Boosted Dual Electric Skateboard Review – 18.6MPH & More?

Updated on February 21, 2021
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Skateboards have become a trend amongst hipsters, as a means of pseudo-transportation, pastime, or extreme sports paraphernalia.

This trend which has come to stand the test of time has evolved and we have seen different modifications. In this post, we would be looking into the Boosted dual review to show our readers what this innovative product has to offer.

Things to consider before buying a Boosted Board

For those who want to purchase a Boosted board, there are several factors to consider when making that choice, as they are designed to fit specific needs.

These electric skateboards which are designed to be powered by an electric motor that runs at a top speed of up to 22 mph, take away the manual inclination to power the board through a push and drag motion.

This is a great choice for those who want to use the boosted boards as a means of movement and would require riding over a long distance on the boards as they come with an extended battery.

The idea of the boosted board is designed for urban transportation, and as a means for moving through streets and sidewalks.

The boards are fitted perfectly for the urban lifestyle and save the stress of commuting in public transportation over mid-distance and exempting the need for the discomfort of overcrowding.

For those who need skateboards for sports and performances, the Boosted boards may not be a great option as it removes the possibility of total control during freestyles and performances.

So, for those who want to purchase a Boosted board, here are a few to consider:

  • Purpose of purchase
  • Distance
  • Comfort
  • Adaptability.

Boosted Boards v2 Dual Pros and Cons

Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard
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The Boosted v2 Dual is an electric-powered board designed with the intent of solving urban city transportation in a portable and exciting way.

These electric boards which are built in California, USA are made to provide a means of easy movement with the inclusion of innovative features.

One of such is the regenerative braking system which brings the ride to a halt in no time.

With its lightweight design, users can now move around with their mode of transportation hence increasing the decongestion of vehicles in urban areas.

When purchased, the Boosted v2 Dual comes in a package that includes a Wireless remote control, chargers for both the board and the remote. The option of the

As mentioned above, commuters are the targets of the Boosted brand with this product as it aids movement at targeted speed, eradicates decongestion, and also puts the user at a fair advantage in the case of traffic.

So if you intend to use this product for sports then this might not be a great option.


  • Lightweight
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Wireless remote control
  • Good battery power
  • Easy control
  • Top speed 22mph
  • Water-resistant


  • High-end pricing
  • Limited stock
  • Requires constant charging

Boosted v2 Dual Overview and Key Features

For many who want to know more about the Boosted v2 Dual plus, we would be looking into some of the key features of the product and try as much as possible to give you every information you might need.

The Boosted v2 Dual was designed with ease of movement and transportation in mind, so the inclusion of an electric motor in this boosted board is just about right.

With the need for a motorized operation, this electric skateboard has several components or key features that make up its operation.

Powerful Motor

The Boosted v2 Dual features a very powerful motor that powers the electric skateboard. This feature is an essential part of the boosted board’s mechanics.

It ensures that the rider can achieve a top speed of up to 22 miles per hour and is being controlled by a wireless remote to determine the speed and braking.

This feature eradicates the stress that comes with riding the board manually, as users can now power through the uphill environment with ease.

The orangutang wheels are built for the road and with durability in mind, users can achieve and cover miles in no time.


One of the features that the Boosted Dual 2nd generation skateboards pack is the speed option. This Boosted skateboard can achieve a top speed of 22 mph and cover a 12-mile range.

The remote control allows users to determine the speed levels they wish to operate the skateboards and a braking system to fit.

It is advised to practice adequately before utilizing a Boosted skateboard on the streets as the speed of 20mph is in the high spectrum for a board.

The wheels of the boards are also designed to navigate through a rough pavement while on speed and provide users with a sense of safety.


Since the Boosted dual board operates with a motor, the need for a power source is compulsory. The Boosted v2 Dual electric skateboard is powered by a battery and comes in two variants (standard and extended option).

The standard battery provides users with 6-7 miles of optimal performance while the extended battery offers 12 miles range of operation on a full charge.

Common Questions About Boosted Dual Skateboard

Is Boosted board the best electric skateboard?

Yes, the boosted skateboard can be said to be the best electric skateboard on the market. Deciding on the proficiency of a product is dependent on how well it functions and what features are included in the package.

However, considering several factors such as the innovation of this electric skateboard and the features that have been added, it is safe to say that according to our review Boosted board is one of the best boards on the market.

With a wide range of variety and features, they stand to compete with other available brands. In a bid to seal their supremacy, the brand fixed one of the major issues of their electric skateboards which is the low range per charge.

This range allowed the boosted board ride for only a distance of 6-7 miles per charge with its standard battery. The inclusion of an extended battery saw a change in its acceptance.

Is Boosted Going out of Business?

The year 2020, saw the introduction of a crash that affected the economy of the world, and it was no doubt that many businesses were affected.

March 2020 saw the Boosted brand layoff many of its workers and was in search of a buyer. This has realized many complaints amongst the Boosted board community who want continuity of their electric longboard.

However, there are still speculations about a possible sale of the company which would probably involve a name change and method of operation.

So, as at the point of this electric skateboard review, there isn’t enough information on the possibility of Boosted going out of business.

More Than An Entry Level Skateboard

This review has been able to look at the Boosted 2nd generation Dual electric longboard. Several features and characteristics of this product have been looked into to provide an in-depth analysis of the Boosted board.

This electric skateboard has been shown to ease transportation and movement in urban cities.


With features such as portability and design, the skateboard is an everyday essential as its weight of around 15 pounds makes it mobile.

Also, its design is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy with the use of bamboo for its board hence promoting solidity.

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