Insane Electric Longboards for 2021

Insane Electric Longboards for 2021 1

The longboard market has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. These days, finding the best electric longboards seems like a hard task.

With so much quality available, even seasoned longboard enthusiasts would have a hard time navigating the market.

This is why I have compiled a list of the 5 best electric longboards on the market today. Each of these products offers its own unique characteristics and benefits for the longboard user and each of them would be a great addition to a collection.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Longboard

Before purchasing any of these longboards it’s important that you figure out who needs it, why they need it, and what impacts purchasing a longboard will have in your life.

Answering these questions will help to get one step closer to buying the longboard of your dreams. 

Who Needs an Electric Longboard?

Electric longboards are great for navigating university campuses, parks, and local neighborhoods. This would make those in the ideal customer base young, healthy, and open to adventure.

You can even commute to work on your longboard if the distance isn’t too far! 

Electric longboards are a great way to traverse through the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area custom-built for exploration, an electric longboard may be the product for you.

Especially, if you enjoy being active and enjoy the adrenaline rush of cruising the open road.

However, although electric longboards are a lot of fun and a great way to explore the outside, they are not a substitute for a vehicle.

If you’re looking for a vessel to cover great distances in, and your commute to work takes you on busy roads, then an electric longboard is not for you. 

If you enjoy exploring but don’t enjoy the thrill of skateboarding, then perhaps you’re better off purchasing an electric bicycle for the familiarity and sense of stability. 

What Are the Advantages of an Electric Longboard?

Electric longboards are a great way to meander through the open road. If you’re the parent of a skateboarding enthusiast, they’re a great way of enticing your kids to get outside more and get some much-needed fresh air. 

If you’re a young professional who lives only a few miles from the office, electric longboards are a great way of avoiding the traffic and arriving to work in style. 

A good-quality longboard is likely to last years. The amount of money you’ll save on fuel or car maintenance is massive – especially if your journey to work isn’t long enough to warrant buying a car. 

Furthermore, since the device is powered electronically, you’ll be from the sweat and fatigue that a manual skateboarding journey is likely to give you – especially if there are steep hills involved. 

Electric longboards also improve your health. The improved balance and isometric leg work help build your muscle mass and cardiovascular system. 

The Top 9 Best Electric Longboards

1. Meepo V3

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Unmatched acceleration
  • Top speed above 25 mph
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Convenient operations
  • Ability to climb a 30% gradient
  • Excellent brakes
  • The battery tends to lose its effectiveness with time
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The Meepo V3 packs a lot of punch in its 16-lb frame. 

It offers 4 different modes for its users and it’s capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 28mph (45.06km/h). Perfect for getting to work or class in a hurry! It’s also capable of going from 0-20mph in just under 5 seconds.

The Meepo V3 also has an impressive range of 11 miles with its standard battery. More than enough to give your local area a deep exploration.

The upgraded ER (extended range) battery also gives you an extra nine miles in case you want to take your journey a little bit further

The remote control offers a large screen and durable build-quality. You can easily choose between mp/h units or km/h units and see how much battery you have used.

It’s a sleek, modern remote control with a build-quality custom built to withstand falls and damage.

The Meepo V3 is also very affordable making it ideal as a starter board that will see a lot of use. 

Pros of the Meepo V3

  • It’s affordable and a great fit for both novice and experienced riders
  • Its light frame makes it ideal for transportation
  • The Meepo V3 is capable of producing serious speed
  • The remote control is easy to use and offers a wide range of services

Cons of the Meepo V3

  • The extended battery version is a sizable $200 more
  • The 11-mile range can be quite limiting if you plan on riding all-day 
  • The pro-mode (highest setting) produces speeds and torque that even experienced riders struggle with 

Overall, the Meepo V3 is a great electric longboard for people of all abilities. However, its comparatively short-range will give you problems if you use it for a substantial amount of time. 

2. Skatebolt Tornado II

With an upgraded 7500 mAH battery, the Skatebolt Tornado II will give you almost 25 miles of uninterrupted cruising. 

It’s capable of supporting weight up to 280lb making it sturdy enough for most people and manages to possess a lot of power in its 21-lb body. 

You’ll also be achieving a top speed of 25mph on its highest setting and be able to conquer hills with a 25° incline. 

There’s also two taillights on the board’s rear helping you keep visible and safe in the evening. 

Whilst the Tornado II has a lot going for it, it’s slightly more expensive at $519 which means it’s more suited for the seasoned rider than the casual one. 

Its remote lacks an LCD screen and does not have a cruise-control mode for easy, carefree riding. The Tornado II seems to be built more for serious business than casual street-surfing. 

Pros of the Skatebolt Tornado II

  • The 25-mile range makes it ideal for the long-haul
  • Its top speed is impressive and it accelerates quickly
  • The taillight feature helps keep you safe

Cons of the Skatebolt Tornado II

  • The remote is quite primitive with its lack of an LCD 
  • No cruise control feature
  • Less affordable than some of its counterparts 

The Skatebolt Tornado II is great for the experienced rider, not so much the casual one.

3. TeamGee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

The TeamGee 37” board comes with a wonderful remote. Not only does it have an LCD screen, it also shows you the battery life of both the remote and the board itself. 

Its sleek, 14.5-lb design is also a big plus. It’s so easy to carry around and is capable of holding a 200lb rider on its back. Pretty impressive for a board less than 9 inches wide.

Furthermore, the battery is placed inside the board itself.

The range is around 11 miles and its top-speed is 22mph in ideal conditions, making it a board more suitable for beginners.

Having said that, this board will still bring enjoyment to even the most decorated riders. 

With an RRP of around $500 it ranges low on the price-scale of electric longboards.

Pros of the TeamGee H5 37”

  • Sleek and light, this carrying this board around won’t be a problem
  • The beautiful design makes it one of the most attractive boards on the market
  • Moderately priced, it’s perfect for a starter board

Cons of the TeamGee 37”

  • The range is very low compared to other boards
  • The speed can also be a limiting factor
  • There are more affordable starter boards on the market

What the TeamGee board lacks in performance it more than makes up for in aesthetics. This board is a marvel to look at but isn’t nearly the most-powerful of boards. More for the casual than the die-hard rider. 

4. Boosted Board 2nd Generation

Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard
  • Amazing acceleration/braking system
  • Features a remote
  • Suitable for hilly trails
  • Can be serviced alone
  • Can be expensive
  • Low Battery Life
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The second-generation Boosted Board truly is a beast. After all, it was Boosted Boards that truly put electric riding on the map.

The remote offers 4 settings from beginner to pro as you reach speeds of up to 22mph. 

Its battery is fully detachable and has a range of up to 6 miles in standard setting. An upgraded battery, offering 12 miles, is also available.

Boosted Boards are the gold-standard of electronic longboards. Buying one of their products will always give you lasting quality, power, and efficiency. Its price fetches almost $2,000 making it an investment for the most experienced rider’s future. 

Pros of the Boosted Board 2nd Generation

  • A superb build-quality and lasting design
  • Detachable battery which offers improved range
  • Capable of scaling extremely steep hills

Cons of the Boosted Board 2nd Generation

  • Extremely expensive compared to other boards
  • The standard battery offers only 6 miles of range
  • Its wheels are not all-terrain, making you feel every bump and groove on the floor underneath.

The second-generation electric skateboard by boosted is a natural choice for anyone needing a reliable and long-lasting product. This electric skateboard is light, easy to control, and looks incredible.

The powerful motor of boosted boards allows it to reach the max speed of 22 mph and easily climb a 25% steep slope. You’ll also be able to brake safely because of the electric skateboard’s regenerative braking capability.

If you are looking for an electric skateboard for commute or other long-distance applications, this is not the perfect choice for you.

Despite having a powerful motor and excellent design, the battery in this electric skateboard can’t deliver a max range of more than 10 miles.

However, for a small distance or a relaxing trip to the part, this electric longboard by Boosted can be your perfect partner. 


  • Powerful motor and extra traction grip
  • Beautiful design and color scheme
  • Lightweight
  • Max speed of 22 mph


  • Weak battery
  • Low range

5. Skatebolt Breeze II

The Skatebolt Breeze II offers speeds of up to 28 mp/h with a range of 16 miles

Its sleek battery can also handle extreme weather from freezing to scorching. It weighs 21lbs and is capable of scaling 30° hills. 

The remote offers both a cruise-control setting and LCD display. At $799, it’s a little more expensive than some of its peers. 

Pros of the Skatebolt Breeze II

  • Impressive speed and range
  • Replaceable battery
  • Adaptable to all kinds of weather

Cons of the Skatebolt Breeze II

  • Expensive compared to other boards
  • The range is not as wide as some of its competitors 
  • Quite heavy to transport long distances. 

6. SKATEBOLT Tornado Pro Electric Skateboard

  • 27 MPH top speed
  • Replaceable motor
  • Aesthetic design and unmatched functionality
  • Safety features like tail lights and regenerative braking
  • Can hold up to 280lbs
  • Can travel long distances on a single charge
  • Not waterproof
  • Reported some issues with the battery life
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The first listing is the widely popular Skatebolt Tornado Pro because it’s functional and cost-effective.

This electric skateboard manufacturer has been enjoying the top spot in the market for a while because of its build quality and focuses on customer satisfaction.

The Tornado Pro reflects the manufacturer’s intent on delivering the absolute best to you. This electric skateboard comes with powerful swappable motors and a 7500 mAh battery.

These qualities allow the electric longboard to have a max range of 25 miles and cruise around 27 mph.

The wireless remote of the Skatebolt Tornado Pro is also a work of art. It allows the users to select between 4-speed modes according to their expertise and preferences.

The design also allows you to easily grab the remote and immediately hit the brakes when needed.

Apart from its functionality, the Skatebolt Tornado Pro is also excellent in the safety and aesthetics department.

The skateboard has an attractive design and an appealing color scheme. You can also enjoy greater stability and safely use this e-skateboard in the dark because of its taillights.


  • Powerful battery
  • Modular design with replaceable motors
  • Regenerative braking
  • 7500 mAh battery
  • Max speed of 27 mph and the max range of 25 miles
  • Taillights and other safety features


  • Inadequate waterproofing

7. Kyng 37″ Electric Skateboard with Remote

Kyng 37" Electric Skateboard with Remote
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Our second choice is the incredible Kyng high-performance electric skateboard that is not only cost-effective but also has all the features you can expect from a top-tier model.

The Kyng electric skateboard has 2 powerful 480W hub motors and a long-lasting battery that gives it a modest range of 11 miles and a max speed of 22 mph.

The electric longboard comes with a 10-layer composite wood deck which is lightweight and gives it a load capacity of 220 lbs.

The wireless remote of this electric skateboard comes with an LCD to show you the key parameters like battery level, speed mode, current speed, distance, etc.

You’ll also notice that each component of this electric skateboard is of premium quality, which is quite surprising when we consider the overall price of this model.

Apart from the excellent build quality and premium components, the Kyng 37” electric longboard also comes with a 1-year warranty and continuous support for the customer.

These after-sales services distinguish the Kyng electric skateboards from any other option currently available in the market. 


  • Powerful motors
  • Max speed of 22 mph
  • The load capacity of 220 lbs


  • Reliability issues with battery
  • Little or no impact protection

8. Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38" Electric Longboard
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The Blitzart Hurrican electric longboard is an exceptional choice in the market because of its exceptional price and unmatched capabilities. The electric skateboard has a max speed of 19 mph and can reach its full charge in only 3 hours.

The electric skateboard’s deck comes with a 7-ply combination of maple and bamboo to give you the incredible load capacity of 250 lbs and the flexibility to maintain your balance at tricky positions.


  • Powerful brushless motors
  • The load capacity of 250 lbs
  • Fast charging capacity to reach 100% in hours
  • 350W brushless motor
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Low range
  • Wireless remote disconnects unexpectedly

9. SagaPlay Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

SagaPlay Electric Skateboard with Remote Control
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The final listing is the sleek and lightweight electric longboard by SagaPlay. This electric skateboard is an ideal choice for beginners and other users who need an option that prioritizes safety.

The self-balancing electric skateboard has a 100% bamboo frame, which makes it lightweight but gives it the capability to handle large loads. Additionally, the electric skateboard is filled to the brim with other advanced safety features like internal sensors, auto-braking systems, and short-circuit protection.

The remote of SagaPlay electric skateboard complies with the industry standards and offers two-speed modes. You’ll be also pleased to see that this electric skateboard comes with a reverse function, which is quite rare.

Despite its focus on safety, the e-skateboard can easily reach the max speed of 25mph. However, the max range on a single charge is the standard 10 miles. This electric longboard can easily navigate steep slopes, which shows that the motor is quite powerful.    


  • Excellent design
  • Powerful motor to handle steep slopes
  • Reverse feature
  • 2-speed modes
  • Multiple safety features


  • The range is only 10 miles

10 Qualities you Must Consider When Selecting an Electric Longboard

Before we talk about our talk picks, let’s take a moment and discuss the qualities you must consider when selecting an electric skateboard or an electric longboard. Even if you don’t like our selection, you can use this knowledge to select the best device available in the market.

1. Battery and Motor Power

The first consideration for any electric skateboard is the motor power and the capabilities of the battery. Both these qualities have a direct impact on the performance of your electric skateboard.

Your performance parameters like the max range, max speed, ability to climb on steep slopes are determined by the motor’s power and battery’s quality.

Another important factor that your battery affects is the longevity of your electric skateboard. A top-quality battery cell will last longer and continue to perform for years.

2. Overall Weight and Portability

The combined weight of all the components of your electric skateboard is another important factor. Heavier models tend to be more stable and easier to control, but they’ll have a lower range.

The overall weight also has an impact on your comfort. In many instances, you have to carry your skateboard indoor and if you are like most people, you’ll prefer something light.  

3. Max Speed

A major chunk of electric skateboard users wants something flashy and outstanding and speed is necessary for that.

Numerous manufacturers focus on increasing the max speeds of their electric longboards by improving the transmission systems, increasing the battery capacity, and optimizing the design.

4. Max Range

If you are using the electric skateboard for commute or simply hate to worry about charging all the time, make sure you buy an option that can cover long distances on a single charge.

5. Control and Stability

Not everyone is a natural at skateboarding and can safely pull-off all the tricks we see on YouTube or other sites. If you are a beginner, ensure that your electric skateboard has a low center of gravity and can be easily maneuvered.

6. Water Resistance

Water damage can have serious consequences for electrical components. If you take out your electric skateboard in rain or go through a puddle, you might damage the circuitry and ruin the device.

Given the outdoor applications of electric longboards, you’ll find that most of them come with some sort of protection against water and other environmental hazards. However, some models still don’t have adequate waterproofing.

If you want an electric skateboard that you can safely take outside without checking the weather forecast, then make sure it comes with the appropriate sealing to protect it from water and dust.

7. Design Features

Another common consideration while buying an electric skateboard is the design. You need to consider both the aesthetics and the technical elements of the design to ensure an excellent experience.

The design and color scheme are just as important as other technical factors in many cases. There are numerous cases where people buy something visually unappealing and never use it. If you don’t want to waste your money, make sure to consider the aesthetics as well.

Physical properties like the board thickness and build material are also important because they determine the aerodynamics and the weight capacity. You’ll notice that many options that cater to heavy users are quite thick if they are not using composite material like Carbon Fiber.

8. Wheel Size

Wheel size is a critical parameter for an electric skateboard’s off-roading capabilities. The wheels also affect the range, speed, and lifespan of your skateboard. Therefore, always make sure that the wheels of your electric longboard are up to the mark.

9. Brakes and Safety Features

It is extremely rare to find electric skateboard users that limit themselves to a particular street or a route. Many users try out different areas or use the skateboard for their regular commute.

In both of these applications, you might need to pass areas with high traffic or navigate steep slopes. You need powerful regenerative brakes along with other safety features to ensure a safe and hazard-free experience on your electric skateboard.

10. Compliance with Air Travel Regulations

If you are a frequent flyer, you must also consider the electric skateboard’s compliance with the aviation laws of your country.

Many electric skateboards have powerful batteries and other electronics that might be a security risk on an airplane.

Most airlines follow the 99Wh rule. This means that your skateboard will be allowed in the aircraft as long as its battery capacity is under 99Wh. If you exceed that, you’ll probably be asked to leave your electric longboard behind.

Couple posted up with there longboards

Which Electric Board is Right For You?

That depends on what you want out of your board. The more ‘ performance-based customers will perhaps enjoy the Boosted Board or the Skatebolt Tornado whereas the more ‘casual’ rider will perhaps prefer the TeamGee or the Meepo V3.

All of the boards here are a great option, it just depends on the experience level, skill, and individual need of the rider. 

Budget plays a part, too. If you’re looking to get into riding, pick up one of the cheaper boards. If you’re looking to hone your skills, pick up one of the more ‘serious’ ones. 

Overall, all of the products here are a good bet – it’s up to you to figure out your own niche.

Electric Skateboards are becoming more popular each day. The development in batteries and other essential technologies is making these devices more accessible for the general public.

Modern e-longboards are quite advanced because of the market demands. For instance, models with a wireless remote are in-demand because users do not want to deal with wires.

What are the Different Types of Electric Skateboards?

Many beginners get confused with the different types of electric skateboards available in the market. The most prominent types you are bound to see are electric skateboards, electric longboards, and electric penny boards.

  • Electric Skateboards: Any skateboard with motor, battery, and other essential electronics you see in the market can be categorized as an electric skateboard. Even longboards and penny boards are different subtypes of a regular skateboard.
  • Electric Longboards: As their names suggest, they are slightly longer than a regular electric skateboard. Most electric longboards also come with reverse kingpin trucks which are more stable and can facilitate transportation and regular use.
  • Electric Penny boards: These electric skateboards are shorter, lighter, and much more suited for leisure activities or trying out a few tricks in a park. You’ll also find it easier to carry electric penny board around and may even be able to fit them in a bag.

Our Choices for the Best Electric Longboards in 2021

Numerous options in the market fulfill all the criteria to claim the spot of the best electric longboard in the market. However, the following options stand out from the crowd because of their excellent features and unmatched value for money.

After analyzing the numerous options available in the market, we believe that the Skatebolt Tornado Pro is the best electric skateboard with a remote in the market today.

The Skatebolt Tornado Pro has excellent functions and comes with a powerful motor. You’ll also appreciate the modular design of this electric skateboard as it allows you to replace faulty components even if you are not technically sound.

You might expect to spend some money when buying a top-tier electric skateboard like the Skatebolt Tornado pro.

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that it costs a lot less than many other expensive models available in the market.

The functionality, along with an unbeatable price are the primary reasons behind the Skatebolt Tornado Pro’s popularity in the market.

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