Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Dirt Bike Keys

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Coming new into the world of dirt bikes, there are a lot of surprising things you’ll get to know about. Owning a dirt bike is more than just riding it.

Sometimes, you need to learn the consequential things – like how it functions, and also invest in its maintenance.

And if you’ve been wondering whether dirt bikes have keys or not, you are about to find out in this article.

Do dirt bikes come with keys?

The shocker here is: dirt bikes don’t come with keys . They never have, and certainly never will.

You may be curious about how exactly they work without keys. The truth is: they use other alternatives.

Dirt bikes are mostly known for their kickstart feature. However, some manufacturers have decided to improve their bikes better by using the electric start feature.

If you are lucky, you would come across bikes with both features.

Kick Start

The kick start is quite descriptive. It is a manual way of starting a dirt bike by kicking or pushing down the lever attached to the bike with your foot. By doing this, you start the engine.

Electric Start

The electric start is a simpler approach. It starts the engine with the click of a button. However, it uses a battery.

Kick Start Vs. Electric Start

Originally, the dirt bikes that were built had the kickstart function; years later, there have been modifications with the introduction of the electric start button.

Today, modern bikes now have both kickstart and electric start functions.

Nonetheless, there are some major differences between both start functions, and they include:

Operational Mechanism

Dirt bikes are operated differently depending on the start function. Kickstart bikes use a manual lever to get it running.

However, this method also works differently depending on the engine type.

A 2-stroke is easier to start than a 4-stroke engine.

On the other hand, electric start bikes only work with the push of a button, and the engine starts running.


Kickstart bikes don’t have batteries because they don’t need one – there are no electrical accessories required for its movement.

Electric start bikes, on the other hand, are what they are, simply because they have batteries.

Why Dirt Bikes Don’t Have Keys?

The popular perception of having keys is to ensure security. Your car, boat, truck, or motorcycle don’t get started without them.

There is always that key ignition switch to get your vehicle’s engine running.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with dirt bikes.

Dirt Bikes are designed not for everyday use. As a matter of fact, they are not to be ridden very often. That is why most times, they are stored in the garage until there is the need for riding them.

Therefore, the responsibility you are saddled with here is ensuring proper storage and security. You should keep your dirt bike in a safe and secure place, where they are less likely to be stolen.

Hopefully, the reason for the kickstart and electric-start options is justified.

How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen?

Knowing a key ignition option is impossible when it comes to a dirt bike, the best thing for you to do is try other alternatives.

Below are some of the best ways a rider can prevent bike theft.

Keep Bike Away from Windows

Owning a dirt bike means you have to be careful wherever you keep it.

You should do everything possible to make it invisible to the public eye. And one way to ensure that is to keep it away from windows.

Not only are you making sure that a thief doesn’t steal it, you are also protecting it from external damage.

Clean a Dirt Bike in a More Appropriate Location

The idea of being stealthy with your dirt bike also means that you shouldn’t clean it just anywhere.

You need somewhere more appropriate, safe, and secure to clean your bike.

If you do it in the public, someone could be waiting around for the best time to hotwire it.

Store in a Private Garage

A more reliable way of keeping your dirt motorcycle from thieves is by ensuring proper storage in a well-secured location.

If you have a home garage or a shed or a big apartment, it would be very effective in keeping your bike.

You can decide to install an alarm system to protect it further. That way, nothing goes unnoticed in your garage.

Keep All Information About the Bike and Get an Insurance

You don’t want someone stealing your bike. If they do, you want to make sure that you have all the necessary details or information to make sure it is found.

Therefore, it is important that you keep all information about the bike somewhere safe.

It would also help if you got insurance against theft.

How do I lock my dirt bike?

For someone who knows locking a dirt bike with a key ignition is impossible, you must consider other alternatives.

Use Cable Locks

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The simplest and commonest way of keeping your dirt bike from a thief is using cable locks. It is a smart lock method comprising a wire and a key.

The cable wires run through the wheels’ frames and are then secured with the key.

Use Disc and Rim Locks

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The disc and rim lock is another option to keep your bike from being stolen. However, it is a bit expensive but effective. It also uses the key-and-lock method, making it very reliable.

How to kick start dirt bike?

Kickstarting a dirt bike is quite easy even though it isn’t as simple as using the electric start button.

Follow the steps below, and you should be able to kickstart your bike without stress.

  • Pull out the kickstart lever at the right side of the bike with your hand
  • Place your right foot on the kickstart and apply a little weight
  • Force the starter down until you feel your engine running perfectly
  • Push the kickstarter back to its original position with your foot

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Kill Switch Work?

Generally, motorcycles with ignition keys use a Kill Switch feature to stay in control.

This feature has wiring to the ignition coil.

It is responsible for breaking the ground circuits of motorcycles so that the engines are easily turned off.

Although it comes in various forms, it is mostly found as a button or flip switch.

How to Turn Off a Dirt Bike Without a Kill Switch?

If you ride a dirt bike, then the best bet is that you don’t have a kill switch.

However, there is another way to stay in control – it is a bit mechanical.

Keep the bike in the first gear and ensure to apply just enough pressure to the front brake lever – could be less or more. Afterward, you need to release the clutch.

By doing that, the engine should be off.


If you are worried that someone would steal your motorcycle or dirt bike, then you need to pay more attention and keep them from doing that.

The security of your automotives doesn’t only depend on the keys; instead, it also requires you to make sure they are out of public sight.

And while you keep your dirt bike, for instance, off the street, ensure to install a garage alarm system for enhanced security.

Overall, stealing your motorcycle shouldn’t be that easy with all these measures in place.

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