Best Electric Bike for Hills? Top 3 Bikes, Save leg power

Can E-Bikes Go Up Hills

Can electric bikes go up hills? This is a question many e-bike users or those who want to own e-bikes in the future keep asking. The answer is yes! Electric bikes can climb up hills just like traditional bikes. In fact, with electric bikes, climbing uphill will be much more comfortable than conventional bikes. You have electric power to add more energy.

Electric bikes have electric engines. It increases the e-bikes power, and with that, you will need minimal energy to go uphill.

Provided your e-bike has sufficient power in the batteries, climbing uphill will be a walk in the park.

What Is The Best Electric Bike For Hills?

If you want to cycle up a hill or go off-road. There are different kinds of e-bikes available in the market that you can choose from.

However, for the new buyers, it can be a hard task trying to figure out which e-bike is the best for that strenuous uphill cycle.

Don’t waste a lot of time trying to choose. We have sampled out the best electric bike for hills.

These will give you a memorable cycling experience, reduce the amount of energy you will use, and make your riding enjoyable.

Some Of The Best E-Bikes For Hills Are

ANCHEER Sunshine Electric Mountain Bike 350W E-Bike

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01/30/2022 12:35 am GMT

Ancheer sunshine electric mountain bike is one of the best e-bikes for hilly terrain. Making your mountain rides less tiresome and enjoyable.

Sunshine electric mountain bike is equipped with a 350W brushless motor. Provides a perfect amount of energy.

The motor is suitable for your daily commute. Riding along your favorite trails and cruising uphill with a speed of up to 20 mph.

Sunshine has Samsung brand removable batteries with 36V 7.8Ah. which will guarantee you a range of up to 30 miles per charge. Additionally, the cells can be charged on or off the bike at your convenience.

Ancheer sunshine electric bike frames are constructed from a durable aluminum alloy. In line with body mechanics.

The frames are durable and lightweight. The bike is portable and equally responsive. Furthermore, rims are double-walled for faster riding with no dragging, as well as for durability.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

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01/30/2022 02:27 pm GMT

ECOTRIC fat tire electric bike is our second bike in the category. The bike is equipped with a stronger motor and batteries. Guaranteed for a long smooth ride off the road. Some of the best features for the bike include;

Strong 500W rare brushless motor that generates substantial amounts of energy. The motor can power the bike up to speeds of about 23mph.

To add on that, the intense energy will ensure your mountain rides are smooth and swift.

The Ecotric fat tire has been assembled to give you the comfort-ability that you will need during bumpy rides.

Every component has been enhanced to ensure a less strenuous biking experience. It has adjustable seats, anti-slip, and wear-resistant tires for durability.

Removable batteries that will allow you to remove and charge them at your convenience. You can charge them from your house or even in the office.

The fat tire is safer for your ride. It is stable, fast, and wear resistant, hence prevent the need for frequent replacement as well. Allowing you to take those off-road trips without fear that your tire will be worn out.

The 35V 12AH lithium cells will ensure you have that high energy. Faster acceleration and long current flow to boost your bike charge range.

The batteries are more reliable, and you can use them for long rides. To increase the bike range, you may slightly pedal to aid the motor engine and save on the batteries.

CLIENCY 26″ Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

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Cliency electric mountain bike comes with three cycling systems to choose from. You can decide to use bicycle mode to enjoy riding while doing exercise or e-bike for long time travel. However, the best way would be combining all three.

The bike has been advanced with the key-less start engine system. Typically, keys have a high tendency of getting lost, and it will be a hard struggle to get the bike on and moving.

The key-less system saves you all the embarrassment of failing to start your bike.

With the keyless system, you have to long-press the “M” button for about 5 seconds. The light display comes on, and you’ll be good to go.

Cliency has a removable lithium battery system that will enable you to charge your batteries at your convenience. Additionally, the cells have a large capacity of 36V and 10 AH that can support the e-bike up to 30 km or 60 km if assisted.

Dual disc brakes and gear shift system. The Shimano gear significantly increases the hill-climbing power of the e-bike.

This helps with terrain adaptability and increases the range variation. The mechanical brakes also increase the stopping power.

This is huge advantage when riding in tricky weather conditions.

Best Electric Bike for Hills? Top 3 Bikes, Save leg power 1

Why Mid-Drives E-Bikes Work Better Up Hills

Mid-drives electric bikes uses mid drives motors. The mid drive motors are very efficient on off-road terrain and.

They provide higher efficiency and increase the easiness of riding in the hilly areas.

The mid-drives motors take up less space when compared to other motors of the same power. Yet, their balanced weight distribution and battery use efficiency give it the climbing power needed to go uphill.

An electric bike for hills requires this feature there is more demand for power.

Since mid-drive motors do not have a big hub. It’s easy to change the tire in the event that you get a puncture as a result of cycling in the off-road woodlands.

This feature makes the mid-drive motors are better for uphill cycling.

Mid-drive motors allow the use of sensors. The sensors measure the force applied when pedaling through the crank. The sensors then regulate the power supplied to the gears to ease your pedaling power.

Mid-drives use the bike’s drive terrain to transfer the propelling force to the rear wheel. This propelling force then pushes the bike forward.

The motors come in different sizes and weights. They have a rather bulky weight and are placed at the lower part of the bike.

The gearing system works synergistically with the bikes’ engines to ensure high-level efficiency when cycling. Greater efficiency provides a smooth uphill climb. It requires less effort to move swiftly.

The three-best e-bikes for uphill climbing use the mid- drives. The mid-drive motor ensures efficiency and rides through hilly terrain with ease.

This is why electric bikes with mid-drives are the best type of bikes you should buy. Especially, when you plan to ride through off-road and hilly conditions.

The motor placed in the middle of the pedals makes the bike feel more stable when cycling. Mid-drive e-bikes also have an even weight distribution. This ensures your comfort-ability and reduces strenuous pedaling.

No need to worry about using excess leg power to cycle uphill due to poorly distributed weight.

The lower unsprung weight makes them perfect for off-road trips. A lower placed weight reduces the center of gravity.

Can Rear Hub E-Bikes Climb Steep Hills?

Rear hub e-bikes can climb steep hills, but they are not usually the best options for hill climbing. The rear hub electric bike only provides a throttle option. This is helpful when you want to cruise along without pedaling.

The sensor on the rear hub electric bike enables a pedal-assist mode. That creates a surge power, which is, however, not as smooth as the mid-drive electric bikes.

Another shortcoming of the e-hub bikes is that they do really well on long climbs as long you maintain a speed of above 7 miles per hour. Below that speed, the bike may not perform well.

Generally, a rear hub electric bike is not suitable for uphill climbing.

Best Electric Bike for Hills? Top 3 Bikes, Save leg power 2

Limitations On Riding Up Steep Hills

Mid drives seem to be chosen for hill-climbing ability, but they do come with limitations. Very few come with throttles. So, there is a huge reliance on different power modes and assist levels.

Based on the motor power output, lower wattage motors present some challenges for hilly terrain. In some spots, be prepared to pedal harder when hills get very steep.

It would help if you kept the bike moving at a steady pace when using a high level of power assistance.

This ensures the bike does not demand high power when the speed reduces. Demanding high power while moving at a slower rate will strain the bike’s motor.

Don’t ride up steep hills that exceed 15 % with the motor fully engaged. It is essential to set the bike at lower levels of pedal-assistance.

Usually three and below, in order to maintain a steady pace above the standard walking pace.

Use walk mode when you are dismounted from the bike while ensuring both hands are on the handlebar.

It is also recommended to keep one hand on the brake. It’s easier to maintain control by cutting off power assistance when necessary.

Best Electric Bike for Hills? Top 3 Bikes, Save leg power 3


In conclusion, generally, all electric bikes can climb uphill. However, you have to select the bikes that will make your off-road climbing easy and less strenuous.

It can be disappointing when the e-bike you buy struggles to ride through hilly terrain.

Bike shoppers out there understand the limitations of an electric bike.

Checking carefully to ensure that the purchase your considering is a good fit for your particular needs, terrain, bike load, physical capabilities, etc.

When deciding which bike to buy to experience an excellent ride in the hilly areas. Consider the various aspects discussed herein and make the best decision.

I hope you will have a memorable uphill cycling experience.

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