Commuter Kick Scooter vs Electric Scooter Who Wins?

Updated on December 20, 2020
Are Kick scooters for adults better for Commuting than E-scooters

Over the past decade micro-mobility has come into prominence. Gone are the ages of traditional transportation like buses, trains, or cars.

Some people prefer to walk, others find it to be problematic. For instance, taking a bus or driving to work could mean leaving an hour earlier to beat traffic.

Chances are you probably fit into one of these buckets. If you live in an area that requires a bit of commute to work then you might be considering an eco-friendly option.

Electric bikes are one alternative, but they might be too heavy, expensive, or present too much of a learning curve. If this case then the little brother to the bike is the adult kick scooter.

Getting a scooter is another great alternative for commuting. But you are probably torn between an e-scooter and a kick scooter. Which fits you best. We are here to shed light on that. After extensive research, we have prepared a review on electric scooters vs kick Scooters. Let’s get started!

Are Kick Scooters For Adults Better For Commuting Than E-Scooters?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to scooters. To help in answering this question, there are some factors to consider. These factors can contribute to which scooter is better for commuting.

Difference Between A Kick Scooter & An Electric Scooter

What is a kick scooter? An adult kick scooter is a platform you stand on and propel yourself forward. This action is done by kicking one foot back off the ground while the other stays on the platform.

Once you have gained enough speed, you can stop kicking and stand on the platform.

The kick scooter will then move according to the speed you have propelled. You will repeat the action until you get to your destination.

An adult kick scooter hasn’t really come into prominence until recently. Before scooters for adults weren’t common and often advertised towards kids looking for an alternative to bikes.

An electric scooter, on the other hand, is an advanced adult kick scooter. The good news is you don’t have to kick as the motor does all the hard work. All you need to do is get on your scooter and press the throttle, and the e-scooter will take you anywhere you need to go.

While an average person can walk at 9 miles per hour, a kick scooter can move at 2-3 miles per hour. A scooter, therefore, three times faster than walking.

An electric scooter does around 15-18 mph, making e-scooters faster than kick scooters.

How Far Can You Commute with An E-Scooter?

Fun fact electric scooters were previously considered means of traveling for the elderly. However, in recent years, e-scooters have become increasingly popular, especially with millennials.

The distance one can travel on an electric scooter is a significant concern for some people looking into these machines (especially when you consider the ease of multiple transportation methods, like trains or buses) (especially when you consider the ease of multiple transportation methods, like trains or buses).

Here is a guide on how far you can commute on an e-scooter.

An e-scooter can go 35-45 miles on average when fully charged and in good condition. However, the distance covered on an electric scooter is, at times, beyond the control of the user. The factors that may determine the distance an e-bike can cover include:

The Wattage Of The Scooter

Different electric scooters have different rates of consuming power. The higher the voltage of an e-scooter, the shorter the distance it can cover. It consumes the power of the battery faster.

The Amp Hour Rating Of The Battery

The (Ah) amp hour rating has a direct effect on how far you can commute on an electric scooter. An e-scooter with a high amp hour rating can go for longer distances compared to one with a lower ah rating.

Tire pressure

To ensure a wide margin of distances you can cover on an e-scooter. Riders need to ensure that the tires are at the recommended pressure. Just like a car or bike, you cannot ride with deflated tires as they limit the distance you can cover and the speed too.


Do you need to cover a hilly or sloppy terrain you get to work? The ground or road covered using an e-scooter will affect how far you can commute with an electric scooter. Electric scooters are built for smooth and flat terrains (but can be used on rugged roads) (but can be used on rugged roads) .

Hilly terrains, as you had imagined, consume more battery power. Requiring you to recharge more often. You can only cover shorter distances on rugged terrain. 

Icy terrain and gravelly rough roads also take a toll on the battery power of your scooter. If your having trouble finding a good off road e-scooter. We have list of high powered electric scooters that can help narrow down your choices. 

Riding style

By riding styles, we are referring to the speed covered on electric scooters. The higher your speed, sooner you will need to recharge the battery. Which equates to a shorter distance that can get covered.

The more acceleration you put on; affects the distance you’ll cover as well. Also, the application of brakes reduces the distance covered on an e-scooter.

Weight of the rider

The weight carried on the e-scooter ultimately affects how far it can go. The majority of the electric scooters are designed to bear a maximum weight of 75kgs or 165Ibs. Any weigh above average reduces the distance the e-scooter can commute.

Top Electric Scooter For Adults

Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot ES2 is a premium scooter with great all-around features. The ES2 has high power 300W motor that can reach 25 km/h, and travel up to 15 miles. The ES2 is sizable, accommodating a max load of 220Ibs.

With most electric scooters increased portability plays a big role for customers. The lightweight and foldable frame come in at 27.6Ibs. A one-click folding system helps riders carry the scooter around efficiently from public transportation to work.

Riders will feel safe & comfortable scooting through bumpy terrain. The front and rear wheel shock absorbers equipped with large solid tires provide maximum rider comfort. Definitely one of the best electric scooters that can be found online.

How Far Can You Commute With An Adult Kick Scooter?

How Far Can You Commute With A Kick Scooter

On average, a kick scooter can be used to commute for distances not more than 2 kilometers. However, we cannot predict for anyone as we are all different. As we had mentioned, a kick scooter requires the rider to propel themselves using their foot power.

Until they have gained enough speed to hop on and coast. Therefore, the strength or energy will determine how far one can go.

For instance, think of a fit and strong young man versus a less fit one. The slightly fit guy may not be able to run for more than 5 minutes continuously.

While his fit counterpart can ride on for hours. Some of us have little or no tolerance for running, some can go as far as the road may take them. The capability of a person will determine how far they can go on a kick scooter.

Also, another determinant of how far you can travel on a kick scooter is the purpose for which the kick scooter was bought.

While most people use their kick scooters for traveling short distances. Some like it for recreational use at home and others use them to move all day.

An average person can travel at least two km a day, but the limits can be stretched as far as you can imagine. A pro can do double of an average person, commuting 4-5 km on a kick scooter with little breaks in between.

What are we trying to say? The distance covered on a kick scooter is totally dependent on the person riding the kick scooter.

The only thing that will hold you back is your energy level and endurance. If you can beat that, there is no limit to how far you can commute!

Top Kick Scooter For Adults

XOOTR Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr was perfectly designed for all riders. Supporting a max load capacity of 800Ibs and can accommodates adults up to 6′ 7″. It has a Wide, long platform sized up for real adult feet which is feature commonly missed by other kick scooters.

Best scooter for commuting as the cast aluminum centers gives an ultra-fast glide.

After riding a scooter it can be tough to fold, but Xootr has changed that with a patent folding mechanism. So it’s great for public transportation, office, classroom, etc

The QuickClick latch folding mechanism allows folding and unfolding to be done in seconds. When you ride a kick scooter the breaks can be a bit iffy but Xootr has fixed this by BMX-style brake lever and rear fender stomp brake.

Scooter is assembled in the US and customer service is quick to come by if issues were to arise.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


Both kick scooter and electric scooter are light enough to carry while getting through public transport. Also, they are foldable, making them more manageable.

You’ll find them comfortable and light to carry up to your workplace. Often sporting a sleek design, they’re fun to ride and almost anyone of any age can steer one.

E-scooter is, however, a bit heavier because of the motor and the battery. On average electric scooter weights about 27 pounds or 12.2kg.

Kick scooters are much lighter adding to their increased portability. Weighing 13 pounds of 6kg. This is a big plus if you plan on carrying your scooter a lot.


Kick scooters cost around $80, which is way cheaper than the price of an electric scooter. If you are living in an insecure neighborhood, a kick scooter will be the winner here. You will not feel much of a loss if a kick scooter goes missing.

The bottom line is that both will save you a lot of money spent on fuel, gas or transport.


Kick scooters are easier to maintain than e-scooters. Kick scooters only require oiling in their headset and bearings occasionally.

Electric scooters require more attention. The battery needs to be maintained with an efficient charging pattern. The frequency of replacing the battery depends on how often they are used.

Electric scooter batteries can be difficult to change. Each electric scooter is built differently. So, it can be arranged in various places within the e-scooter. The battery can encase in the shaft, under or above the riding platform. 

We recommend that you go to professional if you start having battery issues. Another area that may require maintenance is the pneumatic/air tire.

If you receive a flat tire this area may prove to be difficult to change as well. Although, some electric scooters can come equipped with a non-pneumatic tire.


As we had mentioned, electric scooters are faster, going up to 19 mph while a kick scooter can only go 2-3 mph. There are off-road e-scooters, which can go up to 40 mph. Electric scooters are the best option if you are looking for a faster means of commuting.


Kick scooters are great for fit people who can kick and accelerate the scooter. Since the kick scooter does not have a motor or battery, you will be doing the most work. If you are not up for a sweaty morning, then a kick scooter is not for you.

With an e-scooter, you only need to pilot the scooter, and it does all the hard work. A kick scooter can promote fitness since you get used to propelling the scooter with time. Wall street Journal has an article talking about the potential craze of electric scooter workouts. 


Electric scooter conclusion

Choosing between a kick scooter and an e-scooter is a matter of checking off the most essential features. Are you going for distance or speed?

If you are on a tight budget, a kick scooter will be more attractive, but for speed, an e-scooter is the way to go. Are you buying a scooter for the summer? 

A kick scooter is the best since you don’t need to be riding at high speed. So, which is the better option for you? A kick scooter or an e-scooter?

Hopeful our post cleared up enough of the questions you had. Whichever you choose it’s a fad that’s not fading anytime soon. So, kick back and enjoy the ride!