Inexpensive Ways to Protect Your electric bike

Updated on December 30, 2020

Inexpensive Ways to Theft-Proof Your electric bike

With an increase in the popularity of electric bikes comes an increase in the number of these bikes being stolen. Just like regular bikes, there are two ways that these tend to fall victim to thieves. 

They will either steal particular parts from the bike that they can take and get money for scrap. The other way is that they will steal the actual bike for themselves. 

No matter why these are stolen, there are a few things that you will want to know to help yourself be better protected from your electric bike from being the next statistic.

Is There An Increase In Electric Bike Theft?

The short answer is that there is an increase in the number of thefts that are associated with electric bikes.

There are several reasons why this is on the rise, the biggest of these reasons is the fact that these bikes have skyrocketed in popularity. 

Many thieves will steal these bikes without any knowledge that there are parts that can easily be damaged or if are missing will lead to these bikes being useless to a thief. 

The downside of this is as more and more of these bikes are on the market, thieves will begin to just steal the parts that they need for their stolen bike. 

The main reason that there is an increase is the fact that they simply are a victim of general bike thefts on the whole.

Why Would Electric Bikes Be Targeted?

These bikes are being targeted for the simple fact that they look stylish, are popular and more and more people are ditching the traditional bike in favor of an electric bike

This simply will lead to an increase in the number of bikes that are being stolen.

Another reason that these bikes are being targeted, is that thieves can get a good amount of money on the market when they try to sell them. 

Also, bike theft typically goes unreported. There is a lower prioritization by the police.

If bikes are recovered by police only small percentage actually gets returned to the original owner. 

We think it’s good Idea to registered your electric bike with Bike Index.

It’s used by individuals, bike shops, police departments to help recover stolen bikes.

Common Reason Thieves Target Bikes

Expensive Electric Bike = Better ROI

No matter how you split it an expensive bike makes for a better return on investment for thieves.

Thieves can steal an electric bike and resell it back to a pawnshop or another buyer.

Not Investing In A Good Lock System

Make it hard to steal your electric bike, that’s the goal. So, when you decide not to buy a good locking system you’re gambling.

We’ve written an post on good ways to lock your electric bike. Read More Here.

Leaving Your E-bike Unattended Outside

There is a false sense of security when your home. I’d often hear of stories where bikes were taken from a cyclist back yard or garage.

Leaving your bike unattended for to long give thieves ample amount of time to steal your electric bike.   

What Can Be Done to Reduce Electric Bike Theft?

If you’ve just  bought an electric bike, then without a doubt you’d want keep it safe. There a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to securing your new purchase.

The following are a few things you can do to ensure that you do not become another victim.

The first thing is to look around at your surroundings. Odds are that you know the kind of area that you live and the area where you tend to bike regularly. 

If you can make sure that you do not park in areas that are not well lit. this is a hotbed for thieves as there is little light and this allows them to better operate. 

If your area is not the best in the world, then consider parking a little bit further that may be safer.

This has a dual effect as you get better exercise as well as increase that your bike will be safer.

Now if you can, the better option is to take your bike inside with you. This helps to greatly decrease the chances that your bike will get stolen. 

More and more places will let you bring your bike inside with you. Lock it up to something sturdy to reduce the odds someone will walk out with your bike. 

It will be quite obvious if a person is dragging out a bike. This will reduce the chance of your bike walking out the door.

Try if you can to not be predictable. While your destination may not change, your route may need to.

If you can, be sure that you go different routes to get to your destination. 

Often thieves will look for a pattern from their victims.

If there is not a set routine, then this makes it hard for them to be able to steal your bike easily. You may have to go an extra distance, but you will at least still have your bike.

Using more than one bike lock will be a sure bet that your bike has a much better chance of not falling victim to a thief. Thieves look for bikes that have easy locks to break. 

If you use more than one and they are of different brands, then your odds of coming back to find your bike is greatly increased.

A lot of people are not as lucky and thus this leads to them having to replace their bike.

When you lock your bike up, be sure that it is done in a way that will lead to a lot of damage being done when they try to steal it. 

A severely damaged bike is not useful to a thief as they can not use it for riding or even salvage.

If you lock just the front wheels to a bike rack, then you will come back to just a front wheel and no bike. 

A front wheel is easy to replace but multiple parts will require more money and work.

Best Advice To Anyone Who Owns An E-Bike?

The biggest thing that you need to remember is that they love hills and will make that monster hill near your home easy to take on.

You don’t have to exert so much power to get up the hill and thus will allow you to challenge yourself even more.

No matter what is going on in your life, be sure that you keep your bike charged.

There is no trip like the one you will take when you begin to roll back when the battery on your electric bike dies. 

This is never a great trip for you to take and the bike itself is very heavy and when you end your journey it will more than likely be in a ditch or on the side of the road. 

When you own a bike no matter if it is an electric bike or not, you will want to take steps that will prevent you from being just another victim.

you paid a lot for this bike, don’t pay a bigger price when your bike gets stolen.

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