7 Best Surfboard Bike Rack for Any Board (and Every Bike)

7 Best Surfboard Bike Rack for Any Board (and Every Bike) 1

It is only natural to believe that a bike can get anywhere – anytime, overcoming the traffic and other problems that vehicles face. If you want to make it to a beach close to you in no time, you don’t necessarily need your vehicle if you have a bike.

So, would you have to hold your surfboard under your arms while you ride? No way.

You might want to consider investing in something that would be worthwhile – a surfboard bike rack. It would make you ride your bike easily, and at the same time help hold your board conveniently.

Therefore, if surfing and riding a bike are your hobbies, you should take a look at the list of surfboard bike rack options available on the market.

What Does the Surfboard Bike Rack Do?

Commuting with your bike needs to be as seamless as possible, and achieving that may almost be impossible if you have to hold a surfboard along. 

However, with a surfboard bike rack, you can conveniently hold your board, and other attachable items you wish to take along without stress.

The bike rack is designed for convenience and comfort. It holds a surfboard tight enough for a rider to easily access other features of a bike for movement, such as the pedals and steer.

Generally, a surfboard rack is mounted onto the side or the rear of a bike, depending on the style or type.

Best Surfboard Bike Racks

Having described what a surfboard rack is used for, let’s take a look at the 7 popular best surfboard bike racks on the market. These racks will be reviewed based on their manufacturers, features, pros, and cons.

1. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot
  • Secure and can accommodate any surfboard, even longer ones
  • Easy to install
  • Ability to reduce obstruction for easy movement
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly and works with all bike types
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Not an ideal choice for lightweight seat posts (titanium or carbon fiber)
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01/30/2022 12:38 am GMT

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack is one of the best options on the market that can be used to safely transport your surfboard in an environment-friendly way.

It is suitable for boards up to 8 ft. long, and packed with features like carrier arms, and bungee cords.

This bike rack is built to work with different types of bikes from beach cruisers, to mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and road bikes. 

It is also designed with aluminum material to enhance its durability and lightweight nature.

The confidence that comes with this rack is that it is quick and easy to install, as it also comes with hardware construction.

2. SolidGnik Surfboard Bike Rack

SolidGnik Surfboard Bike Rack
  • An incredible lightweight side-mounted rack
  • Protective and stable
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Uses a power grip mount
  • Fast to assemble and disassemble
  • None
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SolidGnik is one of the most reputable brands in the bicycle industry, and it is no surprise that they have a surf bike rack for biker-surfers.

This board rack is designed as a side-mounted option for easy carry and safe use. It is built strong and lightweight using stainless steel and aluminum materials – hence, it is eco-friendly.

SolidGnik rack is a super stable choice as it can hold weights up to 44 pounds with the help of its adjustable carrier arms and thick protective foam padding. It is also well-balanced on different road conditions.

Another interesting characteristic of this bike rack is that it is easy to assemble and also has a quick-release mechanism. It comes with other accessories such as bungee hooks, shims, and installation equipment.

3. Sikawai Surfboard Bike Rack

Sikawai Surfboard Mount Holder
  • One of the best options for boards up to 8 feet long
  • Adjustable carrier arms perfect for different types of bikes
  • Useful bungee cords to hold board and other items in secure and safe
  • Comes with a user guide on how to install or fix a surfboard.
  • Not perfect for bikes with light seat posts
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01/30/2022 12:38 am GMT

One of the best bike racks for shortboards, wakeboards, and boogie boards is the Sikawai Surfboard Bike Rack.

This rack is constructed with one of the best materials – Aluminum, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. This material is also responsible for its lightweight nature.

Furthermore, there is built-in soft sponge protection that protects both the board and the bike against scratching and rubbing on any type of road.

This eco-friendly board rack also has an easy installation, that within a minute or two, it is all set-up; it is a simple process. Additionally, it comes with a surfboard bracket for extraordinary cruising.

4. Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack
  • Durable and resistant to rust or corrosion
  • Comes with a tool free quick release bars
  • Easy installation with adjustable arms
  • Only suitable for shortboards
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01/30/2022 12:39 am GMT

Moved by Bikes is one of the best brands in the business of making accessories for bikes. It is no surprise that the MBB shortboard surfboard bicycle rack is a well-addressed option.

This surfboard rack has a side mount, making it more convenient to move around and access bicycle features.

The significant thing about this board is that it is designed for shortboards – surfboards only up to 7 feet long. However, it has a quick and easy seatpost mounting for convenient use.

The rack is also made of an Aluminum material ensuring strength/durability, and light nature.

5. Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • One of the best racks for longboards
  • Easy installation with simple push buttons
  • A plethora of features for convenient use
  • Light with sturdy design
  • None
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Moved By Bikes doesn’t only make surfboard bike racks for shortboards, but also for longboards. One of their best inventions yet is the Longboard Rack.

This bike rack has anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware that contributes to its durability, strength, and resistance to rust or destroying factors.

The rack is designed simply for riders looking for shortboard and longboard options, as it can accommodate boards up to 12 feet long. It is also side-mounted for convenience.

The MBB Longboard comes with some of the best features for excellent performance.

For instance, it has simple push buttons for adjusting the racks and a two-arm mount to the head tube to hold the board. This feature also mounts to the rear rack seat post of a bicycle.

There is also a dog leash loop attached to this rack.

6. Carver Surfboard Bike Rack

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards
  • One of the rated side-mounted racks for bicycles
  • Ideal choice for all bike types
  • Carver surf shortboard rack is light with adjustable seat post mount
  • Comes with useful features like the bungee cords.
  • It is only a shortboard bike carrier rack
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Carver is another brand committed towards making surfboard racks that will be easy to install and use without getting in the way.

It has a single point of installation, in which it mounts to the seat post of a bike.

The Carver surfboard bike rack comes with a simple design, and outstanding material quality, i.e., high-strength Aluminum, ensuring that it is resistant to rust. It is a durable material construction that cannot be destroyed by saltwater.

This rack, however, is primarily designed for shortboards – below 8ft. long.

It also comes with soft foam padding on the arms and bungee cords to fasten the surfboard properly.

7. COR Surf Surfboard Bike Rack

COR Surf Surfboard Bike Rack
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Supports all kinds of boards up to 8ft. length
  • Protective and light
  • None
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Another surf shortboard bike carrier rack that makes it to the list of top-rated bike racks is the one from COR.

This rack is a classic choice designed to give the utmost protection to a surfboard and the rider.

It is designed simply so that it is mounted to the seat post, which is quite an easy installation.

COR Surf Shortboard Bike Rack is made out of two incredible materials – Aluminum and Steel, which make sure that it is rust-proof and efficient.

This surfboard rack is also equipped with bright green foam padding and bungee cords to offer great comfort and better protection.

The arms are also designed adjustable for good fitting and mounting.

How to Choose the Best Surfboard Racks?

From the various options listed above, it may be almost impossible to decide on a particular choice of rack. What you should do, therefore, is make decisions using the following factors.

Board Rack Mount Type

First, you need to determine the mount type of the surfboard rack and see if it is exactly what your bike can handle or not.

Ideally, there are three types of the mount when it comes to a board bike rack – the side-mount, the trailer-mount, and the rear-mount.

The side-mount rack is the commonest type and it is beginner-friendly. It is a good choice for longboards and small ones alike. It doesn’t also require having unique skills at all.

The rear-mount rack is a bit pro but it allows a rider to have quite the performance on a bicycle. It is designed suitable for shortboards because the weight from long ones may affect its balance.

The last type, the trailer-mount or cargo rack, is designed for larger boards. This bike rack is heavyweight and might need a little extension of your bicycle.

Material Construction

When selecting a surf rack for your bike, you need to consider the material type because it determines durability and resistance to damaging factors that may be present at the beach – saltwater, for instance.

The two incredible material options to choose from are the tig welded 6061 Aluminum and Stainless steel. 

However, the 6061 Aluminum ensures there is a drop in the weight, for easy use.

Installation Process

Choosing a bicycle rack on the basis of how it is easy to install is also important.

SurfBoard Length

Finally, you need to decide on whether you want a long or a surf shortboard bike carrier depending on your surfboard length.

Boards above 8ft., need longer racks, while those below 8ft., need short ones.


Knowing what to choose when you are presented with many options of board racks is quite difficult.

That is why you need a guide on the best choices on the market, and how to successfully pick one that will be beneficial to you.

Each of these surfboard bike racks has shown how it would be useful, and the various features that come with them.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about mounting or how to carry your longboards or shortboards anymore.

Overall, surfboard bike racks are useful for everyone who likes riding bikes and surfing at a beach simultaneously.

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