BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 1

Even if you are not into cars, you’ll probably recognize a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. These super-cars are famous because of their speed, over-the-top functions, and extravagant price tags. 

Ever wondered what a supercar equivalent of an electric skateboard would look like? Well, you don’t have to guess anymore.

The BajaBoard Pantera is a perfect electric skateboard to fill that role. It’s super-fast, excessive, and costs a fortune.

Let’s take a look now.

Considerations Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

Before we start discussing the features and advantages of the BajaBoard Pantera, let’s take a look at the major factors you should consider when selecting an electric skateboard.

These tips will not only help you buy the best electric skateboard but also help you understand why the BajaBoard is so popular and is often dubbed as the McLaren of all the electric skateboards in the market.

1. Dimension

The dimensions are an important parameter for maintaining balance on an electric skateboard. Many people think that they should select something slender as it will be easier to control.

However, that’s not the case.

Your electric skateboard needs to have enough space so you can plant your feet on it easily.

2. Off-roading Capabilities

Another important factor for selecting an electric skateboard is its off-roading capability.

The wheel design, motor power, suspension, and other features determine the allowed terrains for an electric skateboard.

Paved roads are naturally, the most suitable terrain, where all kinds of electric skateboards perform to their maximum capabilities. Some electric skateboards can navigate grassy areas, or a mountainous path, but at the expense of their battery.

3. Battery and Motor Power

The battery and capabilities of the motor are integral features that dictate important capabilities like the speed and overall range of an electric skateboard. You should also check the overall time required to charge a battery to 100%. This time depends on the technology and the condition of the battery.

4. Top Speed

Another important factor for any electric skateboard is the top-speeds it can achieve. The size of the motor and your overall weight are the two most important factors that determine that.

The top speeds of regular electric boards range from 12mph to 40 mph, while the average is around 2 mph.

5. Material and Build-Quality

The material and build-quality play a crucial role in determining the performance parameters of any electric skateboard. The material of the deck dictates how much weight your e-board can sustain, but also affect the overall weight of the board.

If you want a lighter electric skateboard you can carry around, you’ll have to compromise on the overall weight tolerance.

There are, however, some materials that have a high enough strength-to-weight ratio to sustain high loads without increasing their weight.

Key Feature of the BajaBoard Pantera Electric Skateboard

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 2

Now, you are aware of the required qualities in any electric skateboard, let’s take a detailed look at the qualities of the BajaBoard Pantera.

A Large and Stable Deck

When it comes to stability and dimension, you won’t be disappointed by the BajaBoard. I believe that the manufacturers went a little overboard with the design. The electric skateboard now looks like a little tank.

However, this is certain that you will not find a more stable electric skateboard in the market.

Apart from the functional aspect of the design, the looks are another dominating feature of the Deck.

Despite people’s claim on focusing solely on the functions, people generally prefer to own things that stand out and the BajaBoard surely does that.

A Sturdy and Powerful Frame

The manufacturers of BajaBoard make sure that the product oozes power and for that, having a dominating frame is necessary.

The electric skateboard comes with premium quality materials that can last for years and sustain extra-ordinary loads.

Powerful Motors

The overengineered electric skateboard comes with 4 powerful motors that possess the ability to independently operate with the help of a differential.

Moreover, the performance is even augmented by the internal motor controllers that offer incredible torque and acceleration to the users.

A Range of 30 Miles

Given the number and operating parameters of the attached motors, you might expect the BajaBoard Pantera to cover only a short distance on a single charge.

However, its overall capabilities are augmented by the 1100Wh battery and other capabilities that give it a range of around 30 miles.

If you are planning to use this electric skateboard for commute, you’ll find the BajaBoard to be more than enough. 

Unmatched Top-Speed (44 mph)

Perhaps the most unique aspect of owning the BajaBoard Pantera is its excessive top-speed. I believe that this capability is extremely over-engineered and has very limited practicality apart from making a lot of noise in the market.

However, maintaining the claim that no electric skateboard can match the top-speed for such a long time is still an impressive feat.

Long-lasting Suspension

Another unique aspect of the BajaBoard electric skateboard is its off-roading capability. Just like a 4×4 car, the wheels of BajaBoard Pantera operate independently and are enhanced by the excellent suspension system.

We at Sturdy Wheel believe that it would be very difficult for you to find any other electric skateboard in the market that can hold a candle against the suspension system of the BajaBoard Pantera.

Pros and Cons of the BajaBoard Pantera

Incredible top speedThe overall range of 30 miles1100Wh battery capacity10’ wheels1-year warranty from the manufacturersAnodized alloy rims and controllersThe peak output power of 8000W4 independent motors for off-roadingExpensiveMaintenance may be hard because of complicated design and lack of technical information Too advanced for beginners and intermediate users

User’s Opinions

The BajaBoard Pantera requires a significant investment. So, it’s best to make sure it lives up to the hype by looking at what other customers say. We have selected some of the reviews from the internet for you to go through.

The first comment is from Pete, who believes that the BajaBoard fulfills all of his expectations. The electric skateboard is quite over-engineered, so no surprises there.   

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 3

The second person, Mike, is in love with the suspension and off-roading capabilities. What’s not to love about the ability to go anywhere without thinking about the capabilities of your device.

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 4

We agree with John. The BajaBoard Pantera is an actual supercar equivalent of electric skateboards. It can be the Tesla, McLaren, or whatever supercar you want to call it.   

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 5

Then there is this legend. No comments for you mate!

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 6

Final Thoughts

BajaBoard Pantera Review – Features, Pros, & Cons 7

What differentiates a supercar from other options in the market is over-the-top features. They come with numerous features that have little to no use in the regular product lifecycle.

Similarly, the BajaBoard Pantera is a premium electric skateboard that goes beyond excessive in each department.

From its top speed to the dominating design, and its powerful suspension, the BajaBoard Pantera is truly an engineering marvel.

So, what do you think? Do you see yourself cruising at 44 mph?

Or do you agree that the BajaBoard Pantera is truly a marketing gimmick and you can get better results with a cheaper, and simpler model?

Let us know what you think.

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