What is an e-bike? Buyers Guide To Electric Bikes

Updated on February 23, 2021
Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Heres Our List

To answer the question directly. Yes, electric bikes do pose some risk, but it’s also safe. In the wrong hands, e-bikes can be very dangerous.

Since the dawn of time people and wheels have always coexisted. Just like other inventions before the e-bike people hesitate to adopt something new.

The same can be said with cars, bikes, skateboards or anything on wheels moving at low to moderate speed.

As with any new mode of transportation, everyone adapts. We all need a little push forward and this why we’re writing this post. When compared to a regular bike there is additional risk to consider.

E-Bikes have an electric system that supports itself with a stored charge. It uses this stored energy to easily propel forward as a rider peddles.

This electric feedback is where you’ll find the most danger.

In this post will list some of the common questions and dangers that can arise when you ride a e-Bike.

Electric Bike Battery Could Combust & Catch Fire

Most electric bikes have lithium batteries that are highly combustible. Faulty or old electric batteries can explode and catch fire.

This has recently happened to the Galaxy Note 7, so it is possible.

Top electric bicycle brands and manufacturers have high standards & perform rigorous tests on e-bikes. But it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

The real challenge comes from homemade builds, tinkerers who want to go that extra mile. We don’t recommend this, but if do try to modify the battery or build your own batteries take precautions.

Research is key so you can decrease the risk of something bad happening. Encase your batteries in a protective metal box and enhance your safety by using a Battery Management System (BMS).

E-bike batteries are safe to use. They are often well designed and tested. As the age of e-ridables progresses forward so will the technology to make slimmer and better performing batteries. So, no worries here, the likelihood of an e-Bike exploding while you ride is small.

Humans Are Inherently Dangerous

E-Bike accidents happen but more so than not this isn’t because of a flawed design.

People tend to forget that e-Bikes are a cross between regular bikes and motorbikes. They forget that e-Bikes can accelerate quickly.

Human error at top speeds can take place and incidents can arise because of it. Regulations haven’t been set in most areas and some people take advantage.

Traffic rules are disobeyed as riders over speed in the road or on pedestrian walkways.

Serious accidents can occur, for example, back in 2018 e-bike related accidents were on the rise in Israel. As the popularity e-ridables increase politicians can be slow to regulate.

Everyone knows someone who likes to push the boundaries. Could be coworker, friend or family member, they just like tip toeing the edge of the cliff.

Multiply that by millions and basically, you have a load of dare devils on the road. We have a link to the youtube video from i24NEWS about past e-bike issues happening in Israel.

It’s interesting to see other parts of world and how they are dealing with e-bike regulations. The video does come off to be a bit sensational but has some valid concerns. View it Here.

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Heres Our List

Know Your eBike Throttle Or Risk It All

Throttles are great, especially if your leg power is a bit weak. If you’re looking into these types of e-bikes make sure that look at the throttle placement.

Is it flip switch, half grip twist or full handle twist? If the throttle is full handle twist it can affect your grip.

You’re paying closer attention to not rotating the handle by accident as you squeeze. On the other hand, flip throttle is like a light switch, you don’t want to flip by mistake.

Minor accidents can happen when you’re not paying attention. An example can be when you first start riding an e-Bike with a throttle.

At a dead stop, you rotate the throttle and the e-bike takes off by surprise. It’s often at a low speed but it can cause some damages. High electric gears can also cause the same issues at a dead stop, just be aware of your surroundings.

Some precautions you can take is to not apply full throttle when the e-Bike isn’t moving.

Some e-bikes do come with motor inhibitors as way to prevent that from happening.

If you hold on to the break, the throttle shouldn’t run when triggered. A good tip is to hold onto the break as your getting on or off a e-bike.

Another option to consider is speeding control or a switch to keep an eclectic bike at various power levels when the bike is moving.

Dial up your throttle and controller before get on the move and start riding.

Riding Your E-bike Too Fast

Electric bikes aren’t top of line speed demons but can operate in high speed. So be weary of an e-bike brake system.

If your traveling at high speeds, can it also come to complete stop efferently.

It’s important to monitor this because you’ll want to reduce your speed accordingly as you move through cross-ways and pedestrian crossing.

Electric bikes come equipped with high quality breaks but it’s up to get a good feel for how well they may fair during everyday use.

It’s Not All Negative

The list of risk presented on this post make e-bikes seem like there a metal death trap.

No, will leave that title to everyone’s pesky uncle in the car. E-bikes positives outweigh any negative on this list. These are all risks to consider.

E-bikes are a great way to ditch your car, as it allows you to get around much faster and easier.

E-bikes are safe. It seems counter intuitive based on this post but electric bikes are built with high standards.

Riding through the city or local roads is a breeze. Easier start from stopped positions allowing riders to pass through intersections much quicker.

You don’t have to break sweat going up hill which is great for people with sensitive knees. Older people will love to hear that.

As it gives you an opportunity get back on the bike again. Just keep in mind that modern e-bikes rides much quicker than traditional bikes.

Older individuals have weaker bodies and reflexes so an accident can amplify injuries sustained when compared to there your younger counterparts.

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Heres Our List

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous – Conclusion

Are electric bike dangerous? Yes, along with a million other things in this world. We don’t stop using those items or let it serve as a barrier. Why would this change for e-bikes?

As we mentioned, there are common dangers associated with e-Bikes when compared to regular bikes.

Yet, electric bikes can pose additional dangers. You can avoid these dangers by being aware and staying informed about those potential pitfalls.

Electric bikes allow you to ride with great precision. They can be just as agile if not more than regular bikes.

Top e-bike brands have higher standards when comes to parts like lights, frame and tires. This ensures safer standards when you’re riding on most terrains.

Remember your mindset is important. There are tons of positive aspects to consider when buying an e-bike. Combine this with ease of travel and freedom e-bikes can give you. it’s much more impactful than any perceived danger.

E-bikes can serve as a cheaper and eco friendlier alternative from a motor bike. Everyone will enjoy having an electric bike. Especially those in the elderly community.

As takes the pressure off your knees when peddling. Just pay attention to your speed. Keep your foot on the peddle as we explore more topics related e-ridables.