secure place.

Truth is it’s not. You’re taking a huge chance with this secrete hiding spot, if your ebike is seen it will be swiped.

Doesn’t matter about the grade of chain or cable lock. Ebike thieves are fast.

Given enough time they can use an angle grinder to defeat your lock in seconds. So, don’t make it easier for them by parking an ebike nice secrete shaded area.

Securing your ebike to trees, weak fences or gates isn’t a good idea either. Overall, If you park your bike in risky places then don’t leave it unattended for too long.

Another area where your electric bikes aren’t safe is in the back, porch, or in the front yard of a home.

I’ve had many friends who parked their bikes in the back yard unattended.  Moments later thieves would run off with the bike.

There is a false sense of security that you need to be mindful of, nowhere is safe.

Your ebike is on top of the food chain, everyone is a threat, even your neighbors. A good rule of thumb is to keep inside your home.

E-Bikes Lock Options

All these ebike lock options don’t guarantee your e-bike is safe. Yet, with the right method thieves will think twice about attempting to do a quick grab and run.

Chain lock

There are tons of chain locks out in the market. Depending on the grade and material they are a great way to lock important areas of your ebike. Kryptonite makes awesome thick chains. At the end of their chain lock is a double deadbolt locking mechanism.

The cons with these sorts of chains are how heavy they can be to carry. It doesn’t seem practical at times lugging around a heavy chain.

Especially, if your re-secure an ebike throughout the day.

Kryptonite New York Chain 1217 Bicycle Lock
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Folding Lock

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, and malleable lock than the folding lock is for you. Folding locks are as good as a chain lock and it contorts to your ebike.

A thief would really have to go to work in order to penetrate a folding lock there was no obvious way to attack it.

ABUS Folding Locks work well and it’s a top brand when it comes to bike locks. A Con of these locks might be the premium price.

Good security does come at a price. To protect a valuable item like an ebike you can’t go cheap.


U-Lock is another top-rated lock. It’s Solid and very heavy duty.

Its simple configuration utilizing one or two keys to open the U framed lock from its base. Something to consider is the width and length of the U-lock you plan on buying.

Not every U-lock will fit around on an ebike. Areas of an ebike are thicker so it could be a pain to secure if the U-lock width is to narrow.

Both Kryptonite & ABUS have highly rated U-locks. If your plan on getting a U-lock gives them a second look.

Frame Locks

Frame locks AKA Cafe locks are by no means a low-grade security lock.

Its purpose is different when compared to the other locks mentioned on the list. A frame lock will secure the rear wheel to the frame.

When the lock is engaged it Prevents the rear wheel from turning. It’s great for cyclists who want to park an e-bike for a few minutes.

As the bike won’t be able to move but keep an eye on it. Also, frame locks are convenient. That’s because they’re always available, as they are mounted on the bike itself.

Pairing up a frame lock with one of the other locks seen on this list is a good way to use this lock. ABUS has a good frame lock if you’re looking for one.

ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Bicycle Frame Lock
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Pin Head Locks

No need to have extra cable locks for those delicate pieces. If you’re worried about parts of your e-bike being taken like the front or rear wheel. Then Pin headlocks are a good locking mechanism to have.

These locks are special, it’s a dome head-shaped screw with teeth on the inside.

It can only be unscrewed using a unique multi combination key. That is, it’s the biggest con because if you lose the key for a lack of better word you’re screwed.

Pinhead is the company that makes them, and they also have a complete security kit. The kit can cover other areas of the bike.

Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set
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Securing the Rear Wheel Method

A good method to secure your rear wheel is to use a U-lock or folding lock, it can secure a good amount of the e-bike.

Typically, you would want to include the rear wheel and the seat post.

Some e-bikes have thicker body frames so a U-lock might not be wide enough.

In those situations, the e-bike frame and rear wheel of the e-bike would is secured separately.

This is where a frame lock would come in handy as it can secure the rear wheel to the frame.

Securing Mid Frame

As we mentioned earlier if your electric bikes mid-frame is on the thicker side a folding lock is the best way to go.

Also, another lock that would work is a chain lock. Although it is heavy to carry around it would be able to rap around the thicker frame.

You can include a cable lock as an addition to the main chain lock. Now, the seat, handlebar, and front-wheel would be secure as well.

Because the cable lock is supported by the chain lock wrapped around your e-bikes mid-frame.

Securing Front Wheel

Besides using a chain or cable lock for the front wheel a pin headlock is a solid way to tighten up security.

Its unique screw head is going to make it hard for someone to quickly release and run off with your front wheel.

Don’t need extra locks, one good pin head screw will work. They even sale pin head locks security kit.

The kit comes with multiple screws, so, other areas can like the bike seat can be fastened securely.

GPS Locks and other methods

There are tracking devices that are installed inside the framework of an ebike.

It alerts the user if the bike has been moved or if a motion is felt, relaying the info to a smartphone through an app.

Disk alarms is a great theft deterrent. When the disk alarm detects vibration, a beeping sound is triggered, causing would-be thieves to scramble.

Tip: Register your eBike with the Bike Index. It’s a bicycle registration service. According to their site, there are over 306,000 cataloged bikes, and 890 community partners.

It’s a nonprofit that has been around since 2013. It’s used by individuals, bike shops, police departments to help recover stolen bikes.

Best of all it’s free to register your e-bike.

Tip: If your e-bike display is detachable, then it’s a good idea to remove it. When comes to an eBike anything worth taking should be secured or removed.


There also e-bike insurance companies willing and ready to insure your eBike.

It can get costly if you don’t shop around for a good plan. Insurances are a good investment if your live-in high-risk areas with lots of theft.

E-bike worth the price of a used car, should be considered, or else your gambling your money away.

We have a post that really goes into detail on why it’s important to consider an eBike. Read More Here

Electric bike


Electric bikes are a wonderful way to get around and you’re not the only person in on that security.

It’s good to be paranoid and have a keen sense of your surroundings. If you think your e-bike is in danger it probably is.

Be smart and use common sense, an unattended ebike is always at risk.

Theft is on the rise and thieves are getting smarter. There are loads of videos online, demonstrating how to break the toughest of locks. So, new crooks are being born every day.

Make it hard to steal your ebike, that’s the goal. Sensors, GPS, and locks all good preventive methods.

There are always new products out there for bike security so keep up on the latest changes in the market

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