Backfire G2 Black Review and 2021 Comparisons

Backfire G2 electric skateboard

With several electric skateboard companies quickly making their way to the scene, Backfire is obviously relentless.

The Backfire G2 black, being one of the most recent Backfire releases, belongs to their range of affordable skateboards. Especially since skateboards are in high demand, skateboard companies are beginning to create products that sell at competitive prices.

For electric skateboards to be affordable, manufacturers have to be selective with the features incorporated into their design and the Backfire skateboard is one that seems like it has it all.

From the quality of construction to the speed and riding quality. But is it worth buying?

Be the judge of that as we analyze its features in this electric skateboard review.


The Backfire G2 Black skateboard is one of the few skateboards that is actually designed with great components, making it one of the most sought-after electric skateboards in recent times.

Backfire G2 black is great for electric skateboarding beginners, considering that the design possesses dual 350W hub motors and ESC (motherboard) from popular super power Hobbywing motors.

Its soft acceleration and braking system make the glide easy and smooth for both beginners and professionals.

The motors of the G2 Black are ultra-quiet and highly efficient. They are as well dust protected and to a reasonable extent, water-resistant. This however should not be confused with the motors being waterproof.

The wheels of the G2 Black skateboard come in 96mm and this gives a smooth and comfortable ride. The skateboard has a Max speed of 38km/h and a 15-20km range.

On purchase of the G2 electric skateboard, here are the items that should be included in the package:


Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard
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Design and Construction Quality

The design is definitely not flashy, but it is well constructed and designed for functionality. The skateboard sports an all-black exterior which is both gender and age-neutral. It also comes with stickers you can customize your board with.

The weight of the Blackfire board is only about 14.5lbs, which is very light when compared to other boards. This makes it very flexible and also facilitates speed.


The 37 inch, 8 ply maple deck features a symmetrical design and the deck has the perfect flex and concave for a hitch-less ride. The riders of the Blackfire can dig deep when making turns and carvings. The amount of flex increases greater board control. However, riders who are heavier might not find too much flex appealing.


The wheels are large 96mm wheels that not only help with shock absorption but also vibration dampening.

Typically, smaller wheels are used for longboards to speed up acceleration and to also make the board lighter.

However, with the light components that the G2 comes with, it can afford to have 96mm wheels without weighing down the board, unlike other skateboard brands.

The larger wheels also have a firmer grip for cornering quickly, which is a great choice for the G2. Also, the larger wheels and independently replaceable tires make it easier for beginner riders.

This way, they don’t have to be bothered about bad roads and maintenance costs.


The board is built with crash trucks, unlike the other models that come with Caliber 2’s. To make the price more competitive, the board is equipped with these new back rear trucks that turns smoothly and function just like every other longboard truck available in the skateboard markets.

Remote Control

The Backfire G2 remote also works perfectly for the board. With the incorporation of the Hobbywing ESC wi sensor, the response is immediate.

Throughout the ride, the brake engagement and grip tape is smooth, and getting the board to start is also quick and easy, using the remote.

The light displayed when you press the battery button gives an idea of the current battery level of the remote.

Four lights indicate a fully charged battery, three lights show a >80% battery level, and so on. Note that the remote control light will change from green to red when the battery level is lower than 25%.

Speed and Power Output

The board has a very impressive speed and power output. The skateboard is equipped with two highly efficient 350-watt motors from Hobbywing.

The motors are high-performance and are capable of keeping up a top speed of 24mph 38kph, which is different from many other skateboard brands.

The replaceable tires and motors are not only highly efficient. They also have good water resistance, which means that the hub motors can withstand splashes as a result of light rain or small puddles.

Also, the motors and their components have a waterproof rating of IP55. This basically means that dust cannot easily penetrate through and cause damage to the electrical components of the hub motors, making them maintenance-free.

You can easily change the speed mode on your skateboard by pressing the second button on the remote. Once activated, the light will indicate a fast or quick mode option and you can choose.

The noiseless and smooth motors have a very quick start-up and is capable of a 20% grade steep hill climb.

Range and Battery Performance

The Backfire G2 range is designed with a safe battery that has an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) built-in.

This technology ensures the consistency of the battery power output at all times. The fully charged battery of the skateboard ensures that the power output remains the same and does not affect the braking and acceleration while riding.

The Battery Management System also serves as a protection from overheating and other battery-related problems. Each of the battery cells is positioned strategically to avoid shocks or damage when riding at a high speed.

On a single charge, the 36-volt 5.0Ah battery allows the skateboard to ride up to 12 miles, depending on the rider’s weight and the terrain. Meanwhile, a charging time of 3.5 hours is enough to get a full charge from zero percent.


The Backfire G2 comes with numerous benefits, which makes it a perfect choice for every type of rider.

However, there are also a couple of setbacks that the design of the board has. Here are some of the most notable pros and cons of the Backfire G2 electric skateboards.

Pros of Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

  • Top speed 24mph
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight design
  • High-quality Build
  • Affordable

Cons of Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

  • Not suitable for riders that weigh more than 165lbs
  • Limited features
  • No Bluetooth app

Backfire G2 vs Hiboy S22

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The Hiboy S22 can be closely compared to the Backfire G2, considering that it is also an electric longboard with great features that aid fun and effective commuting for both beginners and pros.

While the Backfire is capable of keeping up a top speed 24 mph, the Hiboy SS2 has its top speed at 18.6m/h. However, when traveling downhill, there is every possibility for the speed of the Hiboy to rise further.

On distance, both longboards offer an average range of about 12 miles. It is however imperative to note that factors such as weather, incline, and rider weight, have effects on the overall performance of these products.

Both boards also run using the dual 350W brushless motors and for the Hiboy S22, the battery that powers the motors is a 36V/4.4 Ah, while the Backfire G2 uses a 36-volt 5.0Ah battery.

However, one of the most impressive comparison factors is the rapid charge time of both boards. Both the Backfire G2 and the Hiboy S22  have a time 3.5 hours charge time.


Backfire G2 vs Teamgee H5 37″

The Teamgee H5 is another ultrathin and high-performance electric longboard brand that makes daily commuting more fun for riders.

Placed side by side the Backfire G2, there are some factors that distinguish each one from the other and they will be subsequently itemized.

While both longboards deck measure about 37″, the Backfire G2 has an 8 ply maple deck that gives more flex to riders and allows for dig deeps when carving and making turns.

On the other hand, the Teamgee H5 sports a 10 ply maple and 1 ply fiberglass that allows riders to enjoy a medium flex while riding.

The Backfire G2 runs using the dual 350W brushless motors while the Teamgee H5 is powered by dual 380W motors that give it an average range of about 9-11 miles at a top speed of 22MPH.

To conclude the Backfire G2 and the Teamgee comparison, both make use of wireless remote control systems but unlike the Backfire, the Teamgee H5 uses a remote control with an LCD screen for controlling speed, directions, and reversing when riding.

Backfire G2 vs Meepo V3

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Unmatched acceleration
  • Top speed above 25 mph
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Convenient operations
  • Ability to climb a 30% gradient
  • Excellent brakes
  • The battery tends to lose its effectiveness with time
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The Meepo is another fast electric skateboard brand that offers a good mileage of range 11 12.5miles 18, which can rise to about 20 miles with the ER Battery option, with a top speed of 28 mp/h and a hill-climbing grade of about 30%.

Backfire G2 however, is capable of running an average range of about 12 miles with a top speed of 24mp/h and a hill-climbing grade of about 20% and unlike the Meepo V3, the Backfire does not include an additional battery.


The Backfire G2 is definitely an above-average electric skateboard with great features. Its great speed, range, and smooth ride make it stand out among other variations of electric longboards.

The design is both performance and aesthetic-worthy, with not-so-flashy details that make it gender and age-neutral.

Customer reviews also confirm that the Backfire G2 is a perfect minimalist longboard, whose specifications meet and even surpass the requirements for a great electric skateboard.

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Backfire G2 has you covered for your adventure riding and other recreational purposes.

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