Electric Bike Accessories – All The Essentials

Updated on December 20, 2020
E-Bike Accessories - All The Essentials

The popularity of e-bikes has grown by leaps and bounds. Consumers these days use it not just for daily commute but also for recreational use.

If you want to use e-bike regularly, it is a good idea to get some accessories which can make things easier for you. They not only make the ride comfortable but also safer.

If you have searched for electric bike accessories in the past, you would know that there are a plethora of options available. The question which arises is, which electric bike accessories should you choose?

We will today help you out with the same. We have compiled a list of the top 30 e-bike accessories which you should look into.

Without any ado, let us look at these accessories to know more about them.

1. Cycling Helmet:

Cycling Helmet

Safety First!

Before you decide to get any other accessory, it is essential to get a cycling helmet. The number of options available when it comes to cycling helmets are plenty. You have to judge them on a few parameters like:

  • Safety ratings
  • Construction quality
  • Ventilation
  • Securing mechanism

When you compare them to these parameters, it will become easy for you to pick the right cycling helmet. It is an accessory which you should not ignore. A good place to start is with the Base Camp adult helmet.

2. Compact bike light:

Many electric bikes are not visible during night time. Moreover, proper illumination is needed when you’re riding your bike during the nighttime. That is why; you have to choose lights for your bike.

We like the Vont Bike Head Light. It comes equipped with different brightness modes, adjustable beam and it’s compact.


As the name itself suggests, it is to illuminate the area in front of your bike. It will allow you to use the bike during the nighttime as well.


The tail light is responsible for illuminating the rear of your bike. It makes other riders and motorists aware of your presence on the road. As a result, the probability of any mishap happening is on the lower side.

You have to choose both of these compact lights for your e-bike if you want to have a safe and comfortable ride.

3. Water Bottle Cage:

A Water Bottle Cage can come in pretty handy when you’re going for the longer rides. It will allow you to remain hydrated throughout your trip.

There are different types of water bottle Cages available. They are classified according to the cycle part, which they can be attached to like:

  • Rear carrier
  • Handlebar

You have to decide which one you prefer. However, it is a necessary e-bike accessory, which you should opt for.

4. Folding Lock

Folding Lock

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, and malleable lock than the folding lock is for you. Folding locks are as good as a chain lock and it contorts to your electric bike.

A thief would really have to go to work to penetrate a folding lock there was no obvious way to attack it.

ABUS folding locks work well and it’s a top brand when it comes to bike locks. A Con of these locks might be the premium price.

5. Fender e-bike Set:

Fender e-bike Set

Usually, when you are buying an entry-level e-bike, it would not have a fender set.

The problem with the absence of a fender set is that it will propel the dirt, mud, sand, and other contaminants away when you ride the bike consistently.

It can affect not only the bike but also the rider. That is why, if you plan on using the bike regularly, it is a good idea to opt for a fender e-bike set. It will allow you to keep the mud and water at bay while riding the bike.

Nobody likes to reach their destination drenched in muddy water. Keeping this factor in mind, it is an accessory which you should not ignore. Planet Bike Cascadia is an awesome finder set and it’s easy to install.

6. Bicycle Frame Pouch:

Bicycle Frame Pouch

Do you find it difficult to carry your smartphone, keys, or a wallet when you’re on your e-bike?

If yes, it is time to get a bicycle frame pouch from WOTOW. It attaches to the frame of your e-bike and allows you to store all of these things and more.

It means that carrying the essentials with you will be possible.

Many of them are water-resistant as well, which means that your possessions will be entirely safe when you’re using such an e-bike frame pouch.

They are easy to attach and detach, which is another reason why you should go for them.

7. One Hand Multitool:

E-bikes these days are famous for their long lifespan. However, that does not mean that they do not undergo wear and tear.

Due to vibration and consistent momentum, there might be loosening bolts or other such wear and tear.

In such a case, a one-hand multitool can come in pretty handy. It can serve quite a lot of purposes like:

  • Tightening/Replacing Nuts and Bolts
  • Attaching/Detaching Accessories
  • Adjusting Saddles
  • Battery Maintenance

In times of emergency, when a sudden breakdown occurs, such a Multitool can come in pretty handy.

Also, it does not occupy a lot of space either. So, it is a must-have accessory.

8. Utility Trunk Bag:

Utility Trunk Bag

Before you head to out on your e-bike, it is a good idea to have the necessary utilities with you. A bag like the Ibera Trunk Bag is great for weekend outings and commuting to work or school.

It can carry screwdrivers, wrenches, hexes, and so on. The best way to carry all of these together is to opt for a utility trunk Bag.

It will allow you to accommodate all of these and use them as per your needs.

It is easy to attach such a utility trunk back to your e-bike and avoid whenever you want to. Instead of carrying all these tools separately, it is a good idea to opt for such a utility trunk bag.

9. Bicycle Phone Mount:

Do you rely on your smartphone to find your way around?

If yes, you need to get a bicycle phone mount for your e-bike. It will allow you to keep the smartphone in a visible position as you do in your car. As a result, you will be able to navigate your way better.

It will also allow you to record the entire journey from a first-person perspective if you need to do so.

The applications of such a Bike Phone Mount are unlimited. With our reliance on technology increasing day by day, this is another accessory which has become a necessity.

10. Bicycle Seat Saddlebag:

The job of the bicycle seat saddlebag is to help you carry a water bottle, tissues, personal hygiene items, and so on. The reason why it is such a useful accessory is that it is pretty easy to access.

Moreover, it utilizes the saddle bar. Which otherwise is of no use, when you’re getting this accessory, you are using the underutilized space on your bike.

11. Commuter Pedal Set:

Commuter Pedal Set

Most e-bikes come along with different cycling modes. You can opt for assisted bicycling or use it as a regular bicycle or use it as an e-bike. In the earlier two methods, you would be required to pedal the bike.

Also, it is always a good idea to use the bike in the assisted more to ensure that you get some exercise as well.

To do so, you need to get a proper pedal set for your bike. It will provide you with the ergonomic foot pedals, which you can use it easily.

These pedal sets will also reduce the amount of effort which you need to put into pedaling your bike.

If you want to have a comfortable ride, a commuter pedal set is an excellent accessory to consider. The RockBros has an awesome Lightweight pedal.

12. High-Pressure Bike Pump:

Commuter Pedal Set

Whether you are using e-bikes or normal ones, the tire pressure has a significant impact on the ride quality. When it comes to e-bikes, improper tire pressure can significantly reduce the range of the bike.

To avoid any such problems, it is a good idea to carry a high-pressure bike pump with you at all times.

A bike pump will make it easy to get the desired pressure in both the tires. It will create optimum tire conditions for your e-bike, which will help you achieve the highest range and also have a comfortable ride.

In the absence of such an accessory, the bike would not be able to cover the distance, which it usually does.

The chances of getting stranded before reaching your destination are on the higher side if you cannot maintain proper tire pressure.

Once you consider these factors, a high-pressure floor bike pump is an excellent accessory to buy.

13. Bike Hydration Backpack:

Bike Hydration Backpack

Want a completely hands-free way to keep yourself hydrated while driving your e-bike? It is time to get an e-bike hydration backpack. It will allow you to sip water throughout the ride.

As a result, even when you’re riding long distances, your body will remain hydrated, and you can continue with the trip without any interruption.

The impact which this accessory has on the body condition of the rider makes it a vital accessory to buy. We recommend Sharkmouth Hydration Pack.

14. Bike U-Lock

You don’t need to haul around yards of chain to get the best protection. U-Lock is a top-rated lock. It’s Solid and very heavy duty.

Its simple configuration utilizing one or two keys to open the U framed lock from its base. Both Kryptonite & ABUS have highly rated U-locks.

They’re awesome for someone who is on the go and quickly wants to lock their electric bikes.

Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
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15. Bike Carrier Frame Mounted Rack:

Have you ever thought about attaching a taillight, trunk bag, or Bicycle Panniers to the back of your e-bike? Well if you want a convenient way of doing so buying a cargo rack would be a good start.

The racks are light, so it doesn’t add much weight. We highly recommend cargo racks to anyone wishing to add the cargo-carrying ability to their bike.

Ibera makes great quality cargo racks. A good place to begin your search for a cargo rack.

16. Front Bike Basket:

Do you require more storage space while using your e-bike?

If yes, a front bike basket is the best option for you. A bike basket can help with errands, grocery store hauls, laundry runs, or zips across campus all.

Moreover, attaching it to the front of your e-bike isn’t a problem either. It is easy to store a couple of cans, smartphones, wallets, and documents in this front basket.

It is one of the most versatile accessories which you can get for your e-bike.

17. Stupid Bright Bicycle Helmet Mount:

Stupid Bright Bicycle Helmet Mount

Are you looking for a bike accessory to make your ride safer?

If yes, this bicycle helmet mount is a great choice. It is compatible with various types of bike lights. It means that illuminating the area around you will be possible.

Moreover, since you can do so in a hands-free manner, you will not have to modify your routine either.

The adjustable straps make it easy for you to wear it as well. With so many advantages and the added incentive of being safer, you cannot go wrong with this one.

18. Bike Bell:

The accessory which we are going to highlight now is one of the most common ones. We are speaking about the bike bell.

It will allow you to attract the attention of pedestrians and fellow riders. You can avoid collisions and other mishaps by merely using this bike bell.

These are easier to install, and output can vary from one bike well to another. The effectiveness of this accessory is the reason why it is on our list.

19. Kryptonite Bike Chain lock

Kryptonite Bike Chain lock

There are tons of chain locks out in the market. Depending on the grade and material they are a great way to lock important areas of your electric bike (also consider for electric scooters) (also consider for electric scooters) . Kryptonite makes awesome thick chains.

At the end of their chain lock is a double deadbolt locking mechanism.

Kryptonite New York Chain 1217 Bicycle Lock
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20. Bike Hitch Rack:

A hitch rack is another way in which you can carry your e-bike along with your car or your SUV. The advantage is that they can take multiple bikes as well.

Also, since they directly attach to the receiver hitch, you would not have to opt for a base rack as well.

If you’re looking for a different type of frame to carry your e-bike, the bike hitch rack is the perfect option. Overdrive Sports 2-Bike Hitch does exactly that.

21. Mens Padded Bicycle Saddle:

All these accessories will not be of any use if you’re not comfortable with your e-bike. That is why it is better to opt for a good men’s padded bicycle saddle for your e-bike.

It will allow you to remain comfortable throughout the ride.

Also, a padded seat will reduce the impact of jerks and other bumps along the way as well. Changing it is quite easy, and most of them come with detailed instructions.

While this might be an accessory towards the end of our list but it is a necessary one if you want to improve the ride quality of your e-bike.

22. Chain Lube

Cleaning the Drive train is an important part of maintaining your electric bike. To clean your drive train, you need to have a good degreaser for your chainrings, cassette, and chains.

The sleek action clings to bike surfaces. It deeply penetrates stubborn grease and grime.

Lubing the bike chains and the rest of the drive train. There is some debate when comes to cleaning your drive train with a degreaser.

Another alternative is to buy a new chain periodically every couple of years.

23. Bike Reflective Vest or Armband:

The more the reflective accessories on your e-bike, the better it is for you. It will increase your visibility significantly.

Instead of looking for reflectors, it is a good idea to opt for a bike reflective vest or armband.

Both of them are easy to wear and will make you more noticeable on the road. The increased visibility will undoubtedly help you have a safer night ride.

That is why you should get a reflective vest or a reflective armband before you embark on your journey.

Our guide above includes only the top e-bike accessories, which can either make you ride comfortable, safe, or both.

Instead of using your e-bike as it is, it is better to get these accessories to better your entire experience.

Among the plethora of accessories available, these are the ones which are of utmost necessity and which can benefit you greatly.

It is time to increase the functionality of your e-bike using the accessories we have mentioned above.

24. Hybrid Spray Cleaner

Besides cleaning your e-bike the old fashion way with soap & water. There are alternative methods to consider like waterless cleaning.

The perk here is you’re not using water, it’s less messy, and they’re less prep involved.

The Hybrid Spray Cleaner is formulated with rapid bond technology that delivers superior cleaning power.

Virtually cleans any exterior surface while adding a high gloss shine. Works best with a microfiber cloth. We have a great guide that covers the best way to clean your electric bike.

25. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch paints, coats, or other surfaces. They’re great for drying off your electric bike after or during cleaning.

It’s an essential e-bike accessory and best of all you can reuse them.

26. Rearview Mirror

Unfortunately, there are careless riders everywhere. Lots of drivers ride around with reckless abandonment. They can care less about you or anyone else on the road.

A good way to protect yourself is by getting a rearview mirror. It may seem like overkill, but a rearview mirror covers up your blindside when you’re on the road.

27. Alarm Disc Lock

 Alarm Disc Lock

Electric bikes parked outside is a huge target for thieves. Often there taken without a warning insight. We recommend you invest in disk alarms. Disk alarms is a great theft deterrent.

When the disk alarm detects vibration, a beeping sound is triggered, causing would-be thieves to scramble.

You’ll feel better leaving your e-bike parked outside. it fits nicely on the front disc or bike spokes.

28. Bicycle Cover For Outdoors

Bicycle Cover For Outdoors

Cold, wet, or dry we know anything left outside doesn’t tend to farewell. That’s why it’s a good idea to cover your electric bike if you plan on leaving it outside.

There Quick & easy to set-up, reinforced to withstand weather impact. Typically made from a mesh material to vent out or eliminate any condensation.

Before you go ahead and cover up your electric bike there are some good first steps you should take. It’s too dense for us to cover in this post but you can check it out here.

29. Programmable Electric Bike Battery Charger

Electric bike chargers can emit intense pressure on batteries. Therefore, your battery is likely to get damaged. If worried about these sorts of chargers damaging your e-bike battery.

Look into a programmable electric battery charger.

The Cycle Satator is a programmable charger, it can charge up electric bike batteries to a set percentage. You can even adjust the amps received to control the speed of the charge.

It’s a great way to prevent overcharging. We wrote a post Here, that expands more into the best practice to maintain a healthy battery.

30. Bicycle Panniers

Bike Pannier Bag is perfect for commuting to work or school and for everyday off-bike use! The large compartments can fit all your essentials, including books, outfits, and water bottles.

Cyclists have ample pedaling space, there datable so they can support a life that is on the constant go.

There are lots of good quality Bike panniers out on the market here’s a good place to start your search.

Handlebar Hand Warmer

Winter months are one of the worst times to be riding an electric bike. Your face, body, and hands might need some thawing after a long ride in the cold. A good way to combat this is to stay warm. Handlebar hand warmers will do just that.

Docooler makes Wind, Cold proof & Water-resistant mitts. Perfect water-resistant material used in making a diving suit.

This means this bike hand cover will protect your hands warm, dry, and cozy in the rainy, snowy, and windy days.


Our guide above includes only the top e-bike accessories, which can either make you ride comfortable, safe, or both. Instead of using your e-bike as it is, it is better to get these accessories to better your entire experience.

Among the plethora of accessories available, these are the ones which are of utmost necessity and which can benefit you greatly.

It is time to increase the functionality of your e-bike using the accessories we have mentioned above.