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Updated on March 3, 2021
Boosted Mini X Board

Most electric skateboards give you a trade-off between size and performance. It’s a simple consequence of the design. The larger the board is, the more it can physically support a stronger battery unit.

Boosted Mini X, however, is different.

It balances the right combination of weight, size, and power. Boosted Mini X is a product that gives great speed and a high range all packed in a small size.

Let’s take a closer look.

Things to Note Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

It’s important to understand what exactly you need and want from an electric skateboard.

Electric Skateboard is a vastly competitive market with several alternatives and models available. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you need, it’s easy to get lost.

So, before we dive further ahead discussing Boosted Mini X, here are some factors you must consider while selecting a skateboard. 

Build Quality

An electric skateboard needs to be durable enough to withstand your weight and different kinds of road imperfections.

Furthermore, every electronic component of the skateboard, like the battery and its motors, needs to be well protected against dust, sand, and especially water. These components are mostly adjusted at the bottom of the skateboard and are directly exposed to all elements. Without proper protection, these components would eventually break down.

Battery Life

The battery life of your electric skateboard is equally important. It should reliably give an appropriate amount of usage time. You will need to address questions such as how much the battery life can last at the highest performance mode and how long does it take to charge are extremely important.

If you’re planning on taking your skateboard to an area without any charging facilities, your skateboard must have long battery life to cover the entire trip.

Aesthetics and Comfort

The aesthetics of an electric skateboard are just as important as its performance. If the design doesn’t appeal to you and is different from your style then it’s likely that you’ll become dissatisfied with your purchase.

Similarly, comfort is a top priority. Your skateboard needs to be stable and have the minimum vibrations. Whether you enjoy your purchase or not can depend on factors like the ease in acceleration, how comfortable you are standing on it and how much strain it puts on your body.


Are you looking for a smooth, comfortable ride? Or do you want a fast-exhilarating experience? Most electric skateboards present a choice between top speed, range, and performance. It’s important to weigh how much speed matters in your enjoyment of the product before making a selection.


The parameters of a skateboard should be a focal point as you make your selection.

A portable electric skateboard gives an extremely balanced performance in return for having a lighter built and small size. However, you have to ensure that despite its small size, the skateboard has to be comfortable and large enough for you to stand on it.

Why Boosted Mini X stands out

Boosted Mini X is an innovative and higher intuitive electric skateboard, making it a must-have for any skateboard enthusiast.

The following are some of its most prominent features.

Top Speed

Despite its small design, Boosted Mini X can deliver a top speed of up to 20 mph. It’s an ideal and fast way to move around on campus and short commutes around town.

Wide Range

This lightweight electric skateboard comes backed with powerful batteries and motors. Boosted Mini X can deliver a range of around 14 miles with ease without any kind of compromise on quality.

Excellent Design

Boosted Mini X’s compact and smaller size is its most distinguishable feature. It’s strong, but the small deck is durable enough to comfortably withstand your weight and deliver a smooth ride.

Boosted Mini X focuses on the essentials and is purpose-built to provide you with a flexible skateboarding experience. Its powerful motors will easily allow you to climb steep hills up to 20% with relative ease. 

Furthermore, the skateboard comes in a concave shape and has a kicktail, letting you easily make sharp turns and have extra maneuverability while traveling in town.

Fast Acceleration and Deceleration

Boosted Mini X comes equipped with a powerful motor of 1000 watts giving it a powerful acceleration. It has a belt drive system and regenerative brakes, giving the electric skateboard a smooth deceleration. If you need a quick stop to avoid bumping into someone, then have no fear. Boosted Mini X gives you absolute control over the skateboard with its remote.    

Tough Build Quality

Boosted Mini X is built to last for years. Made from poplar wood, the deck is wrapped with fiberglass for extra fitness. The skateboard also has deep-dish technology, allowing you to stand on it comfortably. Moreover, the electric skateboard comes with boosted lunar wheels. It can withstand road imperfections, minimizing its impact on your ride.

Low Charge Time

Another brilliant feature of the Boosted Mini X is its low charge time. The electric skateboard is fully charged in about 1 hr. and 45 mins. This feature makes the product ideal for students on campus as they can charge Boosted Mini X during classes.

Intuitive Remote

Boosted Mini X comes with the added accessory of an intuitive and elegant remote. The remote is designed to feel comfortable to hold and easily lets you switch between modes. Response to remote commands is quick and immediate.

Pros and Cons


  • The smaller size makes it easier to carry the skateboard around town
  • Excellent braking technology, letting you easily make quick stops to avoid any accidents
  • Comes with an excellent support phone and smartwatch app.
  • Can easily climb steep hills.
  • Quick recharge time  


  • Not suitable for off-roading
  • The maximum range is only 14 miles
  • Isn’t ideal for long distances
  • The deck is less stable compared to longboards. It is a little expensive compared to alternatives  

Other Alternatives

Boosted Mini X has several cheaper alternatives available for you to choose from. We have complied a few electric skateboards with similar characteristics.

Atom Electric B10 Skateboard 

The first alternative is Atom Electric B10 Skateboard.  This is a budgeted option, ideal for beginners in E-Skates. It has a powerful 1000-watt motor and can reach a top speed of 16 mph. The electric skateboard can climb steep hills up to 12% which is impressive considering its price. Atom B10 Skateboard also has a high-quality deck, made with Canadian maple wood.

Atom Electric B10 is also equipped with regenerative braking and has safe, reliable batteries. The skateboard even has a wireless remote control and the option of 2-speed modes to choose from.

However, the skateboard isn’t suitable for more skilled e-skaters. It requires a recharge time of more than 2 hours and does not have high mileage. It also does not come with a support app.

Atom Electric B10 Skateboard
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04/10/2021 03:08 pm GMT

EPIKGO Electronic Skateboard

Another suggestion is the Epikgo Electronic Skateboard. This is a stylistic skateboard that can reach a top speed of 25mph. It also comes accompanied by an elegant remote and allows 3 different speed settings. The electronic skateboard is also equipped with a powerful motor of 2100 watts!

Epikgo Electronic Skateboard puts a priority on safety. It comes engineered with intelligent sensors that prevent short-circuits or fires. Moreover, the electric skateboard comes with a comfortably designed handheld wireless remote that gives you full control over all functions of the skateboard right in the palm of your hand.

However, the electronic skateboard has a range of 12.5 miles. It may also be inconvenient to users with small feet and has a bit of a learning curve to get used to.

EPIKGO Electronic Skateboard for Riders with Smart Dual-Motors
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04/10/2021 06:20 am GMT

Teamgee H20 Mini Electric Skateboard

Finally, Teamgee H20 Mini Electric Skateboard is another popular option. This is a highly portable electric skateboard and has two dual 450 watts motors. The skateboard can climb up to a slope of 25% and can reach a top speed of 24mph. Teamgee Mini weighs only 16 Ibs and has a small dimension, making it incredibly easy to carry around.

Teamgee H20 also has a handheld remote for easier control and even has conveniently placed LCD lights, displaying important information visually like speed, power, and battery level.

While the electronic skateboard is waterproof, Teamgee H20 Mini is only suitable for smooth roads.   Furthermore, the electric skateboard takes 3 to 4 hours to charge. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Teamgee H20 Mini.

Overall, Teamgee H20 Mini is a powerful and high-performance electronic skateboard. 

Teamgee H20 9.6Ah Electric Skateboard
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Boosted Mini X might be a bit more expensive compared to the rest of its alternatives but it provides a good value for money. Let’s take a closer look at what most users say about the Boosted Mini X.

The first reviewer seems to be a fan of Boosted Mini X’s intuitive control and portability. He’s also impressed with Boosted’s customer service which isn’t surprising as Boosted is a renowned brand in this market and firmly believes in providing customers the best experience.

Another user, Tony, found firsthand just how powerful Boosted Mini X’s acceleration truly was! Tony was also impressed with Boosted customer service and described just how much cost-effective the electric skateboard truly was.

Another user described just how different Boosted Mini X was from other cheaper alternatives. We agree. Boosted is a well-established brand and the product is worth every penny spent.

Final Thoughts

Boosted Mini X is a premium electric skateboard that’s engineered to give either a relaxing cruise or an exhilarating ride as per your preference. With an intuitive control system and powerful motors, this electric skateboard is ideal for travelling around on campus and for short rides across town. Backed by an incredible app and renowned customer service, Boosted Mini X will not leave you dissatisfied in any way.