Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Pros & Cons

Electric skateboard pros and cons

Are electric skateboards safe? Yes, but it can depend on the rider. If you’re new to riding an electric skateboard it can feel pretty intense. It’s best to understand the limits of your machine and body.

Skilled electric skateboard riders tend to emphasize speed over safety. But in this post, we point out the pros, cons of getting an electric board and the dangers that come with it.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe

For many electric skateboards look very cool and seem easy to ride. This is what attracts novice riders to e-boards but many have never set foot on board. This can feel like a huge leap for skilled riders.

So this is where the dangers lie, as electric skateboards increased speed wobbles and can really take off at a standstill. Common issues come from the board’s initial standstill take off or from not knowing how to stop.

Are electric skateboards safe? Yes, but you must put more attention to safety. Protective gear also plays a role here as many riders choose to board without it. Protective gear is necessary for electric skateboarding.

We always recommend wearing a helmet, knee, and elbow pads to protect you on every ride.

What is the safest type of skateboard?

Not sure if there’s such a thing as we mentioned safety depends on the rider’s overall experience. Electric skateboards with a great braking system and the low top speed could prevent hard falls.

The electric skateboard meets many of the “safe” criteria mentioned in this post. This Electric Longboard has a sleek design, a solid built, great performance, and a low center of gravity.

Keeping riders grounded as they reach top speeds of 12 MPH. The board works for all ages and is great fun. Below is some of our pros and cons with electric skateboards.


1. Make your commute more fun

Do you find the current commute boring?

If yes, you can certainly make it more fun using electric skateboards. They are a fun way to ride. You have to maneuver your skateboard around.

Also, they can handle pavements and little uneven terrain that ensures that you can easily navigate your way around. Also, it is much faster than walking as well.

One thing which you can be sure about is that when you’re using an automatic skateboard, there will never be a dull moment on your commute.

You will enjoy the entire experience, which is one of the reasons why they have become so popular.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Pros & Cons 1

2. Efficient mode of transport

Do you find the current public transport cumbersome?

If yes, you can certainly switch over to electric skateboards. These are some of the most practical ways to travel shorter distances.

In that case, public transport is not that efficient. It takes time to wait at the counter to buy the ticket, and so on.

On the other hand, when you have your workplace or your school nearby, you can reach there using an electric skateboard.

It will certainly minimize the time which it takes to reach your destination.

Moreover, you will not have to jump through hoops like buying the ticket waiting for public transport to arrive. You are in complete control of your transport when using electric skateboards.

It is one of the most efficient options available when you’re looking for a practical way to move around.

3. Helps you follow social distancing rules

In times like these, when social distancing has become a necessity, it is essential to choose a mode of transport that can help you with the same.

When using public transport or even cab aggregating services, you cannot distance yourself from others.

The e-skateboard can be your savior in such a case. It is a solo mode of transport. You will not have to get in contact with anyone else when using electric skateboards.

Moreover, if your friends are using the same, then you will be at least 1 meter away from them to ride safely. It will ensure that the enforcement of social distancing is almost automatic.

When you compare it with other modes of transport, it can become challenging to maintain social distancing.

Instead of putting your health at risk, it is a much better idea to switch over to electric skateboards. This will ensure that you can distance yourself from others as well.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Pros & Cons 2

4. Build one yourself

Oftentimes people think that an e-skateboard is super expensive and isn’t something that they can afford. We definitely beg to differ!

However, if you’re looking for a good way to cut down costs on your investment then you can actually build your own e-skateboard as well!

Many consumers are not aware of this fact. However, when you search for DIY videos online, you will find quite a few DIY videos that can help you create electric skateboards.

You might be thinking that it can be pretty complicated to do so. However, when you pick the right DIY video, it will teach you not only the basics of motors and wheels but also various other intricacies as well.

That is why, if you’re willing to devote time to it, you can certainly build your e-skateboard as a DIY project. How exciting is that?

There are hardly any other transportation methods or mediums which you can create on your own.

There is a significant amount of pride in using your created e-skateboard. It has a sense of achievement, as well.

Thus, when you’re doing so, you’re not only switching over to a convenient mode of transport but also one that can make you feel proud.h

5. Minimizes your effort

The best thing about electric skateboards is that they reduce your effort. You will not have to push them around. You can easily control them from your smartphone with the help of an app­based controller.

Also, controlling the speed or applying the brakes is easier than ever as well. Overall, the amount of effort which you would have to put into travel will be minimal.

Instead of using a standard skateboard that requires you to push around, it is a good idea to switch over to an electric one to minimize your effort.

The electric skateboard can handle small inclines as well, which ensures that you will not have to put in the effort while navigating those inclines.

All in all, if you want to have a stress­free and comfortable commute, electric skateboards will not disappoint you.

6. Excellent braking power

The majority of the e-skateboards have a superb controller. The controller not only allows you to vary the speed but also allows you to stop the e-skateboard if you wish to do so.

They come along with powerful braking systems, which ensure that you can quickly stop the skateboard at a short distance. That is why; the margin of safety which you get is on the higher side as well.

The braking power, as well as the easy to control speed, means that they do not require a lot of distance to stop.

When you’re using a transportation medium that runs on motors, the braking power becomes essential, and the e-skateboard does not disappoint in this regard.

Aren’t you impressed by the pros of e-skateboards? However, before you make your buying decision, let us look at the cons as well.


1. Higher Upfront cost

One thing that you cannot ignore about e-skateboards is the higher upfront cost. You would have to pay for the motors, wheels, and entire structure. That is why the upfront cost of the e-skateboard is often perceived to be a hindrance while buying it.

However, once you save more than enough money, it is an excellent purchase.

Also, these days electric skateboards are available in different budget segments, which is why finding a suitable one once you save money is easier. Nevertheless, if you compare it with a standard skateboard, it surely is more expensive.

2. Has a learning curve

Did you know that it has a learning curve?

You do not just have to control your balance, but also you need to anticipate how the skateboard would move and at what top speed it would move as well.

While expecting it is not a difficult task, but when you’re using it for the first time, it does require a bit of training and practice. Therefore, we will not deny that it has a learning curve.

The very first time you’re riding it, it can be a scary experience as well. However, as with everything else, the practice can quickly familiarize you with the entire electric skateboarding experience.

At the start, you need to remain attentive and pay attention to how it responds to the controller.

Our beginners guide highlights the things you will need to know before getting your e-skateboard.

3. Somewhat bulky

What would you do when you’re not actively using the electric skateboard?

You would keep it in your backpack, or if that is not a choice, you will carry it around in your arms. The problem is that the e-skateboard is a bit bulky as compared to the normal ones.

Not only, it consists of everything which is included in the regular skateboard but also it consists of motors as well. You have to store the remote control as well.

Needless to say, it is a bit bulky as compared to the normal one. That is why; carrying it around is certainly not as convenient as taking around a regular skateboard.

You have to keep this factor in mind and then think of purchasing one.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Pros & Cons 3

4. Can lead to an occasional fall

Do you know to ride a bicycle?

If yes, you would know that during the learning process, you are bound to fall at least one time. The same is the case while learning to ride an electric skateboard. You are bound to fall at least once.

Till you get the gist of it, you might not be able to maintain your balance. However, if you follow all the safety measures and precautions, the fall will be relatively less painful.

Once again, as with any other gadget or any other riding mechanism, the more you practice, the easy it would be for you to control your movement to maintain stability.

It cannot be, however, denied that there would at least be a couple of falls when you’re learning how to use an electric skateboard.

It is nothing to get alarmed about, but at the same time, if you think that the learning experience will be entirely smooth, this is not true.

Pro Tip:

The best way to tackle this con is to use safety gear while learning it. Knee guards and always wear a helmet would undoubtedly help. You can learn it in your backyard before going to your school or to your workplace.

The safety gear will ensure that these falls are relatively painless, and you do not suffer from any injuries. Especially as riders move at top speeds and the board speed wobbles.

5. Battery problems can arise (Not Always!)

What would happen if the battery of the electric skateboard dies down?

The answer is, you would have to walk. Not only that, but you would also have to carry the electric skateboard with you as well. The entire operation of the electric skateboard is dependent on the battery it has.

This makes it imperative for you to take into account the range which it can provide on a single charge that while buying, you have to look at things like:

The range of the electric skateboard on a single charge. The maximum weight which it can carry
The standby time for the battery of the electric skateboard.

If you take these three factors into account while buying one, you will not have to worry about the battery running out too soon.

You have to ensure that the destination is within its range, which you usually try to reach on your electric skateboard.

When that is the case, it will become easy than ever for you to reach your destination on a single charge.

One thing, however, which you cannot ignore is that the battery decay would occur. It will not happen within the 12 months, but after 1 year or so, the battery capacity would gradually reduce. The solution is to replace the battery.

However, you would need to do so only after two years or so. Nevertheless, it is one of the main cons of an electric skateboard.

6. Not customizable

The best thing about the standard skateboard is that you can customize it according to your requirements.

In most cases, you can modify its shape to a certain extent. You can change the aesthetics as well.

This freedom is not available when going with the electric skateboard. Since the motor takes into account the current shape of the electric skateboard and it might have wires running to the wheel, modifying it is not advisable.

Any change in the aerodynamics or the weight of the board itself can hamper it’s working. It can reduce the efficiency of the electric skateboard significantly.

Due to this reason, if you want to customize your electric skateboard in any way, you won’t be able to do so.

With that being said, electric skateboards are already available in a variety of aesthetics. If you just want to modify it because of its aesthetics, you can simply choose the best color possible.

You have to keep the non­customization thing in mind when buying an electric skateboard. Now that you are aware of the cons as well, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

When you are looking for the best electric skateboards, you need to compare the pros and cons above and then make a choice.

Many electric skateboards nullify many of these cons, but we’re not saying that electric skateboards only have their pros.

It is essential to take both perspectives into account while making the buying decision.

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